PolicyBazaar Process
PolicyBazaar is a user friendly portal, eager to serve the customers 24 X 7. With our world class service and expert team, you are assured of fast, genuine and reliable service. We help you buy insurance and its associated products in an easy and reliable process. The best part is, since we are independent of all insurance companies we bring the best product to you in an unbiased manner. We also show you the entire choice making it a transparent process, and one you feel confident about. Booking insurance through us is a faster process. We exhibit professionalism in all the services we provide and so we not only make loyal customers but great friends. Insurance buying process is fast because you are dealing through an expert in this field. We meet all the needs of customer, spoken and unspoken. We respect their dilemma while choosing the right insurance and so we are always ready to answer their queries.

We know that "one size does not fit all", so we try to get tailor made insurance policies to suit your exact needs and requirements and we guarantee full satisfaction of the customer. We also offer the customers unique profile id, by logging into this, one can easily check the details of the insurance purchased and other related details.

We will give you an over view of the booking process with PolicyBazaar. We also have a demo that you can see to have a clearer picture of the process. Do read this section before dealing with us, to know us better. Below given are step by step guide of the booking processes for Car and Health related insurance products.

Car Insurance
Give us a detailed requirement of what you are looking for in insurance.
Choose the type of coverage that suits you best.
We provide wide range of insurance policies from leading insurance providers in the industry. Make your choice of insurance company based on that.
We provide you the detail of benefits that come with each insurance policy. Make a choice.
We provide you a comparative database of various insurance policies that includes rates, benefits, additional costs and entire requisite details.
We will email your quotes
You have furnish us with contact and postal address details so that communication between us; is easier.
You provide us with the details of the car that needs to be insured.
Information that you provide us while buying the car insurance policy through us is totally secure.
Now the customer service will contact you and send you the policy.
You are free to ask any questions regarding the policies or products purchased from us. We have a 24 X 7 helpdesk at your service.
Health Insurance
Choose the health insurance coverage you need from our huge database and expert guidance.
Choose the health insurance coverage you need from our huge database and expert guidance.
We provide you the health insurance policies from brand names in health insurance sector. Pick your choice
Make a side by side comparative analysis of each policy and judge it.
Email your quotes
We will require your contact and postal address to enhance communication between us for faster processing.
We ensure full security while financial transactions are undertaken with us.
There after our customer service will contact you and send you the policy.
Feel free to clear any doubts regarding the policy or the additional benefits of the products.
Send me an Advisor

PolicyBazaar has a unique facility to make dealing with you convenient. Send me an Advisor is an effort to make the dealing on a one to one basis, giving it a personal touch. If you want to talk to our insurance expert personally at a convenient place of your choice, such a meeting can be arranged. You have to provide us with basic information and our expert will be there with you to guide you personally.