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For a brand new car select New Car insurance. Even if it is second hand car select renewal.Close
What car do you drive
Type slowly either the Manufacturer or Car Model and select from the list.Close
Select the fuel you fill
Is the CNG/LPG Kit fitted in your car?
If you got it fitted from outside yourself, select externally fitted.Close
What is the cost of the externally fitted kit?
Mention exact price as mentioned on the bill/invoice. This may be required at time of claim settlement. Close
What is your Car Registration number?
Slowly input first 4 digits of your car registration number. E.g. AP24 or DL3C. If not yet received please input the first 2 digits of your state and select the closest option from the list. E.g. MH, DL, APClose

About You

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Your Name
Enter full name separated by space.Close
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Enter your mobile number where we can call you to confirm the details entered here.Close
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Enter your email id where you would like to receive the e-copy of your policyClose
Your DOB
Enter your date of birth as mentioned on any ID Proof. E.g. PAN Card, Aadhaar, Driving License, Voter's ID, Passport, High school certificate Close
Your City of Residence
Slowly type city where you currently stay and select from the list below. You will receive policy hard copy here.Close
Annual Income
Select your Annual income. This is required for KYC by insurer. Close
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So now tell us the car Variant
Select the variant from the list. If you don’t know your variant, no worries-click here and we'll help you figure it out Close Can't find your variant?
Who is the vehicle owner mentioned in the Car RC?
RC is registration certificate commonly called 'Car Papers' Select 'YOU' if the car is registered in your name and 'SOMEONE ELSE' if it is registered in the name of some individual other than you (also includes spouse, children, parent, other relative etc). In case owner is any company, select 'YOUR COMPANY'. Close
So, the name of the Vehicle owner on the RC
Tell us the name of individual/organization in whose name the car is registered. You will find this against Owner name On the RC.Close
Is the expiring car policy in your/above person’s / above company’s name?
In which year was the car first registered?
Select the year when the car was first registered. If you bought a second hand car, select year when it was first registered? E.g. If you bought the car from someone in 2012 and he purchased it in 2010, select 2010. Close
Was the car ownership changed in the past 12 months?
If this is a second hand car purchased in the last 1 year, select YES.Close
What do you use the car for
What kind of policy was it
Have you made any claim in the expiring policy?
If you select NO, please note that a NCB certificate will be required from the previous insurer at the time of claim settlement in the new policy.Close
What is the NCB mentioned in your expiring policy? \n (Since when the claim has not been made?)
NCB is your No Claim Bonus % as mentioned in your expiring policy.Close
Do you want to transfer any NCB from a previous car to this one?
If you select YES, please note that a NCB certificate will be required from the previous insurer at the time of claim settlement. Close
How much NCB did your Previous Car have?
NCB is your No Claim Bonus % as mentioned in your NCB certificate.Close
When is your policy expiring?
This is the last date for which your period of insurance remains valid. You will find this in your expiring policy mentioned as Expiry date.Close
When will your policy start from?
This is the date on which your period of insurance starts and remains valid for 1 year. Close
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