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Compare Over 250 Credit Cards and Apply Online!

How do you get the best deal?

Credit cards are offered by all major banks today, either standalone or in a Co Marketed with other major brands. An applicant before applying for a card needs to know its usage and then accordingly check in case there is a specific card which can help him with the same. E.g.: Standard Chartered offers a Co Branded card with Lifestyle which offers Lifestyle users additional discount on purchase with that card.

How to get credit card?

On Policybazaar.com a user needs to input his details and while filling out the same, cards suited for him will be displayed alongside. Once he has browsed through the selected category he can click to apply for the same.

When can I get the credit cards?

All it takes 21 working days from the time a filled in application is received by Policybazaar.com.

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Featured Cards Most selected cards you can apply through PolicyBazaar.com
Bank Credit Card Network Card Class Joining Fee Annual Fee
Citibank Cash back card Visa Standard
Free Free
Citibank Platinum Indian Oil card Master Card Standard
Free Free
Citibank Premier Miles Visa Gold
Free Free
Citibank Titanium Credit Card Master Card Titanium
Citibank Titanium Indian Oil Card Master Card Gold
Free Free
HDFC Titanium Card Master Card Titanium
Free Rs. 249/-
HDFC-Platinum plus credit card Visa Platinum
1123.6 4493.28
ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card Visa Coral
Rs. 1000Rs. 500 from 2nd year onwards – waived off if you spend more than Rs. 125,000 in the previous year
ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card Visa Platinum
Rs. 500Rs. 500 (NIL when card spends are greater than Rs. 50,000 in the previous year)
ICICI Bank HPCL Titanium Credit Card Master Card Titanium
Rs. 500Rs. 500 (NIL when card spends are greater than Rs. 50,000 in the previous year)
ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Cards Amex and Mastercard Rubyx
Rs. 5,000Rs. 2,000 (Waived off if you spend more than Rs. 2,50,000 in the previous year)
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards Amex and Mastercard Saphiro
Rs. 25000Rs. 3,500 (NIL when card spends are greater than Rs. 5,00,000 in the previous year)
... ...

Credit Card Apply

Credit card is very convenient option to make payments for your purchases at a later date as credit is extended to the card holder for a specific period of time. Credit card is a form of plastic money which is very easy to carry and use. It has become a substitute for cash nowadays. Credit cards has become crucial part of our lives as we can use it anytime i.e. in the case of any emergency or at the time of shopping. Moreover, fear of carrying cash has been eliminated by credit cards. Credit cards can be applied through various financial institutions as well as online. Credit card application India and that too online has become very common these days.

How to Apply for Credit Card online?

Well, nowadays lots of insurance aggregators help you in your quest to credit card application. Credit card application is their main service. You just have to visit their web portal and can apply your credit card. First step is to fill your personal details like your name, date of birth, occupation and other details. Then you can select the card that you want to apply. You can do extensive study and can compare various kinds of credit cards offered by multiple companies. At the end, you just have to click credit card apply button and you are done with your application.

Credit card Application information

In order to apply a credit card online, you have to meet an eligibility criteria for which you have to provide some information on the basis of which, your credit card application is processed. Following are some of the contents of credit card apply online:

  • Identification proof.
  • Residential proof.
  • Income verification proof.
  • Banking details.

Every financial institution has their checklist of documents which can be found while applying your credit card and information provided is thoroughly checked to determine its authenticity.

Select Bank to Apply Credit Card

At the time of applying card online, you have to provide your personal details including your income and employment details. After filling or submission of this information, next step is to select the bank from which you actually want your card. Selection of banks is dependent on various factors or benefits attached with the cards. Some banks offer reward points, others offer cash back or provide your gifts. This is the last step before eventually submitting your application.

Compare and Apply for credit cards

The best way to get a card that suits your spending style is to compare available options in the market. It has become very easy to compare and shortlist a card as this service is provided by insurance aggregator that eventually helps you in applying credit card. You can compare various benefits and costs attached to them. After comparison and deciding the card to buy, just select it and submit your application.

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