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Citibank Loans Financial Assistance at Your Doorstep

Citibank is currently the largest direct foreign investor in India, in the financial sector presently. Its head office is in Mumbai. This bank belongs to Citigroup and came to Kolkata way back in 1902. Currently it has capital commitments of overwhelming four billion US dollars. For the customer there is a broad range of services and products available, which includes corporate, credit, and consumer banking, wealth management and securities brokerage.

Citibank loans are ideal for people who are looking for immediate financial assistance to tide over bad and rough patches or want to fulfill a long-standing dream. There is a whole range of loan services available to choose from based on personal requirements.

Types of Loans Offered

Personal Loan

Citibank personal loans are a friend in need for numerous customers across India. It offers an unmatched program that makes loans available up to maximum INR 25 Lakhs within 48 hours of application right at your doorstep. Online application offers a hassle free proposition with attractive Rates of Interests. The loan tenure is flexible too and it is up to a period of 60 months. You required no hypothecation, guarantor, or security. The documentation process is simple, which makes this a complete worry free endeavor. To top it all is the professional and personalized services from one of the significant banking names in India, the Citibank group.

Home Loan

The Citibank home loan comes with power-packed features, which makes it the preferred choice among its customer base. Their interest calculation is on daily reducing balances with no requirements for guarantors or co-borrowers. Repayment system is quite convenient using the electronic clearing or standing instruction system. The presence of online platform makes it easy to access home loan accounts or get answers to all the queries related to home loans. It is possible to get home loans for purchase of property under construction, self-construction, or ready property purchase. Interest rates are quite attractive to borrowers asking for up to 10 crore rupees loan-amounts. Repayment tenure is flexible and for a period of 25 years. Using Citibank home loans it is possible to get up to 80% of property values.

Loan Against FD

It is possible to draw Citibank loan against fixed deposits and deal with financial situations almost instantly. One can get up to 90% of the present value of deposits. The documentation is hassle free, convenient, and easy. Interest rates are competitive and charged only during usage. The minimum loan amounts against fixed deposit is INR 1 Lakh.

Loan Against Securities

Loan against securities from Citibank is possible against mutual funds, shares, and bonds. The interest rates are highly competitive and levied on daily reducing balance. The maximum limit on loan again securities is 50% of the market value currently. The borrower remains owner of the securities all through the loan period. It is easy to borrow this kind of loans at interest terms, which are simple and does not put any extra financial burden.

To make it easier for borrowers, Citibank offers loan against properties, which are hassle free in all respects. You can get a loan amount up to a staggering five crore rupees. Repayment tenure is flexible and for a period of 15 years. It is possible to get up to 70% of the property value using this kind of loan.

Distribution network Citibank

The distribution network of Citibank loans consists of 41 Citibank full-service branches, which are present across 40 cities in India. There are also more than 700 ATMs in various places for making transactions easier. One of the reasons why Citibank loans are so fast to get you there online services, which are available anywhere, anytime.


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