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*Data according to IRDA Annual Report (2013-14)

National Insurance Company is the second largest non-life insurance company in India. It is one of the oldest insurance companies in India, having a viable market presence in Northern and Eastern regions of the country. Its product segment includes a multitude of general insurance plans, offered to a wide arena of clients encompassing different sections of the society. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, National Insurance has gained recognition as a leading general insurance company in the Asia Pacific region. The company has successfully grabbed a place for itself among top global business insurance companies.

National Insurance Company was formed in December 6, 1906. Consequent to passing of the General Insurance Business Nationalization Act in 1972, 21 foreign companies and 11 Indian companies were merged with National Insurance and it became a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). On 2002, National Insurance de-linked from GIC and currently, it is operating as an independent entity, wholly owned by Govt. of India.    

Some of the reputed awards earned by National Insurance are-

  •  Indian Insurance Awards for best under-served market penetration
  • Top 100 CISCO Awards 2012
  • Digital Inclusion Award 2012 

National Insurance offers a wide range of policies to target different sectors like:

  • Personal insurance policy- It includes medical insurance, auto insurance and property insurance
  • Rural insurance- It provides protection to agriculture and rural businesses against natural disasters
  • Industrial insurance- It offers protection to industrial goods against theft, fire, etc
  • Commercial insurance- It provides protection against loss and damage of property during transit

Product Portfolio

National Health Insurance Plans:

National health plans provide a variety of health plans to choose from. You can choose to insure your family too. Don’t let your health bills escalate beyond control. You cna manage a medical emergency with a good health insurance plan.

  • National Insurance Mediclaim Plus Policy
  • National Insurance Parivar - Mediclaim for family
  • National Insurance Mediclaim Policy

National Car Insurance Plans:

Car insurance plans from National insurers offer good coverage at competitive premium. Compare various plans on PolicBazaar and choose the one that fits your bill. Remove the blindfold and take an informed decision. You will not only save money but also get a comprehensive plan.

National Insurance Two-Wheeler Plan:

Two-wheeler insurance policy from National Insurance is comprehensive and takes into account all the possibilities, which may damage your ride. The elaborate two-wheeler policy provides protection against theft, damage on road or during transit etc. Opt for a National insurance plan and enjoy the pleasures of riding around on your bike without any fear!

National Travel Insurance Plans:

National Travel insurance plans give you the benefit of travelling with confidence by indemnifying you against loss or damage to personal effects such as clothing etc.

  • Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

National Home Insurance Plans:

An average person is able to buy one house in a life time, which is turned into a dream home with a lot of effort. Isn’t it wise to protect your sweet home from any unseen eventuality?  National Home Insurance policy is an ideal product to buy for insuring your home. The plan is very comprehensive and covers personal accident including medical expenses as well, apart from the damages, which has been sustained by your house.

  • National Insurance Householder’s Policy

National Personal Accident Insurance Plans:

Personal Accident Insurance policy from National Insurance provides your beneficiary with a death benefit in the unfortunate event of your accidental death and also provides you with cover against Permanent Disability on account of an accident. It is advised that each person buys such a policy because yesterday is history, today is a gift and tomorrow a mystery.

  • Individual personal Accident
  • Janata Personal Accident

It is advisable to compare all National insurance plans from other General insurance companies in India to choose the best insurance plan that suits you the most.

National Insurance Company Distribution Network:

It has more than 200 policies, 1000 offices and 16,000 employees who sell and service the insurance requirements of people across the length and breadth of India.

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