IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance - IFFCO TOKIO Motor Insurance Plan

The car insurance policy of Iffco Tokio strives to offer you complete security and peace of mind from accidental losses as well as damages. The policy offers protection to your private care against different types of external damages. It also provides protection for any legal liability following death or property damage of third party caused by your vehicle.

Below is the detailed description of Iffco Tokio car insurance plans:

  • Iffco Tokio 24 x 7 On-Road Assistance= It is an additional benefit which is given with Iffco Tokio’s private car comprehensive policy. It gives various emergency assistance services and benefits in the event of hospitalization during travel. The policy gives some additional coverage like towing, essential fuel delivery, taxi & hotel accommodation, medical co-ordination, etc.
  • Iffco Tokio Value Auto Coverage= This is a set of additional benefits being provided at a nominal cost to policyholders of Iffco Tokio’s Motor Package Policy. There are 12 benefits offered under the plan, like reimbursement of medical expenses, personal accident cover, daily rental/travel cost, cost of towing, hotel accommodation cost, etc.

Iffco Tokio car insurance claims are settled very quickly and even cashless claims can be made as well. One can make online comparison between Iffco Tokio car insurance plans and car insurance plans offered by other players in the market which will help in selecting a suitable policy as per your needs.