United India Insurance

About United India Insurance Company

United India Insurance Company was coined on 18th February 1938. United India Insurance Company Limited is offering a wide array of insurance products to cater insurance needs of different segments. After the nationalization of general insurance business in India, 12 Indian insurance companies, 4 cooperative insurance societies and Indian operations of 5 foreign insurance companies, besides General Insurance operations of Southern region of LIC were merged with United India Insurance Company. Post nationalization, United India has recorded a massive growth both in terms of revenue and expansion. Currently, it has more than 18,300 employees, spread across 1340 offices, providing insurance products to more than 1 crore policyholders. It is the only company which has infused so much diversification in its product portfolio. At present, it is offering a variety of insurance products to cover products from bio-gas, floriculture to satellites.

United India has been in forefront in formulating comprehensive covers for large clients like ONGC Ltd., GMR-Hyderabad International Airport Ltd., Mumbai International Airport Ltd., etc. The company has also played an imperative role in popularizing insurance in rural areas. It has played a significant role in taking insurance to rural masses with the implementation of Universal Health Insurance Programme of Indian Government & Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojana (covering 45 lakhs women in Madhya Pradesh), Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana (in 4 states covering 4.59 lakhs of families), National Livestock Insurance and many such schemes.

United India Insurance Company Product Portfolio

United India Insurance Health Plans:

United India Insurance Company plans guarantee peace of mind for the insured / family against financial perils and inadequacies due to sudden ill health and hospitalization. They have a plethora of health insurance plans that cater to individual, family and senior citizens.

United India Insurance Car Insurance Plans:

Car insurance plans from United India Insurance Company offer good benefits to the buyer. You must compare plans from various companies before making a final choice. Save money and get the best deal!

United India Insurance Travel Insurance Plans:

United India Insurance Company Policies are providing you with travel insurance on your holidays, business trips or visits to friends & family abroad.

United India Insurance Personal Accident Plans:

Accidents can happen with anyone at anytime. In a matter of seconds, it may take away your hard earned money because aftermaths of accidents can be adverse. In such a situation, don’t stretch your savings and get your life back on the track with personal accident policy. This type of policy offers vast coverage to protect families from financial instability.

It is advisable to compare all United India Insurance Company General insurance plans from other General insurance companies in India to choose the best insurance plan that suits you the most.

United India Insurance Company Distribution Network:

United India Insurance Company has grown tremendously and currently has a workforce of 18,300 employees and operates across 1340 offices. It is supported by more than 1 crore policyholders and has products that provide insurance cover to small farmers and individuals as well as to large corporations such as the ONGC Ltd., GMR- Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. and Mumbai International Airport Ltd.