The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

The beginning of the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd dates back to the year 1947. The journey of Oriental Insurance Company began with the independence of India and it has seen and helped India grow in the decade after that. Oriental Insurance Company changed hands a few times because f Nationalization and then privatization policies by Indian government. But the Oriental Insurance company continued to repeat its success story, year after year, since then.

The high advantage aspect of Oriental Insurance Company is its systematic and smooth functioning methodology. This has helped it to survive in the insurance sector for so many long years, even in the spate of privatization. Oriental Insurance Company has come up with special covers for large projects like power plants, petrochemical, steel and chemical plants. The head office of Oriental Insurance Company is in Delhi and it operates with 23 regional offices and more than 900 centers spread across cities and villages of India. The Oriental Insurance Company surely has extensive network all over India, owing to its long experience in Indian insurance market. Oriental Insurance Company has also spread its wings abroad, especially in Nepal, Kuwait and Dubai.

Oriental Insurance Company has won over hearts of millions of insurance buyers with their simple and very useful insurance policies. They have catered to the needs of middle class and even lower middle class families in India. They have some policies for the small budget investors and that has made them hugely popular. In the personal and family insurance schemes, Oriental Insurance offers: Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy, Burglary and House Breaking Insurance Policy, Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme Cycle Rickshaw Policy , Gun Insurance, Householders Insurance Policy, Insurance Policy for Mobile/Cellular Phone, Insurance Policy for Pager Raj Rajeswari Mahila Kalyan Bima Yojana, Suhana Safar Domestic Policy Swasthya Bima Policy, Sweet Home Insurance Policy and TV VCR VCP Insurance Policy. Thus Oriental insurance has covered all important items in their exhaustive list of policies, right from mobile, pager, cycle, rickshaw, motor, TV , home etc.