Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Reliance is a name to reckon with in today's time. Reliance General Insurance is a company that has exhibited tremendous growth potential in the recent years. Reliance General Insurance is an auxiliary branch of the main group of Reliance, known as the Reliance Capital. Reliance General Insurance Company proudly claims to be the first non life insurance group in India to work with a license from IRDA. Reliance General Insurance is highly known in the market of insurance for providing quality customer services and reliable insurance products. Reliance General Insurance is accredited in insurance sector for "best insurance practices" world wide.

Reliance General Insurance has range of products that cater to all sectors of insurance whether it is, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, travel Insurance for individual, family, student or corporate, personal accident Insurance .the advantage point with Reliance General Insurance product is that, they are focused and targeted to the needs of customer. Thus these products are customer friendly. These qualities of being customer driven, quality customer services and world class technology have made Reliance General Insurance one among the top three insurers in India.

Reliance General Insurance is one of the most broadly distributed Insurance companies in India. Reliance General Insurance has more than 200 branches across 171 cities in India. And with its ever growing customer base, Reliance General Insurance is reaching for the stars. Health insurance of Reliance General is a popular product. This policy covers the cost of hospitalization in the event of severe illness, accident or surgery. This policy is unique in its ways because it covers hospital charges, fees of surgeon, nurse etc, oxygen, and blood and also cost of appliances used including pace maker, artificial limb and even cost of organs. Now this is example of customer centric health policy covering all possible risks.