Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance was among the first lot of private insurance companies that plunged in to business post privatization in the year 2001. This was the time, when insurance sector, a much protected one by government, was opened to the private companies also. Till then it was only government agencies that provided insurance. The spate of trading freedom provided to these private insurance companies like Royal Sundaram General Insurance unleashed a new era, where customer was the king. Insurance policy buyer was spoiled for choices and world class services that were for obvious reasons difficult to expect from government insurance providing agencies.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance, a private insurance company with its expertise and quality services spear headed a revolution in insurance sector. They have the honors of introducing many innovative ideas for the over all benefit of the user. Royal Sundaram General Insurance for the first time in India introduced the concept of cashless hospitalization; this was convenient for the buyer of health policy. Now a Royal Sundaram Health Insurance policy buyer does not worry about arranging cash for treatment, maintaining the bills and then going in for tedious process of claiming it. Isn't the idea innovative and simple for the user?

Royal Sunadaram General Insurance has also covered rural sector and social sector. Rural Sector policies include: Farmers Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Pumps Insurance, Rural Personal Accident Insurance, Janatha Personal Accident Insurance, Rural Micro Enterprise Shield, and Rural Hospital Cash Insurance. Royal Sundaram General Insurance is a fore runner in providing innovative and policies keeping in mind the Indian consumers and their specific needs. More than 50% of Indians live in rural areas and these rural insurance schemes are very popular among them.