Customer Testimonials
"Today I had my first experience with Policy Bazaar. I received a call from Manoj Verma (I gathered his emp id as ET00875) in response to an online query about policies. Though this was initially a casual check to understand available products two months ago, I actually ended up buying a policy, thanks to persistent efforts by this representative. I come from Insurance industry myself where training and effectiveness of our advisors has been a consistent challenge to deal with. But to my surprise, your employee's knowledge and etiquette were excellent and led me to purchase the policy. "
Sanjay Tripathi
"My name is Ramesh Kumar from Tamil Nadu. I just took a policy in Star Health Insurance under the assistance of your CSR Mr.Deepak Sharma. 5 years earlier I have worked as a CSR and grew upto the level of a Floor Manager in a Call Centre in Bangalore for a US based company. I do know what problems a CSR would face when you make outbound calls. With all the patience, Mr Deepak Sharma was able to convice me to take the policy through Policy bazaar even though I have enough space to directly go through Star Health web site. He surely deserves an appreciation and a recognition in his Floor which would also encourage his team mates to work harder. I really appreciate his follow up with me, specially the time he calls me( when I tell him to) and the way he assisted me in selecting the best policy that would suite my need. With the assistance of Pooja to complete the policy registration and with Mr Deepak's way of approach, I immediately asked Pooja for another policy for my parents, even without experiencing my policy. It is really nice to work with such people for a hazzle free job. This has made me feel that I have got a very good customer service and also ensures me to recommend the same to my friends and relatives. As a good CSR Mr Deepak and as good SME Ms. Pooja deserves a recognition. Please do give them the same as they deserve it. "
Ramesh Kumar
"It’s with a sense of great gratitude that I would like to personally inform you that the organization that you are leading has definitely employed the best workforce that one can see in the market. This humble note of appreciation comes in lieu of the outstanding assistance provide by Vikass today over the phone to help me get a health insurance for my parents. I would like to take this opportunity in compiling the effort in a nutshell by saying that it’s not just the knowledge he had that helped me but the sheer commitment that he showed in calling me back instantly every time the call got disconnected for a complete one hour span which made me feel that INDIA indeed is shining. I have personally worked in the same industry for the past decade and have never seen such commitment at agent Level, so If you could Honor this appreciation by providing a special gesture of thanks/Appraise in the form of a Medal of commitment to Vikass in one of your Quarterly/ Annual business reviews as part of the R&R, it would definitely boost the morale of each of the employees associated with your company. "
P. Dasgupta, HP
"Thank you very much Team PB for helping me accomplishing my policy formalities.Team PB took all the initiative to get my policy formalities ready. You not only sent me the form for my personal details, but also performed all the online application filing job including the payment formalities. It would not have so easy for me without your active involvement. I am really grateful to you. Team PB has the edge or enthusiasm that is not there with many others."
Jagdish Soni
"The team PB have been of great help while making some important decisions relating to my life insurance and other investments. I was very doubtful about an online insurance plan but after a lot of research with your help, i decided to go for it. You have been very helpful in guiding me for any difficulties that i may have. Even after procuring the policy all the time you have been very patient with me. Thanks Team for the great Service."
Patanjali Hardikar
‘It is such a pleasure to meet with people that are as excited about their business as you are, and it certainly rare in insurance… The passion and skill with which you approach your business are undeniable powerful and I look forward to watching your business bloom.’
Senior Exec., Berkshire Hathaway
‘Thx, that was fast. PB Rocks!’
Aloke Bajpai, CEO, Ixigo
‘I saved Rs. 7000 on my car insurance in 5 minutes’
Cdr. Rajinder Singh, Delhi
‘Using PolicyBazaar was nice and easy’
Banita Negi, car owner
‘The website is fantastic. Used it last week and will come back again’
James Ramya Rajan, Delhi
‘Your service is great and I loved the convenience value’
Varun Bhatia, Hyderabad
‘Finally, someone does the job for me and does not charge me for it !’
Rupali Rajguru, Fashion Designer
‘Health insurance really made easy and convenient’s
Col. V.K.Mathur, Retired Army Office
‘We got the best health policy available in minutes’
Sushma Tripathi, Dentist