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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance covers medical expenses for illness or accidents suffered by Indians during overseas trips.

Why Travel Insurance?

Medical treatments abroad can be really expensive. In some countries, doctors may refuse to treat in absence of a insurance cover.

How much cover do I need?

Depends on the duration and your age. Longer stay abroad needs higher cover. Higher age would also demand a higher cover.

Documents Required

A copy of your passport may be required

Travel Plan
Travel Type Select Student if you are travelling to pursue academic courses    
Frequency of Travel Annual Multi trip is suited for people who are frequent travelers    
Maximum Duration of each trip Please select maximum duration of trip    
Geographic Area Plans with coverage for specific zones have a lower premium than umbrella policies    
Coverage Required (US $) Sum Insured is the maximum amount that the insurer will provide for in case of a claim    
Travel Start Date     Please select the date you plan to start your journey    
Travel End Date     Please select the date on which you will return back    
Total days Please Enter no. of days of your trip.    
Travellers' Information
Name Please provide your full name, as mentioned in the passport    
Email Soft copy of your policy will be mailed here. Please provide a valid email id.  
Mobile Number Please Provide us a number we can easily contact you    
City of Residence Please select the city where you stay.  
Date Of Birth     Please enter the birth date of the person travelling    

International Travel Insurance

Travelling can be fun but at the same time can be challenging as well. We generally pack our stuff with great zeal and curiosity but if you are not well prepared ahead of your travel, it can be a headache as well. So, before leaving for our eventual travel, little planning certainly helps you making your trip smoother. Travel insurance policy should accompany your luggage, money and other travelling documents as well. International travel insurance ensures your safe trip by providing lots of benefit.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

• Emergency medical treatment and assistance: Overseas travel insurance provides cover in case of any medical treatment or any medical assistance required while travelling. Foreign travel insurance covers pre and post hospitalization expenses. Pre hospitalization expenses cover the cost of getting insured to the hospital as well. Repatriation expenses are also covered by travel insurance policy.
• Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage: International travel insurance provides benefit in case of whole or partial trip cancellation by providing cost of your trip. It also provides coverage in the event of your trip terminations due to any reason like personal or professional.
• Loss of Baggage: In case of loss or delay of baggage, travel insurance providers compensate insured by providing full amount of your lost baggage.
• Legal liability coverage: International travel insurance provides coverage of legal liability arising from damage to a third party. It covers legal costs in case of involvement in legal suit.
• Loss of important travel documents: Overseas travel insurance helps in case of loss of important travel documents like passport, tickets etc. It provides fees to reapply your documents.

Overseas travel insurance coverage

Foreign travel insurance is generally arranged at initiation or booking of your trip. It covers individual risk such as medical protection, financial coverage or any other loss. Travel insurance offers below coverage’s:
• Student Travel cover: It provides cover to student who has gone to other country for studies.
• Business Travel cover: It covers business travel also like to attend any conference or onsite work as well.
• Holidays/Leisure travel: Holidays or leisure trip is also covered under travel insurance.
• Adventure travel: Travel insurance covers our adventure trips as well.

Compare international travel insurance

It is certainly difficult to buy a right travel insurance policy in a very short notice. These days, travel insurance can be bought online and comparison can also be made. Several insurance aggregators provide this service where you can visit their portal and compare various travel insurance policies available in the market. Comparison helps you in selecting a policy and eventually buying it.

International travel insurance- Claim Process

Claiming travel insurance is very easy and non-complicated. One should inform their insurance provider at the time of medical assistance while travelling. Every insurance provider has their own medical team which will make sure that your injury or illness is a non-pre-existent. Claims not intimated to providers can be rejected. Insurance providers also ask to submit claim forms with your personal and journey details.

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