Travel Insurance

Securing every trip from business tour to family vacation, travel insurance is there to keep worries out and comfort inside your travel kit. No one wishes to blemish the exhilaration of their travelling trip and here is when this insurance acts like a barrier between your priceless experience and the unexpected mishappenings. Travel insurance's nutshell covers the insured against medical contingencies, lost/damage of luggage and delay/cancellation of flights.

Purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan @ and make your trip a memorable experience.

Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance is a broad term encompassing a plethora of insurance policies including property insurance, liability insurance, group health insurance, business travel insurance and so forth. In today's competitive risk-prone business environment, it has become pivotal for owners to protect their assets and employees against any possible contingencies.

At Policy Bazaar we help you get the best of corporate insurance. Our comparison engine enables you to compare the best quotes available, suiting your unique business needs.

Home Insurance

It is idyllic to have a home that offers shelter, tenderness and peace at the end of a tiring day. Experiencing the happiness of getting your dream accomplished is hard to explain in words. One has to cross many hardships to get a house, but the story does not end here, as you need to safeguard your prized possession ever after. In order to keep your home and its content secured from threats like burglary, unforeseen natural or man-made calamities you need to have a home insurance set on top of your priority list. provides you a cohesive analysis of home insurance that covers all possible liabilities and helps you shop the best deal for your priceless property.
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