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CIBIL Customer Care Helpline Toll-Free Number and Address

One of the biggest and prestigious credit score providers of India is TransUnion CIBIL. The company has the biggest set of customer’s financial or credit data. The approximate number of members included in this organization is 2, 400 which includes different NBFCs, financial institutions, and banks. The total number of records that TransUnion CIBIL maintains is approximately 550 million which includes the records of both companies and individuals. 

TransUnion CIBIL Company was established in the year 2000 (formerly its name was Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) according to the recommendations of RBI Committee. A customer or any person can contact TransUnion CIBIL company through different modes, including both offline and online. People can call CIBIL customer care or can send a postal letter, file a query or request on their website, or drop an email. 

The number of CIBIL customer care on which one can call for resolving their various queries or filing a complaint is - +91-22-61404300. The fax number through which one can send his/her queries is - +91-22-66384666.

CIBIL Customer Care - Online Support 

Contacting TransUnion CIBIL Company is not difficult, people can go to the website of CIBIL (official) and get a resolution of their queries very easily. The URL of CIBIL is https://www.cibil[dot]com/frequent-queries. The website already has a FAQs section wherein various questions are answered. However, if one does not find the answer of his/her query under this section, then he/she can write about the query to CIBIL through a form online. One has to go to the following link and clearly fill the form online:


  • There can be a situation when an individual may fail to get online authentication. In this case, he/she can easily contact the CIBIL department and submit her/his documents of KYC through the following link: https://www.cibil[dot]com/kyc-check. This page has two options, one is – CIR and CIBIL score, for which he/she can submit the KYC documents at – https://www.cibil[dot]com/submitpersonaldocs/consumerkycUpload.action, another option is credit report of the company. For the second option one can submit the documents at – https://cibil[dot]com/uploadkycdocuments/.
  • If one wants to know the name associated with the account or lender which was brought out against his/her loan that was included at the time of calculation of the CIBIL score, then he/she can contact the CIBIL on https://www.cibil[dot]com/self-service-portal/loan-account-details-action then provide the details like your captcha and ECN number.

Note: To get the information or fill the form one should have a credit report issued by the CIBIL.

  • In case an individual applies for his/her CIBIL score online and finds flaws in the scoring process, then he/she can resolve this issue online just by filing a dispute form. One can fill the dispute form on – https://www.cibil[dot]com/dispute/.

Help Center of CIBIL: One can go to the help center of CIBIL and get the answers to different queries for various categories like loan basics, credit score, etc.

CIBIL Customer Care - Corporate Office

One can write to CIBIL’s office by mentioning his/her problems and issues and send these by post to CIBIL’s Corporate Office. CIBIL has its headquarter in Mumbai and its address is: 

TransUnion CIBIL Limited

(Previously known as Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited)

One Indiabulls,

19th Floor, Tower 2A-2B,

Senapati Bagpat Marg, Elphinstone Road,

Mumbai – 400013

Phone Number: +91 – 22 – 6638 4600

CIBIL Customer Care - Grievance Desk

If an individual is not happy through the response that he/she has received from the CIBIL, then he/she can go to the grievance desk of CIBIL on – https://www.cibil[dot]com/complaints-escalation-procedure/ and then can forward the issue at three different stages:

  • One can forward the problem to Consumer Service Manager by form filling at https://www.cibil[dot]com/complaints-escalation-procedure/escalationMatrix.action?id=1 at the first level.
  • If one doesn’t get any proper response, he/she can forward this issue to another level, which is AVP of Consumer Service – by form filling at – https://www.cibil[dot]com/complaints-escalation-procedure/escalationMatrix.action?id=2.
  • The situation wherein the query of an individual is not getting resolved at this stage, then he/she can easily forward this issue to the final or last stage by visiting the following website – https://www.cibil[dot]com/complaints-escalation-procedure/escalationMatrix.action?id=3 this form must address COO of the Customer Services.