Features of Burglary Insurance

A burglary at home, shop or office can result in a huge financial loss. However, with a burglary insurance policy, you can get compensation for a burglary attempt at your home. Do not get confused between theft and burglary. They are two different things and you will have to buy a separate theft insurance policy and burglary insurance policy. Theft involves does not involve any interaction between people and entering into the premises to steal the belongings. Whereas, a burglary involves entering into someone’s premises with an intention to commit a crime.

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To file a burglary claim you will need to provide proof of forceful or violent entry into the insured premises. Whereas, while filing a theft claim no violent or forceful entry is involved.

Either you can buy both of them or simply buy home burglary insurance to safeguard yourself against such risks.

Features of Burglary Insurance

  • It takes years of hard work to create assets. And one burglary attempt can leave you crippled both emotionally and financially. A Burglary Insurance Policy will cover your property and offer you the peace of mind that you deserve.
  • A burglary insurance policy would recompense you financially for the items that were stolen or damaged due to housebreaking or burglary.

    Key Benefits of Burglary Insurance

You cannot predict a burglary but you can buy a necessary insurance coverage and get financial compensation for the loss. There are multiple benefits of buying a burglary insurance cover some of them are listed below:

  • Insurance for housebreaking and burglary at your business premises
  • Coverage is provided for the first attempt also based on the judicious assessment
  • Policy can be extended to cover theft, riots, malicious damage, and strike
  • Option to buy a declaration policy, floater policy and floater declaration policy available 

Who can be Insured in Burglary Insurance?

A burglary insurance policy offers coverage to any individual who wants to protect his property from the risk of burglary. Anyone who is liable for goods in commission/trust can buy this cover.

What is insured in Burglary Insurance?

The scope of coverage under burglary insurance depends on the insurance provider. However, under normal circumstances it covers:

  • Loss or damage to the property by burglary or housebreaking
  • Damage caused to the premises during a burglary attempt

Coverage Provided in a Burglary Insurance Policy

The coverage may vary from one insurer to another. However, most of the insurers cover the following incidences:

  • ​The policy covers property owned by the insured including the furniture and other belongings
  • It covers valuables, jewelry, cash, and securities kept in safe if specifically covered
  • In case of an office, it covers the stocks and furniture in the business premises and the items for which the insured is responsible
  • It covers the damages caused to the premises from housebreaking or burglary

Burglary Insurance Policy Options

There are specific policies that cover business premises. The policy options will also vary from one insurer to another and you can select the following variations with regard to the sum assured:

  1. Floater Policy: This type of policy is issued for stocks kept at different locations under a single sum insured.
  2. Declaration Policy:  Buy this plan to get coverage for frequent fluctuations in stocks or stock values.
  3. Floater declaration policy: This plan offers the benefits of both declaration and floater policies.

Exclusions of Burglary Insurance Policy

There are certain limitations to every insurance policy. Some of the common incidences under which your insurance provider will not settle your claim include:

  • Burglary attempt without any violent entry
  • Loss of jewelry, goods held in commission, title deeds unless specifically covered
  • Shoplifting is not covered
  • Any attempt that includes the involvement of the employees or family members of the policyholder
  • Nuclear perils and war threats
  • Consequential losses
  • Legal liabilities of any kind
  • Riot, malicious damage and strike unless specifically covered
  • Premises that have been vacant for more than a week, unless specifically covered or agreed upon

Claim Process for Burglary Insurance

To file a claim for a burglary in your home or office you can contact the insurer on their registered number or their regional office. You can find the contact details in your policy documents or on the insurer’s site.

You will need to furnish the following details while filing a burglary insurance claim-

  • The insurer will ask for your contact details
  • Burglary insurance policy number
  • Time and date of the accident
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Location of the incident
  • Police FIR report including the copies of your written complaint
  • Detailed claim bill along with the required bills and vouchers
  • Final survey report from the surveyor
  • Documentary support about the value of the stolen through bills, books of account, invoice etc.
  • Copy of your burglary insurance policy
  • Letter of indemnity/letter of authority in favor of the insurer, if there is any right of recovery
  • Photographs ( if any)

Immediate Action after Loss

In case there is any loss you need to follow the below steps:

  • You need to immediately inform the police authorities, then file a police FIR and register a formal complaint in writing
  • Immediately inform the insurance company about the loss or damage with a rough estimate
  • Try to inform the insurer at least within 14 days of the incidence
  • Claims below a certain amount will be settled directly
  • Claims above a certain amount will be investigated by the insurance provider

In burglary insurance, the sum assured amount is equal to the market value of the damaged items and property. The amount will be calculated on the basis of the current replacement value of the items. The insurer shall provide an allowance for the wear & tear as well. Therefore, you can recover the maximum amount with an adequate burglary insurance policy. 


Burglary insurance is important for household and businesses as it will help in recovering the damage or loss resulting from the burglary. There are a number of burglary insurance policies that are provided by top insurance companies in India. You can compare and select the most appropriate policy that works best for you.  

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 16 August 2021