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July 16, 2020
Variety of plans

I got to know about policybazaar as they have various comprehensive plans available in the website of the policybazaar. I easily compared all types of plans into the same and found the best one for me and my family. I would love to say thanks to policybazaar family.

J. P. Nagar
July 16, 2020
Less premium amount

I took a family health plan and I found it quite impressive. It is a nice plan where I can add the benefits according to my choices and comfort. I got the health plan into my budget premium rate. It is not so expensive and can be affordable. It just lesser down my risk. Great work team.

July 16, 2020
Tax benefits

I got the tax benefits while I got this family health plan. And I am eligible to get the relief under the section 80D of the income tax act. Along with your family protection you can get the tax benefits up to Rs.25k and for senior citizens it is Rs.30k. A great deal with certain features. I am quite happy. Thanks team.

July 15, 2020
You can add members too

I got the family health insurance policy from policybazaar and it has a great number of safety features. I like one concept of the same that I can add the family members accordingly. Along with my parents I can add my in laws too into this family health plan. We all are in same health plan with better protection and safety. Thank you team.

July 15, 2020
Renew it via online

I took the family health insurance plan while checking the website of policybazaar. I found it good and interesting. So, after a year I renewed my family health insurance again because it is very much important in our life. The renewal process of the policy is very easy and you can do it while using the mobile application of the policybazaar. Great work team.

July 14, 2020
Cashless claim assistance

I am really happy with the services of the policybazaar as they always assist me in a very good way. So, I recently got the cashless claim from the insurance company with the help of policybazaar. It was so quick and hassle free. I really don’t have to call the team again and again. Thank you team for such wonderful plan and wonderful services.

July 14, 2020
Online available

I got the family health plan from policybazaar and it was all done online. It is a great plan which is quite helpful for me and my family. I sent all my documents via online basis and do not have to go anywhere. Also, the very next day medical test was done at my home. Quick and hassle free.

July 14, 2020
Low premium and better facilities

I got my family health insurance plan from policybazaar as it was a great suggestion by my family friend. I found various plans and policies under the same and got to know that the premium prices of the health plans are comparatively very much less as to others. A good plan I really like it.

July 13, 2020
Compare and get the best

I got my family health insurance plan from the website of the policybazaar. So, I checked and compared various plans and policies under the website of the policybazaar. It is a good deal which you can get by sitting at home. Thank you team for such wonderful services.

July 13, 2020
Good plans

I got my family health insurance plan from policybazaar. It is very much easy to get the insurance online. Basically, it helps the person to take good care of himself and his family as a whole. The whole family health policy is very good and the premium rate is not that much high. A great product by policybazaar.

May 18, 2020
Amazing, as always

I get all my insurances from Policybazaar. This time, health insurance for me and my family. It has been wonderfully laid down and gives you the best comparison of different insurers and is very transparent. Love your services.

May 13, 2020
Very nice plan

I got health insurance for myself, my wife and our daughter from policybazaar. They gave me various options to choose from and that too with low premiums and good cover. It was the best deal.

May 12, 2020
Great after-sales services

I called up Policybazaar when I had to make a claim for my health insurance and they were very helpful. They explained me the entire process and were well connected and kept me updated.

May 11, 2020
Nice options

Policybazaar has various options to choose from. They have listed so many insurers and plans. It made it very easy for me to choose the best plan for my family’s health insurance.

May 07, 2020

I got my health insurance from Policybazaar, and as promised by them, the claim process of my medical emergency bill was smooth and cashless. Thank you so much.

May 06, 2020

I found the best family health insurance plans on policybazaar with affordable low premiums. They have nice options to choose from depending upon your budget and requirements.

May 04, 2020
Amazing support team

I was given a call by their executive who explained me the inclusions and other details of the plans I asked. He was very polite and helped me till the end till I got my insurance documents.

April 30, 2020
Smooth process and payment

Getting a health insurance is very easy here and can be done by anyone. The process is easy and I got my insurance is a few minutes.

April 29, 2020
Very easy

Getting a health insurance has been made very easy by Policybazaar. Just a few clicks and your family is covered with health insurance. Thank you.

April 29, 2020
Wonderful experience

I got a health insurance for my family from Policybazaar and I really liked the way Policybazaar has laid the portal. It is so easy to compare plans from different insurers and choose the best one.