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How to Check Shriram General Insurance Claim Status?

General insurance policies are non-life insurance policies which include automobile or motor insurance and homeowners policies. They cover payments and provide financial support to the insured party depending on the loss from a particular adverse event.

Types of General Insurance

General Insurance can be bifurcated into a few broad sectors which include motor insurance, home insurance and some of the bigger insurance vendors go as far up as to provide a party with marine insurance and crop insurance to help them in times of need when there has been some unprecedented natural disaster or any other cause.

Insurance can be broadly categorized in three sectors – life insurance, health insurance, and general insurance. General insurance is the kind which provides the cover for valuables other than the aspects of life and health. General insurance covers the insured party against any kinds of damage, theft, and loss of one’s valuables. The premium payment for the general insurance and the cover of it depends upon the type, coverage, and extent of insurance policy at hand. A general insurance policy naturally has a shorter lifetime of only a period of a few years. While there are different kinds of general insurance but in India, general insurance policies are of the following types:

Motor insurance

Insurance cover for theft or damage of one’s motor vehicle including two-wheelers, three-wheelers or four-wheeler or any motorized vehicle, for that matter, is covered under this insurance type. The damage caused to the vehicle can be by natural reasons or artificially induced circumstances. It is important to note here that the insurance cover for damage to the motorized vehicle, in this case, would depend on the insurance policy terms. Moreover, after the Motors Vehicle Act, insurance of motorized vehicles has become mandatory in India. When one buys a new motor vehicle, they need to purchase third-party insurance before leaving the showroom.

Home insurance

The general insurance variety of Home and household insurance protects one’s home, and its contents from actions such as theft, burglary, damage caused by natural reasons, among other things. A home insurance policy generally also covers natural disasters and human-made or artificially induced circumstances. It is a matter of the details of the policy purchased about what kind of contents of the house is covered under the home insurance scheme.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is yet another popular type of general insurance and while it is both domestic and foreign, most people choose to purchase a travel insurance policy only during one’s trips abroad. One purchase travel insurance in cases where one might expect or suspect cases of certain damage or theft. This type of general insurance also covers medical scenarios and loss or theft of important documents such as passport among other things. Some of the many travel insurance policies also offer to cover flight delays and medical emergencies. One can buy travel insurance for both personal and business purposes.

There are a few other varieties of general insurance which include commercial insurance that covers the conditions of fraud, natural disasters, theft among other things; marine insurance to protect the wildlife; crop insurance to provide cover to the farmers for the losses that might occur from poor harvest among other things.

Like one can buy life insurance and health insurance online, even general insurance can be bought online as well as offline by visiting the company branch premises. One has the advantage of comparing prices before buying a policy online some policies tend to be cheaper. Then that it is imperative to make sure one compares the policies before making any decision to buy.

About Shriram General Insurance

Shriram General Insurance co. is a joint venture between Sanlam Limited of South Africa and Shriram Capital Ltd of India. The insurance vendor has been licensed with IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). Shriram General Insurance has a range of insurance policies to offer for general insurance solutions which include Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Home Insurance and many other policies that are tailored to fit everybody’s needs, and they provide financial support in every situation.

Claim Procedure

If one has met some unexpected circumstances and needs to apply for a claim to receive some financial support to recover from the loss, here are a few steps that are needed to be followed.

  • The first step requires you to ensure that at the time of claim intimation you should have all the documents associated with the policy including Policy no. or Proposal no, the date & time of the accident, the survey location, where the motorized vehicle or other damaged property can be surveyed by Shriram General Insurance’s loss assessor. If it is a vehicle that has been damaged, one also needs to have the driver's license number and the registration number of the vehicle before making the call for intimation.
  • The next step asks the insured party to contact the Customer Care of Shriram General Insurance to let them know about the claims. One may as well download an intimation sheet from Shriram General Insurance’s website and fill it out before sending it to the help desk from the email. The insurance company’s representative will get back to the insured party for further details and let them know about the course of action and further processes.
  • The insurance company’s agent will, after receiving and assessing the situation, provide you with a claim reference number, which will be useful in identifying the case later on.
  • After the claim has been registered and the loss assessor has been deputed, the insured party will receive a text message from Shriram General Insurance for the confirmation of the case, and they will also give you the contact details of the surveyor in charge of your case.
  • The next thing we know, the surveyor whose details had been sent earlier from the text message will try to contact you for the survey time and will survey according to the time you provide. At the time of requirement, the insured party is expected to be prepared with all the necessary documents related to the policy at hand. In a few exceptional cases, a re-inspection of the damaged property could also be advised by the loss assessor that visited the insured party earlier. In that case, too one is required to be prepared with all the necessary documents.

Checking Claim Status

To check the claim status, one can contact the toll-free number provided by Shriram General Insurance or visit their website. On the toll-free number, one will be required to provide their policy number or claim reference number for them to check the status of your claim in their database. If one chooses to go via the website, they will need to fill in the policy number or the claim reference number which will allow them access to their claim files where they can check the status of the files.

Summing It Up

It's good to be cautious and take preventive measures to make sure that all your belongings and property are safe from any kind of damage or theft, nevertheless, being too careful doesn't hurt anyone. Shriram General Insurance has been designed to provide one with peace of mind in times of adversity. It is advised that one get his/her valuable belongings insured while there is still time.


  • Q. What if I have a loss?

    Ans: In the scenario of an unexpected loss or damage to property which has been insured earlier, even when the loss has occurred, one is expected to try and mitigate any further damage even though the property is insured. In adverse scenarios, especially when there has been theft or damage to property caused by a certain citizen, it is important to lodge an FIR especially if it is a case of bodily injury or theft of valuable property. It then becomes obvious to contact Shriram General Insurance on their toll-free number to intimate them about the claim. At the time of making the intimation call, it is required that one possesses all the necessary documents and policy numbers that could be used to trace one’s file.

  • Q. How do I intimate claim?

    Ans: If one has to intimate a claim about a mishap that needs coverage by Shriram General Insurance, they need to contact the customer help desk of the insurance company on their toll-free number or download the intimation form from their website, fill it, and send it to their customer service from the email.

  • Q. What information do I need to intimate my claim?

    Ans: If one needs to contact Shriram General Insurance for claim intimation, one need to carry certain information to provide to the vendor including the policy number, an estimated loss of property or at least the description of the scenario.

  • Q. What happens after I report my claim?

    Ans: After the report of the claim, a surveyor will be assigned to assess the condition and for inspection. The loss assessor will make contact with you to inspect the motorized vehicle or property for assessment for loss.

  • Q. Which documents are required for the settlement of the claim?

    Ans: The documents required for the claim settlement depends upon the type of claim made to the insurer. For this purpose, the insured party must be thorough with policy papers. They will tell one about all the necessary documents for the claim settlement procedure.

  • Q. How long will the claims process take?

    Ans: A claim made from Shriram General Insurance will be settled within seven days from the date of submission of all the required documents.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 28 July 2020

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