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Health Insurance for Parents & Senior Citizen

Parents labour hard to bring us up and they put their heart and soul in nurturing us. So, it becomes our duty to take care of our parents as health problems and issues become part of their life when they grow old. Taking care of parents can be made easier by taking senior citizen health insurance. There are various senior health insurance policies providing broader coverage satisfying all health care requirements.

Health care costs have risen considerably over the past few years and taking health care needs by paying small premium proves beneficial at the time of an emergency. Medical insurance for parents can guarantee that they will get the best of treatment without spending their hard earned savings. The senior health insurance policy will benefit more when you are working abroad as it will help keep you contented that your parents will get the right kind of medical attention.

What is Health Insurance for Parents and how Important it is?

Health insurance for parents in India is offered by various insurance providers to financially secure your parents who have attained an age of 65 years and more. The health insurance policies for senior citizens are tailor-made plans, which are designed to offer cover against all sorts of medical expenses incurred by you. Giving such protection by buying medical insurance for parents is one of the best ways to care for their medical needs.

It is important to have health insurance for senior citizens for the reasons mentioned below:

Older Age Makes you Prone to Several Ailments:

After an age, you wish to retire and seek survival on your pension or the interest you earn from your savings. However, getting older has a tendency to attract various ailments and contraction of diseases

Worry-free Planning with Health Insurance Plans:

Although falling ill is foreseeable with ageing, you can still plan to making sure that all your urgent medical expenses are taken care of in a hassle-free and systematic manner.

Financial Crisis in Family:

The sudden breakdown in terms of diseases can bring a big financial blow to you and your family. If your parents don’t have a senior citizen health insurance policy, then you (as the breadwinner) would have to slog even harder to pay out the medical expenses incurred, pay-off loans and liabilities, and manage the household – this can burn a hole in your pocket. Why wait for such circumstances to arise when insurance providers provide the best health insurance for senior citizens?

Features and Benefits of Medical Insurance for Parents:

Comprehensive health insurance plans for parents comprises of many features. A typical senior citizen health insurance generally provides hospitalization expenses including pre and post hospitalization expenses. It also provides for expenses like room charges, diagnostic test expenses, doctor and surgeon fees, and cost of medicines. Medical expenses incurred in the event of sudden illnesses or accidents are also covered by senior citizen health insurance. Some of the ground-breaking features and benefits of health insurance policies for parents are discussed below:

Rising Medical Costs:

The medical costs for critical illnesses are rising at a rapid pace with the advancement of science and technology. Critical illness and other major health crisis can arise at any time in the old age. During such contingent times, senior citizen health insurance can prove its worth and help in their medical treatment without a major dent on your pocket.


If you are staying abroad for your job or sometimes travelling for professional or personal reasons, your parents can get sick in your absence. Hence, having senior citizen health insurance will provide your sense of security that any network hospitals will facilitate treatment for your parents during those tough times.

Pre-existing Diseases:

Most of the senior health insurance policies provide protection from pre-existing diseases as well. They carry a waiting period for a few years after which existing diseases can also be covered in the same policy and there will be no need to buy a separate policy.

Over to you!

Health insurance for parents can be bought through multiple channels. One can buy health insurance for senior citizen online through insurance aggregators such as helping you to make a comparison of the policies offered by every insurance provider on a single platform further serving you to buy best health insurance for senior citizen and can save money too.

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