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Everything You Need to Know About The New India Assurance Griha Suvidha

It is of utmost importance to protect and insure one’s life and health by taking insurance and medical policies. Similarly, it is also important to insure one’s home and belongings by taking home insurance policies. However, not many people opt for home insurance due to complex terms and conditions or lack of awareness. The need of the hour is for policy that is simplistic, easy to understand and use, and has a simple and hassle free claims process. One such good accessible policy is the Griha Suvidha policy of The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

This policy is a shorter version of their Householders Package Policy and targets average household contents on first loss basis. This policy does not require any documentation such as proof of ownership, inventory list of household items, exact values of each item as is required by regular household insurance policies. In the case of the Griha Suvidha policy, the The New India Assurance Company will settle the claim without asking for original bills or proof of ownership.

The main objective of the The New India Assurance’s Griha Suvidha Policy is to provide protection to household contents against fire, riots, strike, floods, earthquakes, terrorism, burglary, theft and accidental damage to the contents including jewellery and valuables. It also covers breakdown of appliances including computers and television.

Eligibility for The New India Assurance Griha Suvidha

This policy is available to any individual resident in India, including foreign nationals, as long as the household whose contents are to be insured is situated in Indian Territory. The settlement of claims to the policy will be done only in Indian currency.

The New India Assurance Griha Suvidha Coverage

The policy covers four main sections with five built in sections. There is an optional sixth section.

Section I - It covers household contents such as furniture and fixtures, fittings, clothing and apparel, upholstery, and  domestic appliances that are on the premises against fire, lightning, implosion, explosion, riots, strikes, terrorism, damage, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, typhoons, tempests, hurricanes, tornados, floods, inundation, subsidence and landslides. The insured household is not required to provide a detailed list of the items to be covered by insurance. 

Section II - It covers household contents such as furniture and fixtures, fittings, clothing and apparel, upholstery, and domestic appliances that are on the premises against burglary, housebreaking, and theft including larceny.  

Section III - It covers jewellery and valuable items that are worn or kept on the premises against fire, earthquakes, burglary, theft, housebreaking, accident or misfortune. The insured household needs to provide a simple description of the items only if their value exceeds 10% of the Sum Insured in this section. Further, they can only insure up to 5 of these type of items.

Section IV - It covers the physical damage caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown of specific domestic appliances. The insured has to provide a description of the appliance with details about its make and model.

Section V - It covers televisions or desktops on the premises against earthquakes, fires, burglary, house breaking, electrical breakdown and mechanical breakdown. 


Cover Descriptions for Contents

Option I - Sum Insured

Option II - Sum Insured

Option III - Sum Insured

Option IV - Sum Insured


Fire and Allied perils

INR 1,00,000

INR 2,50,000

INR 5,00,000

INR 10,00,000


Burglary, Housebreaking and Theft

INR 1,00,000

INR 2,50,000

INR 5,00,000

INR 10,00,000


Jewellery and Valuables

INR 50,000

INR 1,00,000

INR 2,00,000

INR 4,00,000


Breakdown of Domestic Appliances

INR 50,000

INR 70,000

INR 1,00,000

INR 2,00,000


Television and Desktop

INR 25,000

INR 40,000

INR 60,000

INR 75,000

Premium Payable (excluding service tax)

INR 1,125

INR 2,120

INR 3,880

INR 7,175

Section VI - It is optional and covers the entire residential premises on full sum insured basis. The premium for this section depends on the value of the property. It will be added to the premium payable for the other sections.

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Claim Process for The New India Assurance Griha Suvidha

The claim form is a single page and quite easy to follow. The claim process is simple and straight forward. It does not require any unnecessary documentation or producing bills, etc. Claims below INR 20,000 will be settled automatically, while for claims above INR 20,000 the site will be visited and damage will be assessed.


There are many versions of household insurance available in the market. However, all of them require the insured to produce documents showing proof of ownership, bills, and proof of ownership. As opposed to this, the Griha Suvidha Policy is simple, quick and efficient. It is a smart policy that provides household with the benefit of home insurance.

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Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 16 February 2021