AEGON Life iMaximize Single Premium Insurance Plan

Aegon Life iMaximize is an online, unit linked, non-participating plan with single premium payment facility.  The plan benefits you by increasing the value of your wealth without any premium allocation charge. This iMaximize plan, besides helping you with wealth creation, provides life insurance cover at the same time.

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  • ₹ 1 Crore

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    Unlike 10% in Mutual Funds

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Key Features of Aegon Life iMaximize SIngle Premium Plan

  • Unit Linked Insurance Plan
  • Single Premium Payment Option
  • No Premium Allocation Charges
  • 3 fund options for investments
    • Blue chip Fund
    • Debt Fund
    • Secure Fund


  • Maturity Benefit:

Total Fund Value + Top-up Fund Value

  • Death Benefit:

Higher of:

Sum Assured + Top-up amount

Or, Fund Value + Top-up Fund Value

Or, 105% of Total Premiums Paid till the date of death 

  • Tax Benefit: All premiums paid and claims received against this plan are eligible for tax deductions under section 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act.

Product Specification of Aegon Life iMaximize Single premium Plan

Product Name

Entry Age

Maturity Age

Policy Term

Premium Paying Term

Aegon Life iMaximize Single Premium Plan

8-60 years

18-65 years

10 years (Age <= 50 years)

5 years (Age > 50 years)

Single Premium


Policy Details of Aegon Life iMaximize Single premium Plan

Grace period: Since it is a single premium plan, there is no grace period applicable under this plan. 

Policy termination or Surrender Benefit: The policyholder can surrender his plan after the completion of 5 years. In return, the policyholder will get the fund value as on the date of the surrender. If the policy is surrendered before the completion of 5 years, the fund value minus the discontinuance charge will be transferred to Discontinuance Policy Fund. The fund is subject to a growth of 4% per year. Only after the completion of 5 years, the policyholder will receive the Accumulated Discontinuance Policy Fund value as on that date.

Free look period: If the policyholder, in any case, is not satisfied with his iMaximise Single Premium plan, he/she is free to cancel the plan within 30 days from the inception of the plan, given that no claim has already been made.


  • Partial Withdrawals : 4 partial withdrawals are allowed each year with a maximum 20% of the fund value
  • Free Switches: 4 switches between funds are allowed each year free of cost.
  • Top-up Cover: On paying a minimal premium, additional covers are available.
  • Top-up Sum Assured  = 10 x Top-up Premium,  Age < 35 years

Else, 1.25 x Top-Up Premium for Age <= 44 years

And, 1.10 x Top-Up Premium for Age >= 45 years


Suicide: In case the insured commits suicide within the first year of the iMaximize Single Premium plan, the policy will terminate immediately and the fund value till date will be paid out to the beneficiary chosen by the policyholder.

In case the insured dies by committing suicide within the first year of the policy renewal, the settlement is made by paying out the total fund value (after making the deductions, if any) and the policy terminates thereafter.

Required Documents for Aegon Life iMaximize Single premium Plan

Below are the documents which are required to be insured under Aegon Life iMaximise Single Premium Plan:

  • Duly filled Application form/Proposal form
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Other KYC documents; PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Tax Details etc
  • Medical History 

**Documents required are subject to the sum assured amount chosen, and the premiums paid for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How is the Service Tax charged over the plan?

All taxes under this insurance plan are levied under the current tax law amendments done by the ruling body or the regulatory body. 

Q.2) Does Aegon Life iMaximise Single Premium plan provide insurance?

Yes, it provides insurance coverage which is subject to the solicitation. 

Q.3) Does Aegon Life iMaximise Single Premium plan provide customized cover for smokers?

Yes, iMaximise Single Premium Plan provides smokers with covers which is distinctly customized for them. If the customer is a smoker, he/she can avail this plan with additional premium amount as declared. 

Q.4) Does this plan include risk factors?

Yes, Aegon Life iMaximize Plan has risk factors associated with it as it is a market-linked insurance plan that aims to increase the value of your wealth by providing market-based returns. Although, iMaximise is a low-risk plan but the returns are a subject to market performances and NAV i.e.the Net Asset Value. 

Q.5) What are the premium allocation charges under this plan?

Aegon Life iMaximise single Premium Plan does not include any premium allocation charges in its cost structure. All the switches done between funds, to earn best returns, are completely free of cost. 

Q.6) Can I avail loan against the units of this plan?

No, since it is a unit linked non-participating insurance plan, it does not provide any loan advantages against its units. 

Q.7) What is the prohibition for rebate under this plan?

As per current amendments Under Section 41, Insurance Act 1938, no insured individual is allowed to forward his plan or attain the benefits, either by any direct means or indirect means, as a reward or offering.

**Any individual insured under this plan found making defaults under this section shall be punished with a fine, which may be anything up to Rs. 10,00,000 lakhs. 

Q.8) Can additional units be added to my iMaximise Single Premium plan?

Yes, in accordance with adding net yield on fund value of your plan, so that you can enjoy increased benefits, the company has right to add units to your iMaximise paln , as per the rules of IRDAI. 

Q.9) Is there any mortality charges associated with the plan?

Yes, the plan includes a mortality charge, which is deductible by the cancellation of units of the plan at the beginning of every month of your iMaximise plan, based on the sum assured and your age. 

**Mortality charges for female policyholders are comparatively lower than the usual.

**Mortality charges for smokers are comparatively higher. 

Q.10) What are the policy administration charges under the plan?

Aegon Life iMaximise plan includes administration charges in its cost structure, under IRDAI regulations which are minimal of Rs 100.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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