Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan

Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan is a non-linked non-deferred pension plan that is specially designed to ensure a comfortable retired life for its customers. The policy ensures guaranteed income post retirement so that the policyholder does not have to compromise on his lifestyle and enjoyment when retired.

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  • Peaceful Post-Retirement Life

  • Tax Free Regular Income

  • Wealth Generation to beat Inflation

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Key Features of Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan

  • The policy provides a guaranteed corpus for retirement that is 210% of the sum of all the premiums paid.
  • The nominee, under the policy, receives a lump sum as the Death Benefit. This sum is provided to take care of his/her financial needs when the policyholder is no more.
  • The policy offers a single premium payment option and a limited premium payment term. After the completion of the premium paying term, the policyholder can enjoy post-retirement income and live a life free of any worries.

Benefits under Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan

  • On survival until the end of the policy term, when the policy matures, the policyholder receives the Maturity Benefit, which is 210% of the premiums paid. The Maturity Benefit is compulsorily used in one of the two ways, which are:
    • The policyholder can purchase Immediate Annuity, which is guaranteed for life for the Life Insured as long as he or she survives.
    • The policyholder can purchase a single premium deferred pension product.
      • On the death of the policyholder, the nominee receives the guaranteed Death Benefit. The Death Benefit is the higher of the total of all premiums paid plus 6% annual compound interest or 105% of all premiums paid.

The nominee can use the Death Benefit to purchase an annuity from the Company or to withdraw the entire amount.

      • Tax benefits are available as per sections 80 (C) and 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.

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Product Specification of Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan




Entry age of the insured (as per last birthday)

42 years

60 years

Maturity age of the insured (as per last birthday)

55 years

78 years

Policy Term (PT) in years

13 years

18 years

Premium Paying Term (PPT) in years

13 years = Single

16 years = 5 years

18 years = 10 years

Premium Paying Frequency

Single, Annual, Semi-Annual and Monthly

Annual Premium

Single: Rs. 1,50,000

Limited: Rs. 50,000

Rs. 500,00,00,000



Details about Premium

Age of life insured (Yrs)

Policy year

Annualized Premium

Guranteed vesting Benefit (at the end of the policy year)

Guranteed Death Benefit (at the end of the policy year)

Guranteed Surrender Benefit (at the end of the policy year)

During the Year




Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 1,50,000


Rs. 159,000

Rs. 90000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 300,000


Rs. 327540

Rs. 135000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 450,000


Rs. 506192

Rs. 300000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 600,000


Rs. 695564

Rs. 375000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 750,000


Rs. 896298

Rs. 450000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 900,000


Rs. 109076

Rs. 630000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 1,050,000


Rs. 1334620

Rs. 840000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 1,200,000


Rs. 1573697

Rs. 1080000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs, 1,350,000


Rs. 1,827,119

Rs. 1350000



Rs. 1,50,000

Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2095746

Rs. 1500000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2221491

Rs. 1650000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2354781

Rs. 1800000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2496067

Rs. 1950000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2645832

Rs. 2100000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2804581

Rs. 2250000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 2972856

Rs. 2550000




Rs. 1,500,000


Rs. 3151228

Rs. 2700000




Rs. 1,500,000

Rs. 3,150,000

Rs. 3340301



Policy Details of Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan

Grace Period: A limited time period of 30 days from the due date is allowed for the payment of the unpaid premium and to clear all the dues. The Grace Period for policies paid under monthly premium payment mode is 15 days. A policy lapses or expires in case the first 2 years’ premiums have not been paid within the Grace Period.

Policy Surrender or Termination Benefit: The policy that has a single premium payment option acquires Surrender Value after completing one full policy year. It, therefore, might be surrendered after completing the first policy year, on the condition that all premiums have been paid. A Limited premium policy acquires Surrender Value after two full policy years, and so it may be surrendered after paying all premiums for two full policy years. As the Surrender Value, either the Guaranteed Surrender Value or the Special Surrender Value, whichever is higher, is paid out. Termination of the policy also occurs on the payout of the Death benefit or the Maturity Benefit.

Free Look Period: The insured has a limited span of free look period (15 days) from the receipt date of policy documents in order to review the features and benefits of the policy. In case the policyholder does not want to continue with the insurance policy, he/she can cancel it. However, the customer would have to pay the policy expenses borne by the insurance company, such as medical examination expenses etc.

Additional Features or Riders

      • The renewal of a lapsed insurance policy is possible if the insured submits a reinstatement request for the same, within a period of 2 years since the date of the 1st unpaid premium. The insured would have to make a payment of all the due premiums along with interest and a revival amount of Rs. 250. Satisfactory evidence of insurability also needs to be provided.
      • In case the policyholder has paid all the premiums for 2 policy years and then doesn’t pay any premiums even untill the end of the Grace Period, then the policy would acquire a Paid-up Value.


      • The policy has no exclusions.

Documents Required

The insured needs to fill up an ‘Application form’ along with a photo ID proof (such as Driving License, Passport, or PAN Card) and an income proof, such as a copy of last Income Tax Return, copy of salary slips or last 3 months or Form 16.

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