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Thailand is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. Also referred to as the Thai Kingdom, the country is well-known for its ancient temples, beautiful beaches, food as well as a vibrant nightlife. Water sports activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling are also extremely popular amongst tourists in Thailand. While most people travel to Thailand for tourism, the Kingdom is also a great place for conducting business. This must surely entice you to take a quick trip to The Thai Kingdom but you cannot do so without getting a Thailand visa.

It is compulsory for all Indian nationals to possess a valid visa to enter the Thai Kingdom. To have a safe and secure trip, you should also consider getting yourself insured under a valid travel insurance Thailand plan that lets you keep all your travel worries at bay.

Travel Insurance for Thailand by Bharti AXA

Travel Insurance Thailand is an insurance plan that exclusively protects people travelling to Thailand from India. Whether you face a medical or travel emergency during your trip to the Thai Kingdom resulting in a financial loss, it can be tackled effortlessly with this customized travel insurance for Thailand.

When looking for an international travel insurance policy for Thailand, you can consider buying it from Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Company. It is a leading insurance company in India that will provide coverage from unforeseen situations such as loss of passport, emergency medical treatment, accidental death & disability, baggage loss, home burglary, legal liabilities, etc.

Travel insurance for Thailand by Bharti AXA is a one-stop solution for any unforeseen adversities that you may come across during your trip to the Thai Kingdom.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans for Thailand by Bharti AXA

Keeping in mind the travel requirements of different people, Bharti AXA travel insurance Thailand plans come in two variants:

  1. Single Trip Plan – If you have made a random plan to Thailand and don’t plan to visit the country several times a year, then single trip travel insurance is perfect to safeguard your trip to the Kingdom. This type of insurance plan will cover you only for a single trip to Thailand.
  2. Multi-Trip Plan – If you are going to be travelling to Thailand multiple times in a year then you can opt for multi-trip travel insurance plan to secure all your trips to the Kingdom. This type of insurance plan is valid for one year and covers all of the journeys that you’ll take to Thailand.

Please note that the above-mentioned travel insurance plan variants for Thailand are available only for individual travellers and families travelling together.

Travel Insurance Thailand plan for students can only be purchased by people falling between the ages of 16 years and 40 years. This plan can be opted for a period of 30 days to a maximum of two years and can be extended for another four years. Whether you are planning to do your schooling, graduation or post-graduation in Thailand, you can buy this policy from Bharti AXA.

Travel Insurance Coverage for Thailand Offered by Bharti AXA

Bharti AXA provides a wide range of coverage to people travelling to Thailand. Different people may have different reasons for visiting the country. With an aim to provide maximum coverage to all types of travellers, Bharti AXA provides a different level of coverage to individuals, students and families visiting Thailand.

Coverage Provided to Individuals/ Families Travelling to Thailand:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses – In case you or any of your family members get ill or meet with an accident during your Thailand trip, this policy will cover all the medical expenses that you incur on the treatment.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – If you or any of your insured family members need to be medically evacuated, then the cost of the ambulance services will be covered by the insurance company.
  • Accidental Death & Disability – In case an accident injury in Thailand leads to you or your family member’s death or permanently disable them, you will be entitled to compensation by Bharti AXA.
  • Loss of Passport – If you have lost your passport in Thailand, your insurer will cover the expenses incurred on obtaining its duplicate or new copy.
  • Trip Delay – Any losses that you incur because of delaying your trip to Thailand due to some unavoidable circumstances will be covered under this policy.
  • Trip Cancellation – If you face an emergency situation that forces you to cancel your Thailand trip, you will get reimbursement for all the losses incurred under this travel insurance plan.
  • Delay/ Loss of Check-in Baggage – Bharti AXA will cover the expenses and losses that you may incur due to delay in delivery of your check-in baggage or losing it at the hands of the airline with whom you flew to Thailand.
  • Loss of Personal Documents – Any monetary losses that you may incur as a result of losing your personal documents such as tickets, traveller’s cheque, etc. in Thailand will be covered under this policy.
  • Home Burglary Insurance – Bharti AXA offers home burglary insurance that covers the losses that you may incur in case your home in India catches fire or is burgled while you are travelling to Thailand.

Coverage Provided to Students Travelling to Thailand:

  • Emergency Medical Treatment – It covers any expenses incurred on your medical treatment while studying in Thailand.
  • Emergency Dental Treatment – If you take any dental treatment during your stay in Thailand to get relief from acute pain, it will be covered under this policy.
  • Compassionate Visit – Bharti AXA will pay the price of the air tickets of any one of your immediate family members in case you get admitted for a long period of time in Thailand.
  • Loss of Passport – This policy will cover the cost of obtaining a new or duplicate passport in case you lose your original one in Thailand.
  • Loss of Important Documents – If you lose any of your important documents, such as traveller’s cheque, identity card, etc during your stay in Thailand, your travel insurance policy will cover any losses or expenses that you may end up incurring.
  • Check-in Baggage Loss/ Delay – This travel insurance policy covers the losses incurred by you if your check-in baggage is lost by your scheduled airline. In case of delay in check-in baggage delivery, the insurer will reimburse any expenses incurred on crucial items such as medicines, toiletries, etc.
  • Legal Liability – If you end up having a legal liability that needs to be paid, your travel insurance Thailand policy will cover it for you.
  • Study Interruption – If your education in Thailand gets interrupted due to any unavoidable situation, Bharti AXA will reimburse the fees for the missed duration that you had already paid to the university/ school in advance.
  • Sponsorship Loss – In case the insured loses his sponsorship due to the death or disablement of his sponsor, your insurer will reimburse the fees for the remaining part of his course that you had pre-paid to the university/ school.

Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Thailand from Bharti AXA?

Given the beauty and zeal of Thailand, anything short of having the time of your life would be an understatement for your Thailand trip. However, nobody can guarantee that nothing would go wrong on the trip. Besides, facing adversity in a foreign land can result in greater inconvenience and bigger losses. Therefore, you must have a travel insurance plan that would be able to handle any adverse situations you may face during your trip to Thailand.

Moreover, if you buy your travel insurance Thailand policy from Bharti AXA, you can simply forget about any worries during your trip. Let us look at some reasons why you must buy travel insurance for Thailand from Bharti AXA:

  • Instant Policy Issuance – Bharti AXA has a faster online application process. As a result, travel insurance policies are issued instantly and you will receive your policy document within a few minutes.
  • No Health Check for Applicants up to 70 Years – In case your age is 70 years or less, then you do not have to get your health check-up done in order to purchase travel insurance for Thailand from Bharti AXA.
  • Country-Specific Plan – Travel insurance plans by Bharti AXA are customized as per the destination to which you are travelling. Therefore, your travel insurance plan for Thailand will cover you from any adversities that you are more likely to face in Thailand than any other part of the world.
  • 24x7 Assistance – AXA Worldwide offers travel assistance to those insured under this plan. If you face an emergency in Thailand anytime during the day or night, you can reach out to them to get the required assistance.

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Travellers from around the world visit Thailand to witness its rich culture and party all night. However, there is a lot more that Thailand offers to its tourists. Take a look at some of the top tourist spots to visit in Thailand:

  • Koh Phi Phi
  • The Grand Palace
  • Khao Yai National Park
  • Railay Beach
  • Ayutthaya
  • Doi Suthep
  • Khun Kon Waterfall
  • Sukhothai Historical Park
  • Sunday Night Walking Street
  • Floating Market
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