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The United Kingdom is one of the most popular and politically affluent countries in the world. It comprises of a group of four countries i.e. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and is also referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. It is extremely popular with the tourist thanks to its unadulterated beauty, impressive architecture and big brands. The country is also a hotspot for students and businessmen alike since it has a well-developed economy and is home to the world’s top-rated universities including the Oxford University.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Everyone gets attracted to the undying charm of the UK and wants to visit it as many times as possible. In order to do so, you need to get yourself a valid UK visa. Moreover, you should also buy a travel insurance UK plan to stay protected from any unfavourable situations faced during your visit to the United Kingdom.

    Travel Insurance for UK by Bharti AXA

    Travel Insurance UK is a specialized travel insurance plan that shields non-British citizens from unforeseen emergencies causing financial losses during their trip to the United Kingdom. Whether you are travelling alone, with family or friends, you can tackle any unforeseen adversities easily if you have your trip insured. Such plans are designed specially to cater to the travel needs of the people travelling to the UK.

    In India, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance is one of the few insurance companies that offer dedicated travel insurance plan to people travelling to the UK. Some of the most common coverage offered under this plan are medical expenses, trip delay, baggage delay/ loss, compassionate visit, home insurance, etc.

    Types of Travel Insurance Plans for UK by Bharti AXA

    Frequency of travelling abroad differs from one person to another. While some people travel occasionally to the UK, others can be seen travelling to the UK several times a year. As a result, two types of travel insurance for UK plans are available with Bharti AXA:

    • Single Trip Travel Insurance UK – This plan is designed for people who plan to travel occasionally to the UK and not regularly. It is valid until the duration of your trip and ends as soon as you reach back to India.
    • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance UK – This plan is made for people who are required to frequently travel to the UK for personal or professional reasons. It is mostly valid for one year.

    Travel Insurance Coverage for UK Offered by Bharti AXA

    Not all travellers are the same and nor are their travel requirements. To ensure that all travellers get adequate coverage, Bharti AXA offers a varying level of coverage to students, individuals and families travelling together to the UK. Take a look:

    Coverage Provided to Individuals/ Families Travelling to UK:

    • If you get sick or meet with an accident in the UK, then your treatment expenses will be covered by the insurer.
    • In case you had to use ambulance services to reach the nearest healthcare provider, you can get it claimed under this policy.
    • Bharti AXA also offers compensation to you and your kin in case an accidental injury leads to your getting disabled permanently or death.
    • This policy also covers any losses that you may incur if your trip to the UK gets delayed or cancelled due to an emergency.
    • If your airline has lost your check-in baggage or delays its delivery for several hours then your insurer will compensate the losses and reimburse any expenses that you may have incurred on necessary things, such as toiletries.
    • This policy will also reimburse the expenses that you will incur in case you lose your passport, tickets or traveller’s cheque in the UK.
    • Bharti AXA also covers the losses that you may incur in case your house in India gets burgled or catches fire while you are in the UK.

    Coverage Provided to Students Travelling to UK:

    Bharti AXA travel insurance UK plan for students only covers Indians from 16 years to 40 years of age who will be pursuing an academic course in the United Kingdom, including graduation and post-graduation. Students can choose the validity of their policy between 30 days to up to two years as per the duration of their course.

    • If you get injured in an accident or get sick while studying in the UK, you can get the treatment expenses claimed under this policy.
    • In case you have a legal liability to pay money to a third party in the UK, then your insurer will pay it on your behalf.
    • In case you are unable to attend classes in the UK due to an emergency situation, then Bharti AXA will compensate for the fee amount that you had paid to your school/ university in advance.
    • Your insurer will also reimburse the fees that you had paid to your UK-based school/ university in advance in case your sponsor suffers from permanent disability or dies.
    • In case you get ill and are hospitalized for long, your insurer will arrange for the transportation of one of your immediate family member to the UK and vice versa.
    • If you end up suffering from acute dental pain and receive treatment in the UK, its cost will be covered under this policy.
    • In case your checked-in luggage gets lost or delayed by your airline while travelling to the UK, you will be compensated for your losses and reimbursed for the necessary expenses incurred.
    • If you have lost some of your important documents in the UK, such as your traveller’s cheque, passport and tickets, then your policy will cover the expenses that you incur on obtaining the same.

    Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance for UK from Bharti AXA?

    Travel insurance is a wise man’s choice. It is opted by people who understand that emergencies strike suddenly and without any warning. It is foolish to believe that you will not come across any unfortunate incident during your UK trip and as a result, end up suffering a big loss if the opposite happens. Only a travel insurance UK plan can save you from such a situation and you must contemplate buying travel insurance policy for the UK from Bharti AXA.

    Let us take a look at some of the reasons why buying you need to buy travel insurance UK policy from Bharti AXA:

    • Policies for Single Trip & Frequent Travellers – Bharti AXA offers travel insurance UK plans for a single trip as well as frequent travellers. While occasional visitors to the UK can opt for single trip insurance, frequent flyers can buy a multi-trip travel insurance policy.
    • Get 24x7 Assistance Around the Globe – If you are middle of an emergency and require assistance immediately, you can reach out to AXA Worldwide any time of the day or night. AXA Worldwide is the assistance service provider for Bharti AXA that provides round the clock assistance to its insured travellers in the UK.
    • No Need for Medical Check-up for Up to 70 Years – Anybody up to the age of 70 years are not required to appear for a medical examination before buying this travel insurance policy for the UK.
    • Customized Policy for UK Travellers – Bharti AXA offers customized policies to people travelling to the United Kingdom. The coverage offered by this type of policies aims to protect you from any threats that you are likely to face during your UK trip.
    • Customer-Friendly Services – This insurance company provides customer-friendly services enabling them to buy the policy instantaneously and get their claims settled quickly.  

    Best Places to Visit in UK

    Once you have obtained travel insurance to secure your trip to the United Kingdom, make sure to surely visit as many iconic spots in the country as possible. Following is the list of some of the top places to visit in the UK:

    • Stonehenge, England
    • Edinburg Castle, Scotland
    • Hadrian’s Wall, England
    • Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • Tower of London, England
    • Snowdonia, Wales
    • Windsor Castle, England
    • The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
    • York Minster, England
    • Caernarvon Castle, Wales
    • Stratford on Avon, England
    • Scottish Highlands, Scotland

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