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Planning for retirement in the early years is slowly becoming essential as people look to build a significant corpus. These are the years where one may not always have a regular source of income to keep their lifestyle running. Having a pension plan ensures that you do not face financial issues, especially during unforeseen events.

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With the technological advancements, it has become easier to research and buy pension plans online wherein calculators come in handy. Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator makes planning and investing for old age easy.

Why Should You Use Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator?

The Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator gives the customer the opportunity to begin planning for his retirement very early on in his life. The customer need not make assumptions and calculations based on his ideas. Instead, he can make decisions based on the accurate results that the calculator provides. This will leave the customer with much more financial independence and freedom for his later years in life.

With the help of the pension calculator, the customer is in a better position to decide what kind of policy he needs and how he wants to make investments in them.  This gives him more control over his finances.

How to Use Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator?

Using the calculator is simple and self-explanatory. A customer can access the calculator from the comfort of his home simply by logging onto the company's website. It requires only a few minutes. 

To use the Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator, one has to follow the underlying steps:

  • Log onto the official website of the company
  • Click on the tab labelled “Planning Tools"
  • This will redirect the customer to a page where all the digital calculators of the insurer are listed.
  • Search for the tab that says “Retirement Calculator” and click on it.
  • Use the slider to enter the current age and the age at which he wants to retire.
  • Enter monthly expenses that he is currently handling.
  • Hit on “View Result”
  • The calculator will then display the amount that the customer would need every month of retirement to upkeep his current lifestyle.

Advantages of Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator

This calculator is a digital tool that an individual may use to get an estimate of the savings that he needs to make every month for his future. Listed below are some reasons that the Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator is beneficial to its users:

  • It is free. The calculator is freely available on the website of the company and has been installed there for the benefit and use of the customers. A customer is not charged any added fees for its use.
  • It provides accurate estimates. The calculator provides estimates to the customer that are accurate. There is no scope for mistakes when using this tool. 
  • It can be used any number of times. This calculator, along with being versatile, also can be repeatedly used and will still be precise. The customer can use it to compare the differences between policies and choose a policy for himself that suits his needs.
  • It helps the customer plan significant life events. Based on the calculations of the Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator, the customer can make decisions regarding major life events, like marriage, switching his job, etc.
  • It is self-explanatory. Using the calculator is a simple process. Anyone can go online on the company website and operate the calculator to get the desired results.

Information Required For Using Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator

The customer is required to input specific data if he wishes to use the calculator. It is based on this data that the calculator will be able to provide the customer with an estimate for his future. It is hence of utmost importance that the information is filled in correctly, or the calculator would not be able to provide an accurate result.

The following data will be required:

  • Current age of the customer
  • Age at which the customer wishes to stop working and begin his retired life.
  • An estimate of the customer incurs monthly expenses, expenses on housing, food, transportation, etc.

All this data will give the calculator an idea of the lifestyle and spending habits of the customer.

Benefits Of Buying Exide Life Pension Plan

The Exide Life Pension Plan is a means to secure the future of those who invest in it. Customers stand to reap the following benefits if they invest in it:

  • The plan provides its investors with financial independence during the later years in their life when they might not be able to generate a monthly income.
  • It also provides them with tax benefits as the customer can claim tax returns on his investments in pension plans.
  • If these plans are purchased when the customer is still young, they come at cheaper rates, thus giving him a chance to cut his costs.
  • It is a good way to generate a large corpus that the customer can then use later or leave as a legacy for his dependents.
  • It provides the customers with peace of mind and a sense of security, knowing that he doesn't need to depend on anyone in his old age.

Factors Influencing Exide Life Pension Plan Premiums

Listed below are the factors that directly influence the rates of the premiums of Exide Life Pension Plan:

  • Age: Younger customers are always required to pay lesser premiums for pension plans.
  • Sex: Women are offered lower premium rates.
  • Sum Assured: A more considerable initial investment will automatically decrease the premium amount required.
  • Period: Investors who remain invested in a pension plan for a longer period are offered better premium rates.

In conclusion, one can safely assume that the Exide Life Pension Plan Calculator provides numerous benefits to its users and is a tool of great convenience.


Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 July 2021
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