HDFC Ergo My Asset Private Car Package Policy

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Your car is your prized possession so protect it from all hazards by opting for a my: asset Private Car Package Policy. The policy covers your valuable asset from all possible dangers like-

  • Accident by external means
  • Theft, burglary, lightning, self-ignition, etc
  • Terrorist attacks, riots, malicious acts
  • Storm, earthquake, flood, landslide, etc.

The coverage amount depends on the IDV i.e; insured declared value of the car and the type of coverage you have opted for. This policy also protects you from legal liability claim which arises when the vehicle or property of a third party got damaged or when he himself got injured in an accident involving your vehicle. The property damage which is paid by the company is to the extent of Rs 75,000. In case of personal injury to a third party, the coverage amount is unlimited.

Also the policy covers the owner of the vehicle who drives the car for an amount of Rs 2 lakh incase of permanent total disability and accidental death.

Some of the optional covers which can be bought by paying extra premium-

  • Music system and the air conditioner of the car
  • Non-electrical accessories like seat cover, alloy wheels, etc.
  • You can also buy an additional personal accident cover for yourself and other passengers (the maximum limit is 5).

Benefits which you are entitled to get-

  • You become entitle to get a No Claim Bonus (NCB) if no claim has been made in the policy tenure.
  • In case you are confident about your driving skills, you can opt for high voluntary excess. It is that part of the claim which you agree to pay yourself at the time of claim.
  • You get discounts if you are the member of the automobile associations in India

Exclusions of the Policy

The insurer will not offer coverage in case of following-

  • If you are driving without a valid license
  • The policy covers vehicles which are used only for private use. So if you are using your vehicle for commercial reasons, it doesn’t offer coverage
  • Loss/damage due to war, invasion, radioactive contamination, etc.
  • If accident happened when the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the policy doesn’t offer coverage