Health Suraksha Gold with Regain and ECB Insurance Plan

Life can throw challenges at the most unanticipated time. Similarly, a medical emergency can also strike at the most unexpected time when everything is going just fine. If any family member gets diagnosed with a major disease or a critical illness, succumbs to accidental injuries and needs to be hospitalized, it can be heartbreaking for a family to go through the emotional and financial stress together at the same time. That’s when one realizes how important it was to invest in a health insurance policy that could offer the required financial support during such hard times. 

A good health insurance policy works as a shield to offer the desired medical protection to you and your family. You can get extensive medical coverage that assures good medical care without worrying about the hospitalization expenses and medical bills. Health insurance optimizes your money in the right direction, which can be used in the future for the well-being of your loved ones.

Benefits of Health Suraksha Gold with Regain and ECB 

To combat health and financial emergencies in an easy manner, a health insurance plan proves to be highly beneficial. People from all walks of life can utilize HDFC ERGO health Suraksha gold plan to meet their health insurance requirements.

It is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers maximum coverage during health emergencies. The plan covers pre, post, and in-patient hospitalization expenses. There is no sub-limit on the room charges, diseases covered and other medical expenses. The plan also includes a 10% cumulative bonus (on the sum assured) as an add-on benefit for every claim free year.

Once your sum assured gets exhausted, the amount is automatically reinstated during the policy period. The additional benefits of this plan are - maternity cover, coverage to organ donor expenses, day care treatment, AYUSH cover with no sub-limits, domiciliary hospitalization, and convalescence benefits along with e-opinion for life-threatening diseases.

HSFC Ergo Health Suraksha Gold with Regain and ECB Health insurance plan promises complete financial and emotional security to the insured members at the time of medical exigencies.

Features and Benefits of HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Regain and ECB Plan

  • Cashless hospitalization benefits in more than 6000 network hospitals
  • No entry age limit
  • AYUSH cover available without any sub-limit
  • Available in both individual and family floater plan
  • REGAIN benefit on exhaustion of the sum insured amount
  • Income tax benefits under Sec 80/D of the Income Tax Act
  • No sub-limits applicable to the treatment of any disease and hospitalization expenses
  • Minimum documentation required
  • Quick claim settlement
  • Lucrative discounts

Inclusions of HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Regain and ECB Plan

  • Inpatient hospitalization expenses including boarding and nursing expenses, room rent charges, operation theatre charges, ICU, cost of medicines etc.
  • AYUSH benefits including expenses incurred on Ayurveda, Unani, Sidhha, and Homeopathy treatments
  • Automatic availability of the insured amount ( if exhausted during the policy period)
  • Maternity benefits- Rs. 15,000 in case of a normal delivery, and Rs.25,000 in case of LSCS and Rs. 15,000 in case of termination
  • No Sub-limits applicable on room rent charges, treatment of diseases, medical practitioner fees etc.
  • 60 days of pre-hospitalization expenses and 90 days of post-hospitalization expenses are recompensed
  • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses are reimbursed
  • Covers organ donor expenses
  • Cumulative benefits - 10% of the SI for every claim free and up to 100% of sum insured
  • Restoration of the basic sum insured, if exhausted during the policy period. The amount is inclusive of the cumulative bonus
  • The restoration is applicable only one time during the policy period
  • The unutilized amount won’t be forwarded to the subsequent year

Regain Benefit  

It is only applicable to future claims and not during that particular period for which the premium has not been paid


  • Avail 10% discount on the purchase of the 2-year plan
  • 10% of family discount if more than 2 members are covered in the same plan on the individual sum assured basis

Exclusions of HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Regain & ECB Plan

  • Pre-existing diseases not to be covered before completion of 2 years of the policy period
  • Treatment for any disease or illness that is diagnosed within 30 days of policy purchase date. Coverage provided only to accidental injuries under such circumstances
  • Certain specific treatments like internal tumors, tonsils to be covered after a waiting period of 48 months
  • Treatment for STDs, HIV, and AIDS
  • Any ailment resulting from an overdose of drugs, alcohols etc.
  • Medical expenses incurred on treatment of depression, anxiety, mental disorders, plastic and cosmetic surgeries etc.
  • Any loss or damage resulting due to terrorist attacks, rebellion, war conditions, nuclear radiations etc.

Sum Assured (Rs.)

Sum Insured ranges between Rs. 3 lakhs & Rs. 10 lakhs

Pre-Policy Check-up Procedure

Before a policy application is accepted, the proposer needs to undergo a pre-policy medical screening to ascertain their health status. There is a certain age criterion for pre-medical check-ups. When buying a health Suraksha plan, a medical check is not required unstill 45 years of age, this is subjected to the declaration of pre-existing diseases.

Benefits of PPC/ PED Process-

People above the Pre-policy medical check-up age can apply online -

  • You can buy HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha plan online on their website if you are over 45 years of age or have a pre-existing disease
  • Simply log on to their website, fill the health insurance proposal form and make the payment online
  • Once all the details are submitted, the insurer will contact you
  • The proposal will be accepted and the cost of premium will be decided on the basis of the pre-medical check-ups and the features you choose.

You can check the status of the application online and simultaneously you will be informed over email and SMS. 

Points to Remember-

* The acceptance of the application is subjected to underwriting approval and pre-medical screening

* Once the proposal is accepted HDFC Ergo health insurance will bear all the pre-policy check-up expenses

Procedure to Make Changes in HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Gold with Regain and ECB Plan

For Corrections to be Made in the Beneficiary Name/ Address/Gender/ Salutation

  • Submit the change request online
  • Write your concern to their grievance redressal team
  • You can call on their customer care team and request for the change

To Make a Correction in the Policy Holder’s Name and Date of Birth of the Insured Members

  • Submit your request online)
  • provide an ID Proof - Passport, Voter ID, Pan Card ( either of them)
  • For changes in the date of birth, an additional premium cost may be charged

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Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 17 December 2020
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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