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Baggage Delay/ Loss
Trip Delay / Cancellation
Passport Loss
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Missed flights
Medical expenses
Passport Loss
Study interruption
Bail Bond , Personal Liability
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Compassionate visit
No medical tests
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HDFC ERGO- Travel Insurance for Individuals

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited is an endeavour between HDFC Ltd of India and the ERGO International AG headquartered at Mumbai.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is present in over 106 cities PAN India with more than 122 branch offices. The company has an extensive product portfolio that targets taking into account the necessities and pre-requisites of the clients. The company provides numerous insurance solutions relating to segments, for example, Travel, Home, Health, Motor, and Personal Accident insurance. These insurance products have been structured keeping in mind the inclinations of the customers and a diligent study and scanning of the risks associated with a specific circumstance.

Features of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd gives the most comprehensive insurance solutions and being answerable for the various needs of the customer. Regardless of whether you are taking a solo trip, going for work or arranging a get-away with your companions or family, defend yourself from any travel-related eventualities, which may risk your holiday. HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance gives you complete significant serenity and assurance.

The following are the few features that make HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance progressively dependable. They are as follows:

Builds Trust

Claims are not just kept aside but are fulfilled and the lives are sustained with the utmost commitment.

Perpetual Support

To ensure, a hassle-free claim experience a dedicated support team is available round-the-clock.

Esteemed Customers

HDFC ERGO travel plans cater to the needs of the customers and offer a wide range of plans along with add-on covers simultaneously.


There are no chances of loopholes. The insurance company values its customers at each step. The claims are settled with utmost transparency and ease.

Pay when Travel

With HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy you can only pay for the days you will be travelling. You can get travel insurance for a particular number of days and pay essentially on an everyday premise.

No Medical Check-up

Buy HDFC ERGO travel insurance you need not experience any sort of medicinal registration.

Save Paper

With the least documentation and easy paperwork get your policy straight in your inbox. You do not have to get into deskwork by any means.

Why Choose HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance for Individuals

Prevention is always better than cure. Well, this is exactly what HDFC Travel Insurance for Individuals does for you. If you are somebody who loves wandering around for work or a vacation then this is exactly for you. Be a smart traveller and get, set and go. The very thought of travelling alone excites and enthrals but at the same time has its repercussions as well.

HDFC ERGO Individual Travel insurance for Individuals ensures your safety against any kind of emergency, which may lead to financial loss. If you are a solo traveller then guard yourself against any foreseen events for an instant loss of baggage/passport, medical emergency, etc.

So, depending on the location, we have compiled a little bit of information on the same:

Asia: With HDFC ERGO travel insurance plans don’t worry about the expenses rather enjoy the diversity this continent has to offer.

Schengen Countries: Europe is one destination that is always there on every traveller’s list. For travelling to Schengen countries, one needs to have travel insurance for a Schengen visa. Worth a visit for a picturesque view and parties, that lasts all night long.

Worldwide excluding USA and Canada: If you are someone who loves hopping now and then, buy an overseas travel insurance plan to ensure a hassle-free and safe trip.

Worldwide Coverage: Buying a travel insurance plan is worth every cent and your safety must be your priority. Exploring the world not just entices your senses but also can leave you wonderstruck. Moreover, if you are a student who is travelling to a foreign land don’t forget to buy a Student Health Insurance plan.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance for Individuals Policy Coverage

It is of utmost importance to know about the inclusions when you are planning to buy travel insurance. Knowing the purpose and duration of your trip, you can easily customize your travel insurance plan. Below are some inclusions, which are essential and must be included under the travel insurance plan one is willing to opt for.

Medical Related Coverage

It is better to be safe than being sorry. If you are travelling to a foreign location then overseas medical insurance is necessary. In case you fall sick or meet with an accident, the expenses can easily shatter your financial condition. The following are some medical benefits under the plan:

Emergency Medical Expenses

Emergency Dental Expenses

Medical Evacuation

Hospital Daily Cash Allowance

Medical and Body Repatriation

Accidental Death

Permanent Disablement

Baggage Related Coverage

Your belongings are another important aspect of your travel plan. From personal items to important documents, you simply cannot overlook both of these. While purchasing travel insurance plans online your insurance plan must cover risks probable to baggage or document loss. They are as follows:

Loss of Baggage and Personal Documents

Loss of Checked-in baggage

Delay of Checked-in baggage

Journey Related Coverage

At times, you may incur non-medical emergencies like a flight delay owing to bad weather or damage being inflicted to a third party, etc. So have travel insurance to tackle such situations by your sides, which includes the following:

Personal Liability

Financial Emergency Assistance

Hijack Distress Allowance

Flight Delay

Hotel Accommodations

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance for Individuals Policy Exclusions

With a good travel insurance plan, you can easily let go of worries like medical expenses, loss of baggage/passports, etc. However, on the other side, travel insurance also comes with its exclusions. So always, know and understand the exemptions, which you are planning to buy. Read below a few common exclusions in travel insurance, which are as follows:

Breach of Law

Consumption of Intoxicant Substances

Cosmetic and Obesity Treatment

Self- Inflicted Injury

Adventure Sports

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance for Individuals FAQs

Q1. Since I have chosen the Individual Travel Protection Plan, what should be my Sum Insured?

Select the Sum Insured that will ideally cover you against unforeseen events such as loss of baggage, flight cancellation, or delays etc. In short, you must choose the Sum Insured depending on your needs and preferences. Moreover, it will depend on several factors such as destination, period of stay, etc.

Q2. I need my parent(s) to visit me. Would I be able to be their proposer and buy the policy?  

Absolutely! You can purchase a travel insurance policy for your parents on an Individual Sum Insured premise or a floater premise as you esteem right.

Q3. Would I be able to buy for a person unrelated to me?  

No, it can only be bought for immediate family members.

Q4. I suffer from Hypertension/Diabetes. So, am I eligible to buy the travel insurance plan?

Yes, you can buy travel insurance in case you are a hypertensive/diabetic. If there should arise an occurrence of a health-related crisis, you will be secured for all costs barring those for your Pre-existing Disease.  

Q6. Is there any kind of sub-limit in the travel insurance policy?

It is only applicable for those over 61 years. Moreover, the same is specified in the policy schedule.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 07 November 2019
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