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L&T Car Insurance Overview

L& T Car Insurance from L&T General Insurance Company is wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Turbo Limited, which offers various products, such as motor insurance plans, health insurance plans, home insurance plans and corporate insurance plans. L& T General Insurance has a customer-centric policy and keeps an emphasis on quality at every step. The company follows a disciplined and prudent method of underwriting and leverages on technology in order to facilitate efficient operations.  L& T General Insurance has developed solutions for all segments of the market and offers all solutions.  The car insurance policies that are offered by L&T can be categorized under Motor Insurance.

L&T Car Insurance Plan at a Glance

Features Coverage and Benefits
Third Party Coverage: The policy covers the legal liability arising out of an Injury / Death of a third party or damage or loss to its Property in case of an accident.
Incurred claim ratio: 51.93%
Personal Accident Insurance: Yes
Network Garages: 1000+ network of garages across India
No Claim Bonus Yes

Advantage & benefits offered by L&T Car Insurance Plans

L&T General Insurance gives its customers a little extra benefit when they buy car insurance plans from the company. Thus, the customer has an advantage when choosing his or her car insurance from L&T General Insurance. Car insurance is a prerequisite for all car owners as it provides protection to the customer against damages that have been caused as a result of an accident to their own vehicle or to a third party. The insurance provides coverage on property, liability and medical expenses. For customers on the lookout for a simple, yet scalable and robust car insurance plan that is provided by a highly responsive and responsible insurance company, they will find that the L&T Car Insurance Plan checks all the boxes. To get a clearer idea about the benefits of availing car insurance from L&T, we have listed them below:

  • L&T General Insurance Company has a special commitment to servicing all claims made by customers and claim- settlement in the most rapid time possible. It aims to keep the Turnaround Time as low as possible, with as less documentation hassle as possible and  the least amount  of inconvenience or trouble for its customers
  • The L&T car insurance plans may be bought or renewed over the web. The process for application is easy and quick. All the potential customer has to do is, visit the L&T General Insurance website and click on the ‘motor insurance’ tab under which the car insurance is given.
  • L&T Car Insurance is a comprehensive car insurance plan which has a combination of the mandatory Third Party Legal Liability coverage as well as self car damage. In addition, the customer has access to additional covers or extensions made available under the plan.  Some of these additional covers are free while the customer has to pay an extra premium for other covers.
  • L&T Insurance provides a facility of cashless claim settlement across India with over 1000 authorized network of workshops and garages.
  • Preferred network of garages that are associated with L&T General Insurance provides access to hassle-free inspection services and gives the customers high standards of service for their insurance plans
  • If the customer has not made a claim for a number of years, then he or she is eligible for a 20% to 50% No Claim Bonus. The percentage is dependent on the number of years that has gone by without the customer making a claim. Additionally, if a new customer transfers a car insurance policy for the first time to L&T Insurance, then L&T Insurance will retain the number of years that not had any claim in it and add it to its policy so that the No Claims bonus will still be applicable even under the new policy plan.

A closer look at the features of L&T Car Insurance plans

Let us take a closer look at the features of the L&T car insurance plans:

  • The car Insurance plans that are offered by L&T Car Insurance are valid only  for Private Cars and not vehicles used for commercial activities
  • L&T aims to make the policy procurement process as hassle-free and easy as possible, it provides the policy to the customer almost instantaneously and asks for minimal documentation
  • There is a vast range of L&T Insurance certified chain of workshops/garages across the country that provides cashless claim settlement. The claim assistance facility is provided to customers seven days of the week, between 7 AM to 11 PM
  • If the vehicle has been towed to a workshop, a survey will be conducted within a time span of four hours from the point of claim initiation
  • The customer will not make the error of forgetting to renew their policies because L&T makes sure to provide free and timely reminders for renewal of the policy plans
  • There are Add-on covers under the plan which a customer may choose in order to enhance the coverage of their car insurance plan

Scope of coverage offered by L&T Car Insurance Plans

Here is the list of the basic coverage by L&T General Insurance Car Insurance Plan:

  • The insurance covers loss or damage to the car due to man-made causes like riot, strike, malicious act, burglary, theft, and accident by external means, terrorist activity.
  • Any loss or damage to the vehicles caused by natural calamities such fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, earthquake, inundation, cyclone, frost, hailstorm, landslide and rockslide.
  • The Personal Accident cover covers the owner driver or even the registered driver while driving or even mounting the vehicle in case of accidental death or permanent total disability occurs. An amount of upto Rs.2 lakhs is provided as coverage. This cover can be extended to passengers who may also be harmed in the accident.
  • It covers damage that occurs while the car is in transit by rail, road, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air
  • The L&T car insurance provides the facility of a third party legal liability cover gives legal protection from third party claims of death or injury. Coverage is provided for damage that is caused to the surrounding property and passengers of the vehicle. Further coverage is given for any expenses that have been incurred even without first taking consent or permission from L& General Insurance.  This cover provides personal accident benefits for the owner, his or her paid driver as well as the passengers in the car at the time of the accident.
  • The third party legal liability cover is for an unlimited amount in case of death of the third party and up to an amount of Rs.7.5 lakhs for injury and damage to third party property.

Add-on covers by L&T Car Insurance Plans

L&T car insurance plans provide the option of purchasing add-on covers that will amplify the coverage of the customer’s base plan. He or she gets the Add-on covers by paying an additional premium. Let us take a closer look at the additional covers that are available under the Car Insurance plan offered by L&T Insurance:

  • For a small premium, the customer may insure the music system and A.C. in his or her car. The amount of coverage provided by the policy will depend on the value of the car accessories which has to be declared by the customer.
  • The customer may also opt to cover the non-electrical accessories in his or her car, such as the seat covers and alloy wheels.
  • The customer may opt to buy an additional personal accident add-on cover for him or herself and up to five passengers. The coverage provided by this additional cover is for a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakhs per person.
  • An additional cover may be purchased by the customer for his or her driver. As the driver is considered to be the customer’s employee, it is understood that any damages, injuries, etc, that he incurs while driving the customer’s car will be borne by the customer. There is additional coverage protection that the customer may purchase so that he or she is protected against any legal liabilities.
  • The implementation of bi-fuel injection systems, such as for CNG are covered by the plan.
  • There is a depreciation cover where 50% depreciation is deducted on all rubber, nylon, plastic parts, as well as on batteries and airbags. A 30% depreciation is deducted for all fiber glass components.
  • The customer may extend the coverage in terms of a geographical expansion of area that is covered to include geographical areas beyond Indian borders.

Some extra benefits or rewards provided by L&T Car Insurance Plans

  • There is an option for confident drivers to enroll for higher voluntary excess, in which the customer agrees to pay part of the claim him or herself. This qualifies the customer to receive a discount of Rs. 2500 per renewal.
  • A discount of Rs. 500 on the policy is provided for installing an anti-theft device.
  • Customers who have a membership with any of the country’s recognized automobile associations are eligible for a discount on their premiums.

A summary of the Exclusions or what instances are not covered by L&T Car Insurance Plans

  • The L&T car insurance plan does not provide coverage against the natural aging of the car that result in the general wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • The coverage of the L&T car insurance plans is valid for when the car is used within India only. The only exception is if the customer has purchased an add-on cover for a geographical extension.
  • If there is any other financial loss that is sustained by the customer as a result of the accident, it will not be covered by the L&T car insurance plans.
  • The company urges its customers to not drive the car after taking any intoxicating drugs or alcohol. L&T Insurance cannot and will not accept claims for accidental damages or liabilities caused when the drivers of the vehicle are intoxicated in any manner.
  • The my:asset Private Car Insurance plan provides coverage to the customer only for damages to the vehicle caused as a result of accidents. Any expenses that are a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown will not be covered by the plans.
  • Any damage or loss that occurs to the car because of nuclear fission or radioactive contamination will not be covered by the insurance plan.
  • L&T general does not approve claims if the driver of the vehicle was driving without a valid license when the accident took place.

L& T Car Insurance Premium Calculator

L&T General Insurance seeks to make the process of premium calculation easier for its customers and potential customers. Hence, it provides a premium calculator on its website for prospective customers that are seeking to buy car insurance plans from the company. It is to be noted that car insurance premiums are dependent on a  number of factors which include, the model and make of the car, the year the car had been bought, the year of registration, the city of operation, the Insured Declared Value (IDV), etc. This premium calculator is an extremely handy tool for all potential customers who wish to understand how much they would need to pay for car insurance from L&T General Insurance. They may find the premium calculator on the company website. The following examples are some instances of the premium being calculated using the company’s premium calculator:

  • Mr. Chatta has bought a new car for himself, a Honda Accord that he bought in June 2015. He needs to purchase car insurance for the same and when he checks the online premium calculator and inputs all the details, the amount comes up to Rs.37,800.
  • Ms. Datta intends to purchase car insurance for her new car, a Fiat Sienna, and checks with an L&T customer care representative regarding the same. The cover option chosen by B unnamed passengers is for Rs. 2 lakhs. The premium works out to be Rs. 11, 097.
  • Mr. Anand intends to buy car insurance for his recently purchased BMW Limited version car, that had been bought in Aug 2015. He wants to provide insurance protection for up to five passengers for an amount of Rs. 2 lakhs each.  Mr. Anand is charged a premium of Rs. 66, 240.

The table given below provides the data mentioned above in a tabular form for easy reference


Type of Vehicle

Insured Declared Value  (Rs.)

Premium (Rs.)

Mr. Chatta

Honda Accord 2.4 A/T



Ms. Datta

Fiat Sienna 1.2 Ex



Mr. Anand

BMW Limited A-4.20 TDI




Applying for the my:asset Private Car Insurance Plans from L&T Insurance

L&T car insurance plans may be purchased through different channels, given below are the ways interested customers may avail of the car insurance plans offered:

  • One can even provide their contact details on the company website and request for the relevant department to get in touch.
  • Any interested and potential customer of L&T car insurance plans may speak with the customer service representative.
  • Potential customers may also write directly to the company at  help@ltinsurance[dot]com
  • Customers can visit the website and  clicking on the ‘products’ tab,  clicking on the ‘Private Car Package Policy’ in the drop-down menu. A new page will then open on which at the bottom will be a tab for ‘Proposal Form’. The customer has to click on that tab, a fresh page will open which will have the Proposal Form, the customer will need to download the Proposal Form, and then they will need to fill it up and visit the nearest company branch or meet with an agent.
  • Interested ones may also visit the branch offices of L&T insurance to get in touch with an agent who will let them know more about the various car insurance plans offered and to buy the plan that fulfills their needs.

L&T Car Insurance - FAQs

1. How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

The L&T General insurance company Ltd. offers different modes of premium payment namely:
Cash payment at the branch
Cheque payment at the branch

2. How can I check policy status for L&T car insurance?

Registred users can check their policy status online. Simply enter your policy details on the e-portal.

3. What is the policy renewal process for L&T car insurance?

Renew your policy online in the following way;
Step1: Enter your client ID and Date of Birth to login into e-portal
Step2: Choose the policy and the payment mode (Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking)
Step3: Print/save the premium deposit receipt once the payment is successful
Alterantively, you can pay via cash/cheque at any of the nearest at collection center.

4. What is the company’s process to settle claim for L&T car insurance?

Download the suitable claims form from e-portal. Fill it and attach with relevant documents. Submit it at the nearest branch. Upon successful completion of the process, the claims will be settled within 30 days.

5. What is the policy cancellation process for L&T car insurance?

You can cancel the policy with necessary documents before the expiry date. Just visit the nearest branch with your policy documents.

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L&T Car Insurance Reviews

October 25, 2016

Best Car Plan

Last month i purchased a new car for my wife for that i need to buy a good car insurance plan too. After web search i found l&t car insurance plan which is come in budget. Policy coverage is also good and the claiming procedure is simple.

October 07, 2016

Free Tow Car Service

The car insurance I have is from l&t general insurance company ltd. Service is fantastic with 24X7 customer support. Garages are many and they all provide good service of the vehicle. Tow car service is absolutely free of cost. Renewal of the policy is so simple by online portal service.

October 03, 2016

Fast Reimbursement

L&T general insurance company is good in service. The coverage is high approx. 89% and claims are easy to get. The reimbursement is fast of damage to the car. The accidental death benefit is in-built in the insurance policy. Renewal of the plan is in few clicks on online portal of the company's site.

August 30, 2016

Coverage Is Good

Coverage of my car insurance policy is awesome. Service provided by executives and staff of the company is fast. Big number of garages are facilitate superb service. Tow car service is absolutely free of charge at any location.

August 17, 2016

Car Insurance Plan

My car insurance is fantastic which i bought from l&t insurance company. The policy is good and it covers maximum parts of the car, except tires. Service is fast and tow car facility is free of cost at any location. There is inbuilt benefit for driver/owner of the insurance policy for accidental scenarios.

August 05, 2016

Car Security

I buy car insurance plan from l&t insurance company. The policy coverage is high and claims are even better. Services are the best and on time too. The car tires are not included in the insurance policy rather than this the whole car is secure with the plan.

February 13, 2016

Policy Documents not received

Hello, Last month I bought a L&T Insurance car policy no. 915101006207000000 through Policy Baazar. Till date I have not received policy documents (Hard Copy). Perhaps this has happened due to wrong postal address which I noticed in the soft copy. Pl

February 11, 2016

Car plan

I bought car plan through l&t insurance. The plan is not that good as i expected. The premium is normal but the claim is less approx. one lakh. And no toe service. The policy coverage is 70% and not for fiber parts. Not fully satisfied.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 10, 2016

Not worth it.

I have car insurance but don't feel like have one. The policy not providing appropriate services and no returns. The followup is very bad and slow. For claim and policy coverage i have to visit the office so many times but didn't get it the money.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 08, 2016

Car insurance

My car policy is nice with okay services. The policy coverage is 70% and the claim is Rs.2 lakh. The toe car is chargeable but provided anywhere in city. Garages are working nicely. An average policy for me.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01368

February 08, 2016

Good coverage.

I have car insurance like every one else but my policy provide good coverage, even the toe car facility is absolutely free. The fiber parts and interior one are also included. Claims is Rs.1.9 lakh. Nice plan,happy and satisfied.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01368

February 07, 2016

Policy coverage is less.

I have car insurance which has some good things and some bad. The good is service is fast and when ever needed but the bad is policy coverage is less. The claim is Rs.1.6 lakh which is really good but the toeing is chargeable. Manageable, aur kya kahoon.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 07, 2016


I have car insurance and it require low premium. Service is slow but manageable. Policy coverage is not for fiber parts. Claims are easily get because of fast service. Around 70% city garages are working uder this project.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 07, 2016

"Average Coverage"

The car insurance i have is an average policy with low premium. The coverage is 60% of the damage and claim is around seventy thousand. The service is slow but complete the project that's the relaxation.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 07, 2016

"No For This Policy"

Car insurance is very important and i have one with l&t through policybazaar agent. The policy in not good, service is slow, coverage and claim is less. Not satisfied with the policy.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 06, 2016

"Bad Policy"

My car is insure with L&T. Last month my car need repairing and the policy provide recovery but i have to pay the bill. That's why i'm writing this, no money back, no coverage, really bad experience.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 06, 2016

"Below Average"

I have car plan but the plan is not good, even i regret to buy this policy. The coverage and claims are bad. Very few garages are working and premium is high. Slow service and never on time.
Plan Name: Depreciation Waiver
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 06, 2016


I have car insurance with l&t. The policy is bad not working for me. Policy coverage is nothing and the claim is that we should not talk about. Even the services are very slow. Bad experience.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 06, 2016

"Bad Plan"

I have car plan and the plan is pretty much bad. The services are very slow and the policy coverage is 30%. The claims are takes ages to clear. Few garages are working in many. Bad experience, not happy at all.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

February 06, 2016

"Not Good"

I have car insurance with l&t general. The policy is bad with high premiums. Policy coverage is for whole car except fiber part. Claims are approx one lakh and the toe facility provided with charges. Service is slow, not happy.
Plan Name: my:asset Private Car
Agent Code: BPW01117

January 29, 2016

Nice Survice!!!

Few days back i'm going back to home in my car from party. Unfortunately, my car got crashed with another one. Thank god i got L&T General Insurance for my car. I got whole recovery of my car. This policy is the best which provide's great service. I'm really very happy. :)
Plan Name: my:asset Private car
Agent Code: BET01306

December 20, 2015

Awesome service!!

I have taken a four wheeler insurance with L&T car insurance. They have provided me with a coverage plan of 7 lakh in the insurance for which I only pay 15000rs for every year which has to be renewed every year. It’s a easy to get policy as you can get all the details online. The best part of it is that u get immediate response for your queries.