ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

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ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy Overview

This policy covers Indians (working population) locally and those working in foreign countries under one base. Thus employees and their dependants can access over 1 million service providers across the globe. This policy is available as Group Cover for purchase by the corporate for benefit of employees and their dependants.

Eligibility Criteria for ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy

  • Available to employees and dependants those nominated by the employer (of a registered company in India)
  • Minimum age-18 years, maximum age- 75 years.
  • Those above 65 years are covered subject to underwriting.
  • Children can be covered from day 1 up to 25 years; however dependant parents are not eligible for cover.

Policy Benefits of ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance

  • Global Health Group Policy by ManipalCigna Provides Inpatient Hospitalization and Day Care Benefits with Sum Insured from Rs. 50 lacs to Rs. 12 Crores
  • Outpatient Benefits AIDS/HIV Cover
  • Out of Area Emergency Treatment Cover
  • International Emergency Services
  • Maternity and New born Cover
  • Dental Treatment and Vision Benefits
  • Psychiatric & Psychological Care
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Option to limit the total Out of Pocket Expenses

ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy Details

  • The policy is on an individual basis where each has a separate sum insured.
  • The policy term is for 1 year and is annually renewable.
  • Medical tests are not required up to 65 years.

Deductible in ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy

Following deductible option is available:

  • Option 1 - 15000 INR
  • Option 2 - 30000 INR
  • Option 3 - 60000 INR


  • 20% allowed, and wherever applicable company liable to pay only 80% amount.
  • Not applicable for optional benefits.

Plan structure: The policy offers two plans with the following sum insured options:

Plan Name

Sum Insured Options


5000000 INR

25000000 INR


15000000 INR

30000000 INR

45000000 INR

60000000 INR

9 000000 INR

120000000 INR


*The above rates may change. Check the policy wordings for more details.


A person can transfer himself to another policy available with us subject to continuous coverage under the said policy for a period of 1 year, and receipt of application of porting 45 days prior.

Exclusions in ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy

  • Expenses due to suicide/ self-inflicted injury.
  • Speech/ occupational therapy, dental/ orthodontic treatment (excluding specified circumstances)
  • Residential stays in hospital for domestic reasons.
  • Treatment directly related to surrogacy, female or male birth control, infertility complications, pregnancy barring certain conditions.
  • Injuries due to involvement in war, invasion or terrorist activity involvement.
  • International Emergency expenses, medical repatriation etc.


Free Look Period: A period of 15 days after date of receipt of policy to review terms and conditions during which insured can cancel it.


Planned Hospitalization - Insured Person must notify either at the call centre of the insurer or in writing at least 3 days prior to date of admission.

Emergency Hospitalization - Insured Person must notify either at the call centre or in writing within 48 hours of such admission but not after discharge.

The following details are to be provided at the time of the ManipalCigna Global Health Group insurance claim

  • Policy number;
  • Name of the Policyholder;
  • Name of the Insured Person in whose relation the claim is being lodged;
  • Nature of Illness / Injury;
  • Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and Hospital;
  • Date of admission;
  • Any other necessary information as requested by
  • Documents should reachwithin 90 days from the date of discharge.

List of documents required to claim ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy

  • Claim form duly completed and signed;
  • Hospital discharge summary;
  • Operation theatre notes;
  • Hospital main bill;
  • Hospital breaks up of bill;
  • Original investigation reports, X ray, MRI, CT films, HPE, ECG;
  • Doctors reference slip for investigation;
  • Pharmacy bills;
  • MLC/ FIR report/post mortem report, if applicable.

Renewal details:

  • Renewable subject to payment of Renewal premium on or before the date of expiry, subject to a maximum grace period of 30 days, while these are also subject to company terms.

Revival Period:

  • A period of 15 days for renewal for payment of premium.

How to cancel ManipalCigna Global Health Group Insurance Policy?

Misrepresentation, fraud, moral hazard or non-cooperation on behalf of the insured might lead to cancellation of policy making way for appropriate refund.

Policy in force up to


Up to 1 month


Up to 3 month


Up to 6 month


Exceeding 6 months


 *The above rates may change. Please check the policy wordings for more details.

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