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No doubt riding a bike gives you an unmatched feeling of freedom. Similarly, two wheeler insurance provides you with an unrivalled sense of security. When it comes to buying the right insurance for your vehicle, Navi bike insurance worth your money.

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Bike insurance offered by Navi General Insurance provides complete protection to the insured vehicle by covering it during unfortunate events. The various perils on road, be it man-made or natural can cause huge damage to the vehicle, repair of which can cost you an arm and a leg. With Navi bike insurance, you can stay financially protected throughout.

Awards & Recognitions

Navi General Insurance has been awarded much recognition, some of them include:

  • Iconic Brand Award by the Economic Times-2018-19
  • The Best Performing Primary Lending Institute under CLSS for MIG by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India-2018-19
  • Grand Pix Award-2017-18
  • Golden Globe Tigers Award for the most admired services-2017-18
  • Gold at the ACEF Award for Home Loan Dil Se campaign-2017-18
  • National Award for Marketing Excellence by Times Network-2017-18
  • Dream Company to Work for Ward by World HRD Congress and CHRO ASIA
  • Gold Award for the CSR Campaign delivering Hope-2017-18

Did You Know?

If you think the premium you are paying towards Navi bike insurance is higher, you can reduce it without lowering the coverage offered under this plan. How?

  • Say NO to modification
  • Ignore the small claims and earn NCB bonus up to a maximum of 50%
  • Get the membership of Automobile Association of India
  • Choosing a basic model and ignoring the high-end bike models

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance:

Navi two wheeler insurance comes with the choice of two different bike insurances, each is designed with different levels of insurance protection. Let’s know about them:

Third Party Liability Insurance:

As you already know, Third Party insurance is mandatory throughout India, no vehicle can be plied without this. This cover protects the insured against the legal liabilities arising out of third party injury, property damage or death due to an accident. This insurance is the most basic type of insurance, where the premiums are decided by IRDA.

Comprehensive Insurance: 

This kind of insurance is extensive in nature, unlike Third Party Insurance. Comprehensive insurance, apart from covering you for third party liabilities, also covers the insured vehicle. When any damage caused to the insured vehicle or the owner it is called Own Damage. That’s why comprehensive insurance is highly recommended by insurance experts. Navi Two Wheeler Insurance with comprehensive cover also offers add-ons to be clubbed with the basic policy, which eventually increase the basic policy coverage.

Navi Two Wheeler Insurance Features

Navi bike insurance is designed around the needs of people from every walk of life. Hence, every feature is meant to provide better protection to you and the vehicle.

vehicle. Bike insurance policies of the insurer are easily purchasable, affordable, customisable and with the hassle-free claim process. Some of the key features of Navi two wheeler insurance are mentioned below:

  • Now get insured your prized passion just at Rs.586 with Navi bike insurance
  • Digitally owned policy where starting from buying to policy renewal everything can be ensured online.
  • No paperwork if go with the online buying process
  • Instant online self-inspection
  • More than 12 add-on covers to ensure full protection
  • Ensure hassle-free claim settlement anywhere with 900 cashless garages
  • Full protection assurance to NCB while renewing with Navi General Insurance

Boost the Basic Cover with Navi Bike Insurance Add-ons

Bike insurance plans offered by Navi General Insurance can be customised as per your insurance needs. The insurer has introduced a number of additional coverage to be owned on payment of an extra premium. Let’s have a look:

Consumable Expenses

The repair cost of consumables such as nuts and bolts, lubricants, fuel filter, brake oil, grease etc. can burn a big hole in your picket without a consumable cover. Usually, under regular bike insurance, the repair or replacement expenses towards these consumables are not covered; however, you can cover them with an add-on like this.

Road Side Assistance

With this cover in case your bike breaks down in the middle of a journey, you can ask for immediate assistance. Services like towing the vehicle to the nearest garage, battery jump start, fuel load; spare key arrangement etc. can be availed in the hour of need. Even accommodation can be availed if you stuck outside the city of your abode.

Zero Depreciation Cover

This cover is recommended for the high-end ad brand new bikes; especially those are not more than 5 years old. With this cover, you can claim up to the full value of your vehicle. As you may know with normal wear and tear and age, vehicle value depreciates, while at the time of settling a claim, the insurer pays only up to the IDV of the bike. With zero depreciation cover clubbed with your Navi bike insurance, you can claim the full value without considering the depreciation. As depreciation on certain parts can be as high as 50% of the total value, you should buy this cover.

New Vehicle for Old Vehicle

You can register a claim under theft or total loss clause up to the worth of your new vehicle by just paying 50 paisa a day.

Engine Protect

If you are living in a flood-prone area, this cover is essential to protect your bike’s most crucial part Engine. You can’t afford a damaged engine and repair expenses can be exorbitant. In that case, the engine protects cover comes in handy that bears the repair expenses.

Accidental Hospitalisation

In most cases, accidents lead to hospitalisation where a huge chunk of money is involved. By adding this add-on, you can be sure enough for those additional expenses on you. It ensures the hospitalisation expenses including the driver or occupants.

Hospital Cash

This cover offers a fixed amount as a daily cash allowance during a hospitalisation. It is apart from the hospitalisation expenses covered by your health or bike insurance.

EMI Protector

No matter what is the emergency situation you’re facing, paying loan EMIs are a must, to avoid penalties. In such a case, if you are not unable to pay the EMI of your bike, with this EMI Protector you can cover EMIs for 3 months.

Outstanding Loan Protector

In order to keep your loved one secured even after your demise, this covers to ensure a constant flow of income in case of your accidental demise. With this repayment of the outstanding dues can be ensured after the death or disability of the insured person.

NCB Protection Cover

NCB is offered for not claiming your insurance policy and by not claiming it for multiple years. You can earn a discount of up to 50% on the premium. However, just a single claim can turn the all acquired NCB to zero. With NCB Protector, you can safeguard it even in case a claim has been made.

Enhanced Owner Personal Accident

Accidents knock unknowingly leaving you in a state of broke. Avail this add-on to protect yourself or the family financially in case of an accident leading to disability or death. The insurance provider offers personal accident cover up to Rs. 15 Lakh.

Enhanced Pillion Rider Personal Accident

If riding with your loved ones, it’s your responsibility to protect them too. Enhanced Pillion Rider Personal Accident cover extends a safety net towards the pillions as well. In case of accidental disability or death of the pillion rider, financial assistance is provided by the insurer.

Navi Bike Insurance Claim

Bike insurance claim with Navi General Insurance can be smooth and hassle-free only if you follow the right way!

The steps to claim Navi bike insurance include:

Cashless Claim (Own Damage)

An accident can happen anytime, leaving no scope for you to deny the aftermath. However, with Navi bike insurance, you can breathe the sigh of relief, as the insurer will cover the repair expenses, only you claim right. To claim an accidental claim:

Step 1: Claim Registration

Immediately inform the insured by calling on the toll-free number 18001230004. You can email them or visit the customer portal on the website. You can also use their mobile app to register the claim or personally visit the nearest branch.

Step 2: Send the Vehicle for Inspection

Once the claim is intimated, the next step is to take it to the nearest garage for repair. Don’t forget to carry the necessary documents. The following documents need to be furnished:

  • Duly filled and signed the claim Co’s seal needs to be affixed in case of a firm or company
  • Registration Certificate copy, original will require for verification
  • Driving license of the person driving the bike at the time of the accident. Remember that your claim will be denied if the person driving the vehicle doesn’t possess a valid DL.
  • Police report or FIR in case of theft and accident leading to bodily damage, injury or death
  • KYC documents such as Aadhaar Card or PAN card will be required if the claim amount exceeds Rs. 1 Lakh.

Step 3: Claim Investigation

After receiving the relevant claim request along with the documents, the surveyor will investigate the claim and estimate the loss. On the basis of the report made by the surveyor, the insurer will release the amount. He/she may investigate the vehicle again after it gets repaired.

Step 4: Claim Settlement

A Claim Amount Confirmation (CAC) will be issued from Navi General Insurance on receipt of original repair bills. You can take the delivery by paying your share of claim if any. The payment will be released in favour of the workshop within 7 days of receiving of surveyor receipt.

Third-Party Claim

Similar to own damage claim, immediately inform the insured by calling on the toll-free number 18001230004. You can send them an email or visit the customer portal on the website. You can use their mobile app to register the claim or personally visit the nearest branch.

Usually, third party insurance is settled through Motor Accident Claim Tribunal after following proper legal proceedings. The court decides the amount payable by the person at fault. Normally, the settlements are done outside the court due to the long and tedious court proceedings.

Navi Bike Insurance Renewal

Navi bike insurance guarantees hassle-free and fast renewal with online insurance. Now renewing your insurance is just a matter of few clicks with the internet. You will just need a working laptop or desktop and a net connection. Visit the official website of the insurer, go to the renewal option, and choose the policy you want to renew, pay the premiums and get instant renewal notification from the insurer. Navi General Insurance will send an acknowledgement letter saying that the payment is received and the policy is renewed.

Premium Payment Process

Navi General Insurance allows you to pay the premiums towards Navi bike insurance through online or offline. If you follow the online mode, their online partner will ask for your card details which will be confidential. Apart from this, the billing name, billing address and payment method will be collected to process the payment.

Navi Two Wheeler Insurance– FAQs

  • Q1. What has covered under Navi two wheeler insurance?

    Ans: Navi two wheeler insurance covers loss or damage to the registered vehicle, including the liability arising from a third party and own damage due to natural and manmade calamities.
  • Q2. How the premium is calculated?

    Ans: Navi Two Wheeler Insurance premium is calculated by considering certain factors such as:
    • IDV of your bike
    • The age of the bike
    • The registration zone of the vehicle
    • The engine capacity of the vehicle
    • Gender of the owner
  • Q3. What are the required documents to purchase Navi bike insurance online?

    Ans: In order to avail Navi bike insurance online, you will require the following documents:
    • Registration document
    • Driving License Copy
    • Address Proof
    • Id proof
  • Q4. How to find my Navi bike insurance policy details?

    Ans: The policy number can be found in the insurance certificate received from Navi General Insurance(formerly known as DHFL General Insurance). Also, regular correspondence is received via emails or letters about the bike policy number. In case of the loss of insurance documents, you can apply for a duplicate copy of Navi Two Wheeler Insurance, after filing an FIR.
  • Q5. How is NCB calculated?

    Ans: NCB bonus is a discount offered by every insurer for not claiming the insurance. This can be claimed at the time of renewal. The NCB is calculated as below:

    For not claiming the insurance for the 1st year


    For not claiming the insurance for the 2nd year


    For not claiming the insurance for the 3rd year


    For not claiming the insurance for the 4th year


    For not claiming the insurance for the 5th year


  • Q6. Is NCB benefit transferable?

    Ans: Yes, you can transfer the no claim bonus, in case you decide to port the current policy to Navi bike insurance. You just need to fill an application to transfer the NCB to the new insurer at the time of porting.
  • Q7. What is a long-term two wheeler insurance?

    Ans: Long-term two-wheeler comes in handy for those who get anxious about the yearly renewals. These policies come with long-term tenure like 3 or 4 years with a single cost. So, they offer protection for a longer period, unlike the single-year policies. Moreover, a single premium for entire tenure also means that you are saved from bearing the 20% hike levied by IRDA on premiums every year.
  • Q8. Is it possible to get Navi bike insurance without an inspection?

    Ans: Yes, iif you buy a Navi two-wheeler insurance online, no inspect is required.
  • Q9. Can I cancel Navi bike insurance during the tenure?

    Ans: Yes, in case you find the policy insufficient to fulfil your insurance needs, you can return this within 15 days of delivery. You will have to let the insurer know about this and complete the formalities regarding this. The premium will be reimbursed after applying terms and conditions by the insurer.
  • Q10. What the required documents to register a claim?

    Ans: To claim Navi bike insurance, you will need the below documents:
    • Duly filled and signed the claim form
    • Repair bills
    • Copy of insurance document
    • Copy of Registration Certificate
    • Police FIR in case of accidental or theft claim
    • Proof of paid road tax
    • Copy of driving licence
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Ranchi, October 09, 2021
Less paperwork
There was no paperwork while buying Navi Two Wheeler Insurance online from the website of Policybazaar. The company showed me a lot of features in add on cover and I chose only 2 covers which is Road Side Assistance Cover and Hospital Cash Cover.
Nashik, August 18, 2021
Affordable plans
Somebody suggested me to buy two wheeler insurance for my new bike then i found an affordable plan on the policy bazaar website.i bought the Navi two wheeler insurance policy. as compared to others policy bazaar service is very good and hassle free.
, June 15, 2021
Protection for my two wheeler
I have protected my bike by getting a navi two wheeler insurance policy from the website of the policybazaar. I really like the plan and it has been a blessing for my bike.
, June 15, 2021
Cost effective plans
One of the best thing I like about policybazaar is that they provide such two wheeler companies list who has cost effective two wheeler plans. I got the plan of navi two wheeler insurance policy and that is relevant for my bike.
Hamirpur, June 04, 2021
Compare and buy it
I always prefer to compare and buy the two wheeler insurance policy. So, I visited to the website of the policybazaar and found the dhfl two wheeler insurance plan. The plan has so many features and it is available in affordable premiums.
Vadakara, July 02, 2020
Easy policy
The policy taken by policybazaar is quite genuine. And I really like the services provided by them.
G.k. Bhatar, June 30, 2020
Cover for all
The policy is available for everyone. You can just visit the website and check the best one for you.
Adaspur, June 29, 2020
The assistance of claim given by the policybazaar is quite quick and hassle free.
Allahabad, June 29, 2020
So, I got my two wheeler insured from policybazaar and because of that I got the membership of automobile association of India.
Vadnagar, June 20, 2020
I got a good number of benefits while I associated with policybazaar. With less premium amount I got good discounts in the prices.