Navi Zero-Depreciation Bike Insurance Policy

Depreciation is the process of a two-wheeler's value decreasing in terms of money over time owing to variables such as age, wear and tear, etc. Due to depreciation deduction, people end up paying a significant portion of the total repair cost when filing a claim. In cases like these, Navi zero-depreciation policy will come to you rescue.

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Navi Zero-Depreciation Bike Insurance

You can buy a zero depreciation cover with Liberty comprehensive bike insurance policy. It provides coverage without taking depreciation into account. Having zero depreciation cover ensures that you get the most out of the claim, regardless of depreciation on the parts of the vehicle.

Benefits of Navi Zero-Depreciation Cover

The Navi zero depreciation add-on eliminates deduction during claim settlements. Claim can be filed for accidents and other road damages. Some other benefits are given below:

  • Higher Claim Amount:With Navi General zero depreciation cover, you can get a higher amount of claim. This is because no depreciation fee is deducted from the sum insured.
  • Saves Money: When deductions are made due to depreciation, policyholders have to pay the costs out of their pockets. This can be an unexpected expense. As the zero dep cover prevents any deduction, policyholders can save a lot of money while getting their two-wheelers repaired.

After learning about the zero depreciation coverage benefits, keep in mind that zero depreciation is an optional benefit (add-on) that may be obtained by paying a higher premium. The premiums calculated will depend on the model of the vehicle, its age, and the location of the policyholder. Also, it is important to mention that the zero-depreciation coverage will not be provided with the third-party policy. 

Depreciation Rate Applicable on Two-Wheelers with and Without Zero Dep Cover

Bike’s age

With zero-dep cover

Without zero-dep cover

Less than 6 months



6 months - 1 year



1 – 2 years



2 – 3 years



3 – 4 years



4 – 5 years



5 – 10 years



Above 10 years




Part of Bike

With zero-depreciation cover

Without zero-depreciation cover

Paint Work/Nylon/ Plastic Parts/ Rubber Parts



Glass parts



Fiberglass parts



Facts about the Navi Zero-Depreciation Cover

Every day, depreciation takes place, lowering the market worth of every two-wheeler. Every insurance provider will take this decrease in the value of the scooter or bike into account when settling a claim. The insurance provider generally deducts the depreciation charges from the claim amount for the two-wheeler while settling a claim. But with a Zero dep cover, this is covered.

Navi Zero Depreciation comes with a few advantages if the following requirements are met:

  • The bike should not be older than three years
  • This coverage can only be used twice during the policy's lifetime
  • Repairs and replacements resulting from routine wear and tear are not covered
  • Coverage is not given if there is a total loss, electrical or mechanical breakdown of the insured's bike 


Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 16 October 2021

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