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Raheja QBE General Insurance Company is a collaboration with Rahan Raheja , India’s most dynamic and diversified business entity , with QBE, one of the world’s most reputed Insurance companies. Together Raheja QBE in India makes the most prominent general insurance company in India with its wide- variety of insurance plans starting from  individuals covering personal accident plans, health insurance plans, cattle insurance plans, domestic property insurance plans and  to corporate bodies which covers marine insurance plans, motor insurance plans, construction and engineering plans, commercial property insurance plans , professional liability plans, workers compensation plans  etc.   

Why Commercial Vehicles  Insurance Plans are necessary?

Vehicles are always treated as a very important asset of our lives. But again driving a vehicle is always dangerous and one has to be careful and cautious always. But accidents might happen at any point of time due to someone else not following the traffic rules or due to some untoward incidents. And that is why one should avail commercial vehicles insurance plans to protect oneself and to cover from all unexpected expenses. Not only this, but natural calamities can also occur at any point of time and hence protection/ security against such unpleasant incident is also of utmost important. Hence to avail commercial vehicles insurance plans are important because:

  • Protecting one’s vehicle, one of the most important asset and investment.
  • The plans allow the payment of medical bills in case of accident.
  • In case of accident related lawsuit the insurance company will take care if there is a car insurance plan availed.
  • The plan protects the assets which one has worked hard for from being lost due to law suit. And the plans ensure the best to be given to the insured person.
  • The car insurance plan not only pays for accidents and natural calamities but also for theft and vandalism. The plans are very well designed and they are tailor made to take care of the requirements. 
  • Last but not the least, one has the peace of mind when he goes out with his vehicle. He/she know that he has the car insurance plans which will take care of him and the car in case of any unforeseen circumstances. One should choose the car insurance plans very carefully so that the plans covers the all the protection that one needs for his vehicle and for oneself.

Raheja QBE Commercial Vehicle Insurance Plans

  • The following coverages are there under the plan:
    • Loss or damage to the vehicle due to the following reasons as under:
    • Fire explosion, self ignition or lightening.
    • Burglary/ Housebreaking / Theft.
    • Riot, strike.
    • Burglary, housebreaking, theft.
    • Earthquake( Fire and shock damage).
    • Inundation cyclone, hailstorm, frost.
    • Flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest.
    • Landslide rockslide.
    • In transit by road, rail inland-waterway, lift , elevator etc.
    • Malicious Act.
    • Terrorist activity.
    • Accidental External means.

The plan also covers  the third party liability against death, bodily injury as it’s a requirement by Motor Vehicle Act and the same is covered upto Rs 750000. Person accident cover is also given to the owner driver of the insured vehicle.

Additional Covers under the plan

Upon payment of additional premium, the following can be covered:

  • Loss of accessories.
  • Personal Accident coverage to the policy holder or any named individual other than employees).
  • Personal Accident coverage to the paid driver/ conductor/ cleaner.
  • Legal liability to paid driver/ cleaner/ conductor.
  • Legal liability to non fare paying passenger.

Exclusions under the plan

  • Loss/ damage/ destruction due to normal wear and tear.
  • Consequential loss – When the original damage causes subsequent damage/loss, then only the cost of original damage will be covered.
  • Accidental loss or damage directly or indirectly caused due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Damage to tyres unless the insured vehicle is also damaged simultaneously.
  • Driving without a valid driving license.
  • Driving under consumption of alcohol or drugs.


The claim service of the group is extremely efficient and user friendly which provides world class claim process and standards. The Surveyors, TPAs (Third Party Administrator) are of top class so that the company is able to provide a hassle free claim service.

  • Clams are to be intimated immediately at the call centre number.
  • The following documents are needed to register a claim:
    • Policy Number.
    • Date and time of loss.
    • Location of the damaged property.
    • A brief narration or description of the incident.
    • Name and contact number of the person who will be handling the total claim

Contact Raheja QBE Insurance

  • Email at claims@rahejaqbe[dot]com

Complaints Redressal

One can contact the company through the following ways to express their dissatisfaction or complaints:

  • Send a letter to the policy issuing office.
  • One can also send a fax to the number  at +91 22 4231 3777.
  • Send an email to complaintsofficer#rahejaqbe[dot]com
  • One can also register a complaint at the official website of the Regulators at  www[dot]iqms[dot]irda[dot]gov[dot]in
  • One can also register complaints online in the company’s official website www[dot]rahejaqbe[dot]com

Raheja QBE Commercial Vehicle Insurance- FAQs

1. How to pay premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Raheja QBE General Insurance Provides three major options to pay the premium

  • By the debit mandate
  • By cash or cheque collection and
  • By direct online payment

You will have to go to the bank and drop a cheque. Alternatively, login into the to the web site, find your policy, and then click on pay now button to pay online.

2. How can I check policy status for Raheja QBE commercial vehicle insurance?

The best way to check the details of the policy is from the website. You can login to the web site with your policy details. Click on the right policy number and get the details of the status.

3. What is the policy renewal process for Raheja QBE commercial vehicle insurance?

You can call directly at the help desk toll free number and inquire about the auto renewal process. You will get a call from the company and once you verify your policy details, your account will be debited, or you will get an auto renewal activated in your profile.

4. What is the company’s process to settle claim for Raheja QBE commercial vehicle insurance?

The company settles the claim within 7 days of the claim. After you file in the claim, an officer will investigate the entire matter and will settle the case. You can put the claim on the web site and on the toll free number.

5. What is the policy cancellation process for Raheja QBE commercial vehicle insurance?

The policy can easily be cancelled online or by calling toll free number. You will get a call from the company about documentation and the agent will visit your location to confirm the cancellation. After all the formalities, you will get an intimation letter regarding cancellation.

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Panipat, May 13, 2016
Got the best product by the raheja qbe general insurance. My policy is commercial vehicle insurance, The policy is very nice with good number of benefits. The policy coverage is good and the claims are better. Large number of garages are there for good service. Tow facility is also there for free. I like the Plan.