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Raheja QBE Home Insurance byRaheja QBE General Insurance Company is a collaboration with Rahan Raheja , India’s most dynamic and diversified business entity , with QBE, one of the world’s most reputed Insurance companies. Together Raheja QBE in India makes the most prominent general insurance company in India with its wide- variety of insurance plans starting from individuals covering personal accident plans, health insurance plans, cattle insurance plans, domestic property insurance plans and  to corporate bodies which covers marine insurance plans, motor insurance plans, construction and engineering plans, commercial property insurance plans , professional liability plans, workers compensation plans  etc.   

 “Home is where heart is” is an expression which is very correct and absolutely true. Everybody invests their hard earned money to build a home and a place where one returns after day’s hectic work. Home is one of the most precious possessions and hence the same needs a shield against the unforeseen dangers and various perils. Keeping these in mind, Raheja QBE General insurance have come up  with  comprehensive Home Insurance Plans which protects the house from such dangers or risks.  Raheja QBE home insurance plans which offers multiple key benefits for the house and the household contents to provide all round coverage.

Under Personal Insurance Plans category, the Domestic Property Insurance Plans comes which protect and gives coverage to the house and its contents and is certainly a cost efficient home insurance plan. Home Insurance Plans of Raheja QBE have two categories of plans which are as follows:

  • Domestic Fire Insurance Plan.
  • Domestic Burglary Insurance Plan.

Domestic Fire Insurance Plan

The Domestic Fire Insurance Plan covers the Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance which is discussed as below. Additionally, the plan can be extended to cover additional perils as well with the payment of additional premium.

Fire and Special Peril :

Fire, the most common and a dangerous danger/ threat which can occur suddenly for many reasons.  This plan covers the loss and  damage which arises due to fire. The reasons may be stated as follows  as follows:

  • Fire and Lightening: Under this plan, loss against fire is covered as well as lightening is also covered under the plan.
  • Implosion/Explosion: Coverage against loss or damage caused by fire as a result of implosion / explosion.
  •  Damage caused due to aircraft: Devastation, damage or loss directly to be  caused by aircraft, including any other articles dropped there from except those caused by pressure waves.
  • Coverage is given or allowed under the plan for the damage, destruction or losses caused by natural calamities. Some of the major are ones are storm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, tornado, flood and inundation (optional), excluding those resulting from earthquake, volcanic eruption or other convulsions of nature are also covered under this plan.
  • Impact Damage: Loss or the physical damage/ destruction must be caused to the insured property due to impact by any road, rail , vehicle or animal by direct contact which do not belong or owned by
    • Insured or the occupier of the property OR
    • Insured’s employees while acting in the course of their employment.
  • Subsidence and Landslide which includes Rockslide as well: Damage, destruction or loss caused by Subsidence of part of the site on which the property stands or landslide and rockslide except:
    • Normal cracking and settlement or bedding down of new structures.
    • Gradual movement and slow settlement of made up ground.
    • River or Coastal erosion.
    • Workmen’s defective plan and design.
    • Destruction, building, maintenance or structural alterations of any property.
  • Mutiny, strikes and Malacious Damage: Physical damage/ loss / destruction caused by external and violent means which are caused directly to the property except:
    • Total or partial termination of work or retardation or interruption of any process or omissions.
    • Permanent or temporary dispossession.
    • Permanent or temporary dispossession of any building from illegal occupation of any person.
    • Burglary, theft, housebreaking, larceny or any such act by any person.
  • Missile Testing Operations.
  • Bursting and or spilling over of Water Tanks, equipments and Pipes.
  • The plan covers bush Fire excluding loss, damage or destruction caused by forest Fire.
  • The plan covers seepage from Automatic Sprinkler Installations.

Additionally the plan also covers the followings:

  • Up to 1% and 3% of the admissible claim amount will be paid for expenses towards debris removal and architecture fees respectively.
  • Impact Damage due to own vehicles, fork lifts, cranes.
  • Earthquake.
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Omission to insure additions, alterations and extensions.
  • Loss of rent.
  • Leakage and contamination cover.
  • Terrorism damage.

Exclusions of the plan:

No indemnity is allowed in the following situations:

  • Fire : Under this plan, loss against fire is not covered excluding damage or destruction caused to the property by
    • Standard heating, own fermentation or spontaneous ignition.
    • Undergo any heating or drying method.
    • Implosion/Explosion: Explosion of boilers or steam generating vessels and machinery subject to centrifugal force by its own explosion or implosion.
    • Impact damage by vehicles which belongs to the policy holder or his/her employees or any other occupier in the building.
    • The plan excludes earthquake.
    • Total or partial cessation of work / retarding/ interruption of any process or operations which arises out of the insured perils.
    • Loss/ damage/destruction caused to electrical machine/ apparatus for fire.
    • Stocks which undergoes drying or heating process.
    • The plan also excludes the loss of earnings or any other important or indirect loss and damage of any sort. 

Domestic Burglary Insurance Plan

The Domestic Burglary Plan covers the loss or damage caused due to burglary and housebreaking.

Coverage under Domestic Burglary Insurance Plan

This plan covers the contents in the building, stocks/goods owned by the policyholder or held in trust and /or commission. The plan also covers for cash, valuables, securities kept in a locked safe or cash box in locked steel cupboard on particular request.

The plan also covers the property against loss/damage due to burglary/ house breaking. It covers the damage to the property caused due to burglary or attempted burglary. The plan pays the actual loss/ damage to the insured property caused due to burglary/ housebreaking with the maximum amount of coverage to the Sum Insured. And if the Sum Assured is not enough to cover the loss, the plan pays only the proportionate loss. For the benefit of the customers, the plan has a provision to cover bulk items on “first loss” basis where a percentage of total contents can be taken as that exposed to the risk of burglary/ housebreaking.  The premiums are charged on this percentage selected.

By paying additional premium, the plan also covers the loss or damage due to riot, strike, malicious damage and theft.

Exclusions of the plan:

Under this plan, following coverages are excluded:

  • The plan do not cover loss/ damage to the goods held in trust / commission, jewellery, curios, title deeds, business stocks until the same is mentioned in the plan.
  • Fire/plate glass.
  • By abstraction from a safe by using a key pr a duplicate key, unless the same has been obtained by violence or threat.
  • Loss/ damage due to shop lifting.
  • Loss/ damage due to willful acts of the policyholder or his/her family members.
  • Loss/ damage/ destruction caused due to war perils, riot and strike.
  • Loss/ damage/ destruction due to acts of god.
  • Loss/ damage/ destruction due to nuclear perils.


The claim service of the group is extremely efficient and user friendly which provides world class claim process and standards. The Surveyors, TPAs (Third Party Administrator) are of top class so that the company is able to provide a hassle free claim service.

  • Clams are to be intimated immediately at the call centre number of the company.
  • The following documents are needed to register a claim:
    • Policy Number.
    • Date and time of loss.
    • Location of the damaged property.
    • A brief narration or description of the incident.
    • Name and contact number of the person who will be handling the total claim

Contact Raheja QBE Insurance

  • Customers  can email at claims@rahejaqbe[dot]com

Complaints Redressal

One can contact the company through the following ways to express their dissatisfaction or complaints:

  • Send a letter to the policy issuing office.
  • Customers can also send a fax to the number  at +91 22 4231 3777.
  • Customers  can send an email to complaintsofficer#rahejaqbe[dot]com
  • Customers can also register a complaint at the official website of the Regulators at  www.iqms.irda[dot]gov[dot]in
  • Customers can also register complaints online in the company’s official website www.rahejaqbe[dot]com 

Raheja QBE Home Insurance- FAQs

1. How to pay premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Raheja QBE General Insurance Provides three major options to pay the premium

  • By the debit mandate
  • By cash or cheque collection and
  • By direct online payment

You will have to go to the bank and drop a cheque. Alternatively, login into the to the web site, find your policy, and then click on pay now button to pay online.

2. How can I check policy status for Raheja QBE home insurance?

The best way to check the details of the policy is from the website. You can login to the web site with your policy details. Click on the right policy number and get the details of the status.

3. What is the policy renewal process for Raheja QBE home insurance?

You can call directly at the help desk toll free number and inquire about the auto renewal process. You will get a call from the company and once you verify your policy details, your account will be debited, or you will get an auto renewal activated in your profile.

4. What is the company’s process to settle claim for Raheja QBE home insurance?

The company settles the claim within 7 days of the claim. After you file in the claim, an officer will investigate the entire matter and will settle the case. You can put the claim on the web site and on the toll free number.

5. What is the policy cancellation process for Raheja QBE home insurance?

The policy can easily be cancelled online or by calling toll free number. You will get a call from the company about documentation and the agent will visit your location to confirm the cancellation. After all the formalities, you will get an intimation letter regarding cancellation.

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Patna, May 13, 2016
Really Good
I own raheja qbe home insurance plan. The policy is great with good coverage and the claims are high. The service facilitate by the executives and the staff members is nice. The house insure from many damages and many items and belongings are also secure in the policy plan. I like the plan.