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The Indian Financial System Code(IFSC) is an eleven character long alphanumeric key. Electronic fund transfer systems, NEFT and RTGS for example, use IFSC codes. Lakshmi Vilas Bank uses them to facilitate the transfer of monetary funds between branches of the same bank or to branches of different banks.

The first four characters of an IFSC code contain the bank name. The last six characters provide the branch code. There is a zero in the fifth position that is meant for future purposes. Together, the eleven characters make up a unique identifier for every branch of the Bank.

Be it Gurgaon or Bangalore, Lakshmi Vilas Bank IFSC codes differ for all branches. Also, it only works for domestic fund transfers. For instance, between branches of Pune or Delhi Lakshmi Vilas Bank, IFSC codes can only help in securing transfers of funds if no international parties are involved.

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