ABSLI Policy Statement

ABSLI Policy Statement is the formal document that contains every information related to the policy. To remain in terms of the policy, one must read and understand the policy statement thoroughly.

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What is ABSLI Policy Statement?

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance provides a variety of policies as per the different requirements of the individuals. There are a number of rules and laws that govern these policies, and each policy has a different set of benefits attached.

The ABSLI Policy Statement is a document that describes the ins and outs of the policy.  If a policyholder is to read this document, he/she will be made aware of all the particulars the plan has to offer.  This comes in handy when the policyholder needs concise information regarding his policy.  Hence, one will find all the details in one place in this document.

What are the Benefits of the ABSLI Policy Statement?

The policyholder can use the ABSLI policy statement to keep track of the insurance policy. Since it is difficult at times to remember all the individual details of each policy, the policyholder may refer to the policy statement in such cases.  Here are some more benefits of the ABSLI Policy Statement:

  • It provides better management of the policy as the policyholder is aware of all the minute details and can thus make better investment decisions.

  • It gives the policyholder all the information in one place, which one can co-relate and use at his/her convenience.

  • It allows better correlation among policies if a policyholder has more than one policy to manage.

  • It can be used as a document to obtain a tax exemption.

  • The policyholder is always encouraged to read the policy statement in detail as it acts as a guide and helps in clearing up queries that might arise.

How to Get the ABSLI Policy Statement?

The policy statement is an essential document that the policyholder must keep handy. This is to be kept safe at all times. It also serves as proof that the customer has invested a said amount of money in an insurance policy.

Listed below are the methods to obtain an ABSLI Policy Statement:

  1. Online:

    The most convenient way to obtain a policy document is by downloading it from the Company's official website. First, the customer must click on the tab saying ‘Download Statement’, followed by entering personal details like policy number, mobile number, or email id, along with date of birth.  

    The customer must then click on the tab saying ‘Send OTP’.  This will generate an OTP that will be sent to the registered mobile number.  One must input the four-digit code, to be able to view his/her policy statement.

  2. Via email:

    The customer may also send an email to the official website of the Company. For example, Care.lifeinsurance[at]adityabirla.com is the email id of the Company where the customer may request help.

  3. Via Phone:

    The customer may call the Company's toll-free number and be directed on how to obtain the policy statement if one encounters difficulties while doing so.  The company toll-free number is 1800 270 7000.

  4. Visit ABSLI Branch Office: 

    The customer may also visit the branch office of Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance to collect information about the policy statement.

Information Required to Obtain ABSLI Policy Statement

Each policy has a separate policy statement.  To collect a policy statement specific to a policy, the customer must input certain information so that the system can differentiate the policy from the rest. Therefore, the customer is required to provide the following information:

  • Mobile number of the policyholder

  • Policy number

  • Registered email id

  • Date of birth of the policyholder.

Review the ABSLI Policy Statement

Life insurance is a long-term investment.  It is, therefore, only a matter of time before the policy statement becomes obsolete and needs repeated revisions and corrections. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the policyholder to revise and maintain the policy statement from time to time.  

Following are the benefits that a policyholder can gain from regular upkeep of the ABSLI Policy Statement:

  • The policyholder is aware of all the benefits that is currently receiving and can plan to put the gains from the policy to use.

  • It gives one an opportunity to plan for the future when he/she knows the exact details of the insurance policy.

  • The document may be used as a guide by the beneficiaries in the event of the sudden demise of the policyholder.

  • The policyholder may choose to enhance the policy if one’s financial situation permits it.  This can be done by adding additional benefits to the policy in the form of riders.

A review of a policy statement every three years is considered optimum.  This gives the policyholders enough time to review their statements and prepare new ones.


  • Can NRI customers obtain ABSLI Policy Statements online?

    Ans: Yes.  However, they have to download their policies directly from the home page of the website.
  • What are some of the details that are mentioned in the Policy Statement?

    Ans: Some of the details mentioned on a policy statement are as follows:
    • Scope of the policy
    • The objective of the policy
    • Purpose of the policy
    • Premiums required for the upkeep of the policy
    • Returns on the policy
    • Rate of returns
    • Exclusions under the policy
    • Risks 
    • Tenure of the policy
    • Any additional benefits or riders that the policyholder might have opted for
  • What is the procedure to cancel an ABSLI Life Insurance Policy?

    Ans: There are two methods that the policyholder may use to discontinue his insurance policy.  They are:
    • Non-payment of the premiums.  If the premiums remain unpaid, the policy lapses automatically.
    • Write a letter to the company.  The policyholder may contact the Company and inform them of his decision to discontinue the policy either by mailing them or visiting a branch office.

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