Bharti AXA Premium Calculator

With a vast number of schemes under their umbrella of insurances, Bharti AXA Group is considered one of the strongholds in the insurance sector. It might get confusing in such an event for customers to decide which plan best suits their needs. They can take advantage of the Bharti AXA premium calculator to make policy-related decisions. It will help them select policies based on their requirements keeping in view the financial constraints.

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Get ₹1 Cr. Life Cover at just ₹449/month*
No medical checkup required
Save more with upto 10% discount
Covers COVID-19
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Why Should You Use Bharti AXA Premium Calculator?

The customers can go online and use the Bharti AXA Premium Calculator to get an idea of the amount of investment they would make. The calculator shows sum assured and other results as per the information provided.

It is a basic tool offered online by Bharti AXA to make hefty premium calculations easier for their potential and existing customers. Knowing details of a policy beforehand gives an idea if it covers the required benefits and is affordable.

How to Use Bharti AXA Premium Calculator?

Using the Bharti AXA Premium Calculator is a self-explanatory process. The customer can efficiently operate the calculator by taking the following steps:

  • You must locate the official website of the company online
  • Select a plan that he feels is suited to your needs
  • After familiarizing yourself with the plan, click on “Get A Quote”
  • Input all his personal information like name, age, contact details, gender, and policy term
  • Click on the tab labelled “Calculate”
  • You should see the results for different premium amounts and other details.

After finalising the policy and its premium, the customers can proceed with the buying process. 

Advantages of Bharti AXA Premium Calculator

Listed below are the advantages of using the Bharti AXA Premium Calculator:

  • Efficient and reliable. A premium calculator is a digital tool. There are no chances of error, and the figures obtained by using this calculator are entirely reliable.
  • Freely available on the company website. Any customer can access this calculator at any time. There are no charges for using it.
  • The calculator takes only a few seconds to make complex calculations that would otherwise require a lot of time and energy.
  • Accessed at any time. The calculator is available for use at any time, unlike visiting the branch office where the customer would need to adhere to working hours.
  • Multiple time use. The calculator can be used any number of times and would still provide correct results. The customer can therefore use it to work out the premiums of multiple policies.

Information Required While Using Bharti AXA Premium Calculator

The following information is compulsorily required to use the Bharti AXA Premium Calculator:

  • Personal Information: The personal information of the customer should be entered into the calculator. This includes the gender and age of the customer.
  • Health Information: This includes information regarding whether or not the customer is a smoker.
  • Premium Frequency: The customer has to opt for a premium payment mode that is suitable for him. It may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • Premium Payment Term: The customer must choose between regular pay, or 5, 10, or single payments.
  • Policy Term: The customer must specify how long he wishes to invest in the said policy.
  • Sum Assured: The customer can use the bar to determine the Sum Assured.

Benefits of Buying Bharti AXA Life Insurance Plan

Different benefits offered under Bharti AXA Life insurance plan are:

  • It secures the beneficiaries of the plan. Once the customer purchases a policy, he can be assured that his family will be financially secure even if he is not around.
  • It is a good way of investing money. Investment in life insurance brings about guaranteed returns and is therefore thought to be safe investments.
  • Availability of a loan. Most policies allow customers to apply for a loan against life insurance. This can prove helpful to a customer during a time of financial needs.
  • Availability of additional riders. The customer may decide to enhance his policy by opting for additional riders at any time and take advantage of the benefits they offer.
  • Gives customers more control over For example, by investing in insurance policies, a customer can plan his expenses better.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Premium Rates

Listed below are the factors that the premium rates for Bharti AXA Life Insurance depend on:

  • Age: Younger individuals invariably get better premium rates as it is assumed that they will live longer.
  • Sex: Premium rates for women are lower than that for men.
  • Occupation: Individuals who are involved in high-risk jobs like mining and sailing may have to pay higher premiums.
  • Sum Assured: A higher Sum Assured usually gains a lower premium rate.
  • Premium Payment Term: Certain plans offer limited premiums. These plans usually have lower premium rates, but there may be other applied terms and conditions that the customer must check thoroughly.

Types of Term Plans

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