How to Check PLI Status?

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Being one of the oldest life insurers in the country, PLI has further extended its operations and now it is offering its policies to state and central government departments like Nationalised Banks, Universities, Officers and staff of the Defence services, Government Aided Educational Institutions and Para-military forces etc. PLI is the only department that has spread its operations to several areas besides mail distribution and collection. With the advent of technology, it has added many facilities so that it is easy to avail the Postal Life Insurance seamlessly and quickly.

Earlier there was no online facility to check the PLI status. Now you can check the status of Postal Life Insurance online. You can follow the steps below to track the status of your policy:

Login to your Account:

If you have a policy, you can simply create an account on India post’s website. You can login to your account and request for the current status of your PLI policy.

Enquire via email:

You can send an email to pli.dte@gmail[dot]com to obtain the information and status of your PLI policy. You will get the latest updates about the policy.

Log on to the Official Website of India Post:

You can check the status of your Postal Life Insurance Policy by logging on to the official website of Indian Post, i.e.[dot]in. You need to click on ‘customer care’ on the top. On clicking on the tab, you will see a drop-down list and you need to pick complain registration option. From the complaint category, choose ‘postal insurance’ and fill the form with your query to provide the information on your latest status.

Let us get to know more about PLI.

What is Postal Life Insurance?

Postal Life Insurance is a scheme where you are offered Life Insurance cover with higher returns on the premium. Under this scheme, you can assure a maximum sum of Rs. 50 lakhs. The government of India offers this plan to the employees of State and Central Governments, State and Central Public Sector Enterprises, Universities, Government Aided Educational Institutions, Local Bodies, Autonomous Bodies, Joint ventures with a minimum of 10% of PSU/Government stake etc. Postal Life Insurance also manages a group life insurance scheme for the ‘Gramin Dak Sevaks’, that is, Extra Departmental Employees of Department of Posts.

Key Features of Postal Life Insurance Policy:

You can avail the benefits mentioned below by investing in PLI:

Nomination Facility:

The insured has the right to nominate his or her beneficiary along with this; he can make any changes to the nomination.

Policy Revival:

A lapsed policy can be revived by a policy holder. The insured can revive the policy when it has lapsed under the following circumstances:

Policy lapses if the policyholder does not make payments of 6 successive premiums with the policy being effective for not more than 3 years.

Policy lapses if the insured makes non-payment of 12 successive premiums with the policy being in effect for more than three years.

Conversion of Policy:

A policy holder can convert this policy to Endowment Assurance Policy from Whole Life Assurance policy. Endowment Assurance Policy can be transformed to a new Endowment Assurance plan according to the guidelines and regulations laid down by the policyholder.

Loan Facility:

The policy holder can take a loan against this policy. The insured can pledge his policy as a security to the Heads of Circle/Region on behalf of India’s President, once the policy attains 3 years maturity in the case of Endowment Assurance policy and 4 years period of policy in case of a Whole Life Insurance policy. The policy holder is provided with assignment facility under this scheme.

Duplicate Policy Document:

The policy holder is issued with a duplicate policy document in case of misplacement or loss of the original document. Also, if the insured’s original document is burned, torn or mutilated and require a duplicate copy of the document then he can get it issued.

Benefits of Investing your money in PLI

Some additional benefits and discounts that you can avail under PLI Scheme are:

  • Income Tax rebate under Section 88 of the IT Act, 1961 can be availed by the insured
  • The premium that is payable for the coverage and the sum assured is much lower than that of any other insurance policy’s payable.
  • Additional facilities that the scheme offers to its policy holder are Loan, Assignment, Paid-up value and Surrender options, and Conversion.
  • The policy holder can get policy transferred to any region/circle within the country, without paying any additional charges.
  • The insured is issued to passbook to keep a check on the premium payments and in the case of transactions for loan etc.
  • The policyholder can make payment of the premium on the monthly, half-yearly and annual basis. He can pay the premium on any working day, in the case of due payment.
  • The scheme comes with a Nomination facility
  • Having a centralised accounting facility, Postal Life Insurance Scheme comes with the easy and quick claims process.