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NRI Status

NRI Status The NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) create potential growth prospects for the Indian economy and finances. But, who are NRIs? Well...Read More

POI - Person of Indian Origin

POI - Person of Indian Origin The concept of Person of Indian Origin is often misunderstood by most people. Sometimes, people also tend ...Read More

OCI - Overseas Citizen of India

OCI - Overseas Citizen of India Ever thought of what would happen to the legal standings or the rights of an Indian resident who has be...Read More

NRI Account

NRI Account Most NRIs will have earnings and savings in foreign currency, viz. dollars, euros, pounds, etc. There are myriad such indivi...Read More


NRI vs NRE There are many Indians who live abroad and have continuous monetary transactions in India. They can be interested in any kind...Read More

NRO Account

NRO Account NRIs in India may open a savings or current account to manage their income earned in the country. Account-holders can quickl...Read More


PPF for NRI The question is whether PPF exists for NRIs, and if it does, what form does it take? This is a query that has long perplexed...Read More

Best Debt Funds to Invest in India

Best Debt Funds to Invest in India The ultimate financial objective is to save money for the future, and an effective way to achieve the...Read More


IDFC NRE FD Rates IDFC stands for Infrastructure Development Finance Company. In 2015, it started its bank operations. It is now known a...Read More

Debt Funds

Debt ULIPs Vs Debt Mutual Funds: Which is a Better Option? Currently, the debt funds are witnessing a strong market fluctuation, specific...Read More