Mutual Fund Investment - Where to Invest in 2019?

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Investors everywhere are making substantial amounts of money through mutual fund investments. Many consider this is a risky venture, but this does not have to be the case provided you know where to invest. Well performing mutual funds are less volatile and thus a better investment option. However knowing about them is important for making the right decisions. Here is some of the best MF for those interested that make for a worthwhile investment in 2019.  

Best Equity Diversified Mutual Funds for 2019

Equity diversified mutual funds have more than sixty-five percent of their total corpus in the form of equity. One can divide this again in four further categories.

  • Large Cap Fund: These contain more than eighty percent of total assets in large cap companies at least for last three years. Having a large cap portfolio for fund in individual investments is necessary for investors. This adds to portfolio stability. You can pick up options based on your needs. Best such funds for 2019 include UTI Mastershare, Franklin India Bluechip, DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity, SBI Magnum Equity, and ICICI Prudential Top 100.
  • Large-Mid Cap Fund: Funds that contain assets between sixty and eighty percent in large companies for the previous three years come under the large-mid cap varieties. HDFC Top 200 is a longtime favorite and so are ICICI Prudential Dynamic, Quantum Long-term Equity, Morgan Stanley ACE, UTI Dividend Yield, and Tata Pure Equity. UTI Opportunities is another good performer.
  • Multi Cap Fund: This kind of funds, have forty to sixty percent assets remaining in the large companies for at least three years in a row. Some funds highly popular with the investors and thus ideal for 2019 include HDFC Equity, DSBPR Equity, BNP Paribas Dividend Yield, ING Dividend Yield, Reliance Regular Savings Equity, and Templeton India Equity Income.
  • Mid-Small Cap Fund: Such funds have a minimum 60% of their existing assets invested in either small or medium cap company for three years in a row. These are risky ventures indeed because of their highly volatile nature. However, many times these may even provide high returns, which the investors crave and this surely makes them worthwhile. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities are a well-known name in this category, which the investors can consider in 2019. Other funds include SBI Magnum Emerging Business, Canara Robeco Emerging Equity, DSP BlackRock Micro Cap, Religare Mid N Small Cap, and IDFC Premier Equity.

Best Balanced Mutual Funds for 2019

For balanced mutual funds, the average exposure of equity for the last 1 year is over sixty percent.  Investors love this kind of MF since they provide an optimum balance between debt and equity. For some period, now the favorite pick of investors includes HDFC Balanced, HDFC Prudence, Reliance Regular Savings Balanced, Birla Sunlife 95, and Canara Robeco Balance.

Best Tax Planning Funds for 2019

Before DTC implementation, Tax Planning MFs or saving schemes, which are equity linked, are going to remain favorites with investors who prefer mutual funds because of their tax saving options. Without allowing their money to stale in fixed deposits investors can have better benefits and tax savings through this kind of mutual fund option. Instruments related to fixed incomes provide single digit meager returns and that too after tax reductions. Tax planning funds on the other hand ensures a double-digit money return. However, these do have a three-year lock in period. Some of the best options for 2019 in these types of investment option include Religare Tax Plan, HDFC Taxsaver, ICICI Prudential Tax Plan, Franklin India Taxshield, and Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver.

Best Debt Funds for 2019

Most investors ignore this option when finding mutual funds to invest their capital. This adds to the volatile nature of their investment portfolio with the majority being equity diversified in nature. The main aim of going for debt MF is to balance the investment portfolio of an individual and make it more stable than before. However, to do this right it is necessary to pick up a debt MF that falls ideal to goal based investment strategy based on your requirement.  Some of the best performing ones that come recommended in 2019, include SBI Dynamic Bond, Reliance MIP, IDFC SSI Medium Term Plan A, Kotak Bond, Birla Sunlife MI, Templeton India Income Builder, and DSPBR MIP.

However, whenever investors are considering best mutual funds available for investment for 2019, it is necessary to consider the SIP schemes from various companies. After all, this is in their best interests when investment in stock markets is under consideration. Lump sum deposits or one-time investment options are only ideal for systematic transfer plans where you invest money in liquid MFs and move them later to equity diversified MFs. When you want to invest elsewhere or sell, consider going in a systematic manner minus complete withdrawals at one go, ever.