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January 24, 2020
Customer services

The customer service support is really good. They actually helped me getting a good money back plan policy. I can easily track my financial things and even got an Insurance cover with the help of them in this same plan.

January 09, 2020

So money back policy will take care of my investments and also provides with the policy. It helps me in protecting me and my family from financial crisis. I am really happy and enjoying this plan. Because I feel that it helps in covering my day to day financial expenses.

December 26, 2019
Good investment

It is a form of good investment and for those who wants a guaranteed returns. A regular payouts as well as covers with an insurance policy. There is one benefit under it known as survival benefit. It can be given to them when the person is alive.

December 21, 2019
Certain benefits

So the money back policy will provide with the certain benefits. And will take care of your large expenses at the end of your day. As if you that the prices of each and every thing is too huge. But the income and savings are Nil. So for these situations these plans are really important.

December 20, 2019

Why I actually want to recommend to my people because it actually tells us and provides with the guaranteed return before the plan gets matured. It the amount which you will going to receive. It will take care about your family as it will cover in regards with the insurance policy too.

December 19, 2019
Customer services

Along with a good plan I found that the customer support are really nice. They helped me in getting a good policy with guaranteed returns. I would suggest you all to get this policy if you really want to secure your future.

December 17, 2019
Better coverage

f you are planning to the investment plan which helps in getting good returns as well as insurance policy then this policy is quite for everyone. I have opted this policy 2-3 years ago and I am really happy with it.

December 16, 2019
A good policy

It is a good policy with is best for the investment purposes. It is basically for critical illness and death. It is a great policy if you want a higher number of returns. You just have to invest certain amount of money and you will get the greater returns.

December 11, 2019
Helpful plans

It is a good plan and quite helpful for the near future. If by chance you need a heavy amount then you can take or withdraw some amount of money from from investment plan. It is a kind of safety and security and savings that will help you in good and bad times.

December 09, 2019
Customer support

The customer support team of policybazaar is very enthusiastic and such a warm kind people. They sold me the money back plan according to my level so that I could not be burdened in near future. They actually didn’t forced for the same. It was actually a good experience to get my policy done from them.

December 06, 2019
Guaranteed Return

It is good plan for those investors who wants a good return and also feel to invest in certain amount and at certain level. It is actually for those who can invest for longer period and wants the return in such a great and heavy amount. I would suggest people to go and can get a less risky returns.

December 05, 2019
Covers Everything

The best thing about money back plan is that you can check as it has good level of transparency. And it has a huge number of investors. It is a combination of investment as well as insurance policy. We can go for any plan according to our investment and can have a great returns.

December 04, 2019
Best Investment Plan

I recently got to know about the money back plan from policybazaar. It was actually a great plan as it helps in deciding us that what kind of investment we need to do and how much to invest. It is a long term policy. And we can get regular payouts on timely basis. I really like it and have suggested my close ones too.