Benefits of Maruti Car Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to carry third-party insurance car insurance whenever you are driving on Indian roads. However, it depends on the car owner whether they want to opt for the comprehensive cover or not. If you wish to renew or purchase car insurance for your Maruti online, read ahead to have a detailed understanding of Maruti car insurance.

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Features of Maruti Car Insurance

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most reputed, popular, and reliable automotive brands in India. The automobile giant enjoys this reputation due to its best-in-class services, available for every income group available across the nation. Following are some of the best features of a car insurance plan from the Indian automotive giant:

  1. Cashless repairs Pan-India: With Maruti Suzuki's vast network of partner garages and service stations across India, making convenient cashless claims becomes a dream come true. The policyholder is not required to pay the cost of the repair and is only required to pay the compulsory excess and charged depreciation. Every other invoice is settled directly by the company with the garage.
  2. Transparent claim settlement process: Policyholders can expect a completely fair claim settlement process with Maruti car insurance given their vast network of cashless garages, surveyors, and reliable services.
  3. Quality service: With Maruti Suzuki's high-quality after-sales service, policyholders can experience the best-in-class quality customer experience. Vehicles are only repaired at Maruti Suzuki authorized service centers with state-of-the-art services.
  4. Towing facility: Policyholders get assisted towing facility in case of an accident. MSIL dealers tow the immobile vehicle to the nearest partner garage for making the necessary repairs.

Benefits of Buying Maruti Car Insurance

Following are the benefits of owing Maruti Car Insurance:

  1. Peace of mind: It gives happiness knowing that you are financially secure while driving on the road. Unforeseen mishaps can arrive at any time leading to unplanned financial and legal liabilities. Having car insurance keeps us secured against such liabilities, hence, allows us to drive stress-free.
  2. Legal mandate: Alongside being covered against unforeseen liabilities, you will also be fulfilling the legal mandate of having valid motor insurance while driving on Indian roads.
  3. Own-damage: In case you have opted for a comprehensive car insurance package, you get are also covered for any unplanned cost of repairs for your car arising due to road accidents.
  4. Personal accident coverage: In India, it is mandatory to opt for a personal accident cover irrespective of the type of car insurance planyou have purchased. A personal accident cover provides coverage for the owner-driver in case of an accident, providing compensation to deal with unforeseen mishaps.

Add-on Covers You Can Buy Under Maruti Car Insurance

Add-on covers enhance the overall coverage of comprehensive car insurance by providing extended protection under various circumstances. You can opt for add-on covers at the time of purchasing or renewing Maruti car insurance. by paying an additional premium amount. Following are the most commonly bought add-on covers with Maruti car insurance:

  • Return to invoice cover
  • Engine protection cover
  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Outstation emergency cover
  • Tyre protection cover
  • No claim bonus cover
  • Key replacement cover
  • Passenger cover

Please note that add-on covers increase the premium amount, hence, increasing the cost of car insurance. If you wish to know about the premium amount after including your preferred add-on covers, you can estimate car insurance using an online car insurance calculator available at the official website of Policy Bazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited.

What is Not Covered Under Maruti Car Insurance?

Here are the conditions under which Maruti car insurance will not provide cover.

  • Loss or damage caused to the car during commercial use or any kind of race.
  • Loss or damage caused to the car during a war or because of any nuclear activity.
  • Loss or damage caused to the car outside India.
  • Loss or damage caused to the car if the driver is found driving the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving with a valid driving license.
  • Depreciation of the car’s parts.
  • Regular wear and tear of the car.
  • Electrical/Mechanical breakdown.
  • Any kind of fraudulent claim raised.
  • If the car is used in illegal activities.

How to Ensure Low Premium Cost for Maruti Car Insurance?

  1. Purchase multi-year car insurance: An ideal way to ensure a lower cost of car insurance is to opt for multi-year car insurance or a long-term motor insurance plan. You can either purchase long-term third-party car insurance or a comprehensive plan valid for 3 years. This will come with additional discounts on the premium amount to be paid.
  2. Avoid car modifications: Modifications require changing original car parts with after-market parts that are much more expensive than the original parts. This dramatically increases the car insurance premium as the cost of replacing or repairing such damaged parts will also be high.
  3. Buy car insurance online: If you wish to drastically reduce the cost of car insurance renewal, make sure that you renew/purchase car insurance online. Insurance companies offer a lot of discounts on renewing car insurance online, however, if you opt for renewing your car insurance offline through a middleman, you would have to forego all those discounts and give commission or brokerage to the agent.
  4. Renew before the policy period expires: One of the biggest mistakes you can make while trying to save on the cost of car insurance is to renew car insurance after the policy has lapsed. Hence, make sure that you renew early to enjoy additional discounts from the insurer as well as save on your accumulated no claim bonus.

To Conclude

Without a valid car insurance policy, you are not allowed to drive in India as the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it compulsory to carry car insurance while driving on Indian roads. Understandably, not everyone can afford a comprehensive car insurance policy. For this reason, you can also opt for third-party car insurance if you want to abide by the law and also drive your car peacefully.

Having said that, while carrying valid car insurance is vital, it is also important to drive responsibly. Make sure that you follow all traffic signals, drive under the speed limit, and do not drive while under the influence of intoxicating substances to mitigate the possibility of road accidents.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 09 November 2021
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