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One Car Insurance- For Multiple Cars

Karan is planning to buy a car and bestow it upon his wife on their fifth marriage anniversary. Though he is excited and happy, somehow he is worried, as he already owns two cars.

Now, what is worrying Karan?

Karan is smart and likewise understands the importance of having a car insurance policy. Now, as he owns two different cars so he already has two car insurance policies respectively.

He is worried that again he needs to buy third-time a car insurance policy. He is in double thoughts of not buying a car insurance policy. However, he is confused as he understands that eventualities do not come knocking and anything can happen anywhere at any point in time.

This might be a major concern for most of the car owners of buying car insurance policy for every car they own.

Soon, you will Pay a Single Premium for the Multiple Cars you Own

Yes, you read it right!

Now, if you own multiple cars you, soon you will just need to pay a single premium for all the cars you own.

As per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, the motor owners are permitted to pay a premium on the premise of the usage of one’s vehicles.

Paying a single premium for all the cars you own will help in optimising the sum insured for you. As a matter of fact, at a time, you will drive one car only. Now, this creates provision of floater policy, which may be benefitted by the users.

In case if you do not know, ICICI Lombard is planning to launch an application-based interface, which will provide multiple vehicle floater. With the help of this application, the driving skills of the owner will be monitored and on the premise of this, a reward will be provided to the owners for secured driving skills.

Besides, an advantage of this application is that while calculating premium at renewals scores will be given to the customers, which will be reflected then.

The Floater Policy

Sounds interesting?

Until now, we have a family floater health insurance policy, which essentially provides cover for all the members of a family. Now, soon you will have a floater motor policy

The insurance providers, such as ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Reliance General Insurance and Edelweiss General Insurance will soon make this a reality. The following are the general highlights of the floater motor policy:

  • The application-based floater plan will permit the insurers to cover any damage caused to the vehicle based on the usage.
  • Based on the usage of the vehicle, the premium will be charged.
  • The customers have the flexibility to add and delete vehicles as per the requirement on the application.
  • Option to optimize the premium and sum insured.

Also, an important aspect to be considered is buying a car insurance policy.

At the risk of sounding like Arnab Goswami, NEVER, EVER, EVER buy a car insurance policy from a car dealer. In case, if you plan to do so thinking that you would get the deal at the best price then probably you might get surprised.

Now, you take all the efforts to buy the car.

So, why not take extra efforts and buy car insurance policy online?

Do not worry or feel hassled. Buying a car insurance policy is as easy as making Maggi Noodles. Buying a car insurance policy online saves time, is convenient and you may avail discounts on the car insurance premium.

What Could be Better than Choosing and Customizing the Car Insurance Policy on your own?

No one other than you would know the requirements in regards to your car.

In India, third-party liability insurance is a legal mandate. However, it is always better to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy. If required, opt for relevant additional covers, which will enhance your policy and provide you with an extra layer of security.

Pretty sure that you are SMART and one of those who will buy a car insurance policy.

To Conclude

Soon the policy will cover multiple cars in one, it will not just save your time besides, you need not get into the hassle of buying multiple policies for multiple cars.

With the advancement of technology and digitization, buying a car insurance policy online has become easy and flexible. Besides, buying a car insurance policy online will save you from frauds.

Also, before you buy a car insurance policy compare and analyze the quotes online.

Happy Driving!

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