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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal Information

Royal Sundaram Overview

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd., an auxiliary of Sundaram Finance, is a renowned player in the insurance market and was the first private general insurance provider to be licensed in 2000 by the Regulatory and Insurance Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

With its presence in the more than 130 cities across India and offering insurance solutions via agents, affinity partners, and car dealers, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company has definitely taken over the market with a storm. Introducing the concepts such as cashless claims, and partnership with top institutions has helped Royal Sundaram to further dominate the insurance segment.

Royal Sundaram car insurance is one of the most sold insurance of the company, all thanks to benefits offered by the company.

Reasons to choose Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram car insurance policy is one of the most sought after insurance when it comes to motor insurance because of the distinct features and benefits the policy offers to the policyholders.

The benefits listed below are reasons enough to choose Royal Sundaram car insurance over any other motor insurance.

  1. Cashless claim networks all over India
  2. Heavy discounts
  3. Accidental Cover
  4. 24X7 customer support
  5. 24X7 roadside assistance
  6. Dedicated helpline numbers for claims
  7. Easy and quick authorization of repairs to help the policyholders get their cars back on roads as soon as possible

Moreover, the Royal Sundaram car insurance review on the internet speaks volume about the policy which should not be overlooked while choosing this policy.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal

Car insurance is the first line of defense against the unforeseen events that have the potential to negatively impact the life of the vehicle. Car insurance renewal is not only imperative but also a responsible option to save the car, life of the loved ones, and the policyholder.

The insurance can be renewed wither directly through the website of Royal Sundaram General Insurance, or it can be renewed through third-party insurance website.

How to Calculate the Premium of Insurance?

Usually, insurance websites have in-built premium calculator that helps in calculating the premium of the insurance. The in-built premium calculator can be used for the following:

  1. Renewal of insurance policy of the existing car, from another insurance company
  2. Renewal of cars of which the insurance policy has lapsed
  3. Renewal of Royal Sundaram car insurance plan

Procedure of Renewal of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal can be done either online or offline. Let’s have a closer look:

Online Renewal of Royal Sundaram car Insurance Policy

  1. Input the details and the date of expiry of the insurance policy
  2. Confirm the details of insurance policy
  3. Receive a quote of the insurance premium and confirm the same.
  4. Make the payment online

Renewal of Existing Renewal Purchased from Another Insurer:

The information of the previous policy and the registration of the care is to be provided for renewal of the policy

Renewal of Lapsed car Insurance Policy

  1. Get a quote of the premium of the insurance through car premium calculator. An authorized surveyor will inspect the car.
  2. Once the vehicle survey report is reported, the policyholder will be notified.
  3. Once the survey report is approved by the insurer, the policyholders can renew their policy within 24 hours of the vehicle survey.

Offline Renewal of the Car Insurance

Policyholders can visit the Royal Sundaram’s nearest branch office for Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal, or they can meet with an authorized insurance provider to get the policy renewed.

Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Renewal

Royal Sundaram car insurance renewal offers the following benefits to the policyholders:

  1. 24X7 customer support and roadside assistance
  2. Network garages assisted cashless claims facility
  3. Option of returning to invoice add-on cover
  4. Instant quotes on the premium of the insurance
  5. Easy and quick issuance of policy i.e. within 24 hours. Complimentary vehicle survey at the doorstep is also included
  6. Minimal requirement of documentation for policy renewal
  7. For specific cars on own damage, exclusive discounts are offered
  8. No Claim Bonus (NCB) from the previous policy can be transferred.


In today’s time, when everyone is in a rush, accidents and other misfortunate events are likely to occur. To safeguard the life of the car and the loved ones, it is extremely necessary to have a car insurance to be safe against such events. Royal Sundaram car insurance is one such tool that will help protect the car against ill-fated events.