Why Royal Sundaram Can Reject Your Car Insurance Claim?

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance claim process is quite simple and quick. It provides both cashless repairs at more than 3,300 network garages and reimbursement claim settlements. However, there may be certain situations where the Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company may reject your insurance claims. Read on to know the reasons that can lead to claim rejection by the insurance company.

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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company offers two major car insurance policies. These are third-party liability and comprehensive motor insurance policy.

The third-party car insurance policy covers any damages caused to a third party's property along with third-party bodily injuries or death during an accident involving the insured car. However, this policy excludes any damages caused to the insured car as well as the injury or death of the car’s owner/driver.

The comprehensive car insurance policy (Car Shield Package Policy) by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company covers own damages caused to the insured car due to accidents, fire, etc. along with accidental disability and death of the car’s owner-driver. It also covers any third party liability arising out of property damages, injury or death of the third party caused by the insured car.

Reasons For Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Claim Rejection

Third-party insurance cover is mandatory for every car owner in India. But you may opt for comprehensive coverage to also cover the loss or damages arising out of car repairs, theft, etc. However, many car owners do not properly understand every clause mentioned in their policy papers. Such misinterpretations can lead to mistakes that can, sometimes, result in claim rejection by insurance companies.

Here are a few reasons why Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company can reject your four wheeler insurance claim:

1. Failure in Notifying

If you fail to notify the insurance company within 48 hours of the car accident or theft, then they may reject your claim. Thus, you must inform the insurer within the stipulated time.

2. Name Transfer Issues

In case you forget to transfer the name on the insurance policy when buying a used car, it can make the policy null and void. Thus, it may lead to Royal Sundaram claim rejection.

3.  Installation of LPG or CNG Kit

If the installation of LPG or CNG kit is not notified to the insurance company, then Royal Sundaram Car Insurance can reject the claim raised under such a policy. Furthermore, any other modifications not notified to the insurer can also result in claim rejection.

4. Invalid Driving License

For the claim to be processed, you must have a valid driving license at the time of your car accident. Therefore, having a valid driving license is a must to avoid Royal Sundaram claim rejection.

5. Commercial Use of the Car

If you had purchased insurance for the personal use of your car but instead, use it for commercial purposes, then the insurer may reject the insurance claim.

6. Drunk Driving

If you are driving the insured car under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the insurance company can reject your claim if you meet with an accident.

7. Consequential Loss

Any claim arising out of a consequential loss to the car can also be rejected by the insurer. This is because these losses arise as a consequence of your actions and not by any uncertain event. For example, any damage to the engine due to hydrostatic loss during monsoons.

8. Policy Exclusions

Every four wheeler insurance policy comes with some exclusions/risks which are not covered in that policy. For example, a claim arising due to vehicle theft from an unsecured parking lot. If you raise a claim against such exclusions, it can result in Royal Sundaram car insurance claim rejection.

9. Not Reading the Claim Form Carefully

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance has a specific claim form, which you are required to carefully read and understand before raising a claim. If you fail to properly read the claim form and do not provide adequate details in the form, the insurance company can reject your insurance claim.

10. Expired Policy

If your motor insurance policy has expired and you meet with an accident, you cannot claim for the same until you renew your policy. In such situations, the insurance company has the complete right to reject your claim on an expired policy.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to carefully read every minute detail about the claim process and policy beforehand. In case you miss out on anything, your claim may stand a chance of being rejected by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company.

How to Claim Car Insurance Without Being Rejected?

Here are some tips that you can follow to raise a Royal Sundaram Car Insurance claim without being rejected:

1. Notify Your Insurer

The most important thing is to inform your insurance company within 48 hours about the incident involving your car. Moreover, follow the claim process thoroughly to avoid any rejection.

2. Inform Before Repairs

In case you are getting your car repaired due to an accident, make sure to intimate your motor insurance provider beforehand. Your insurer may want to perform an inspection before processing the claim. If you fail to inform them, they may reject your insurance claim.

3. Inform About Any Modification

Always intimate your insurance provider about any extra modifications/fittings that you are going to make to your car. This will help you to avoid Royal Sundaram claim rejection in future.

4. Renew Policy on Time

To avoid rejection of your claim, make sure to renew your four-wheeler policy on time. Moreover, it is mandatory to have a valid insurance policy with third party cover for every car owner in India. Thus, do not drive with an expired insurance policy.

5. Read the Policy Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing, read all the terms and conditions of the four-wheeler insurance policy thoroughly. Have a complete understanding of the inclusions and exclusions so that you can avoid any chance of your policy being rejected by the insurer.

Wrapping Up!

Claiming your car policy with Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company is not a complicated process. The company requires you to read its claim form carefully before purchase so that you do not face any rejection issues while making your claim later. You should also follow the above-mentioned tips to avoid your four-wheeler insurance claim being rejected by the insurance company.

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