10 Popular Mini Trucks in India 2022

In India, mini trucks are gaining popularity day by day in rural areas because of their super mileage and power performance. In this article, we have discussed the popular mini truck models along with the best truck insurance policy to protect them.

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10 Most Popular Mini Truck Models in India 

Mini trucks are light-duty vehicles that are also known as micro-trucks and are available in 4WD and RWD types. Generally, the engine capacity of these trucks is under 1000CC. The prices for mini-trucks are available between 5-15 lakh. 

To know more about the best and most popular mini trucks, read on!

1. Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry is the flagship mini truck of Maruti Suzuki India Limited. This mini truck is a powerhouse and is famous for its long-hour performance among all the light-duty commercial vehicles

Some of the specifications of the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry mini truck are as follows- 

  • Power (in HP) – 64 
  • GVW (in KG) – 1600 
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 2110
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 70 
  • Price – Rs 5.07 – 5.50 Lakh*

2. Ashok Leyland DOST CNG

The Ashok Leyland DOST CNG has become one of the most demanding and top-selling mini trucks designed by Ashoka Leyland. Being categorized under the truck category, it works with a renewable source of energy i.e. CNG gas. For an individual who is looking for an eco-friendly option, this mini truck should be on your list. 

To give you a detailed insight into it, below we have mentioned its specifications along with the prices-

  • Power (in HP) – 45 
  • GVW (in KG) – 2545 
  • Wheelbase (in MM) –2350
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 120
  • Price – Rs 5.63 – 5.90 Lakh*

3. Mahindra Alfa Plus 

If you are looking for an affordable mini tempo, then Mahindra Alfa Plus is the right choice for you. The Mahindra & Mahindra has launched this light-duty vehicle for performing several in-city operations. This is the reason for an excellent working efficiency on the roads. 

Below we have mentioned some of its specifications to help you in making a successful purchase- 

  • Power (in HP) – 9
  • GVW (in KG) – 1045
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 2005
  • Price – Rs 2.56– 2.66 Lakh*

4. Mahindra Jeeto 

Mahindra Jeeto is an affordable mini-truck launched by commercial vehicle company Mahindra & Mahindra. This truck delivers excellent mileage among all the light-duty commercial vehicle categories. Also, it is a perfect model of transportation for in-city operations. 

Below are some of its specifications that will give you an insight into why it is ruling the heart of its customers- 

  • Power (in HP) – 16 
  • GVW (in KG) – 1345
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 2250
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 5
  • Price – Rs 3.85 – 4.40 Lakh*

5. TATA Ace Gold 

The Tata Ace Gold is the manufacturing of a home brand Tata Motors which is a commercial vehicle company. It is equipped with 275 Gasoline MPFI four strokes water-cooled engine to supply a high performance. This truck is also a money-saving deal because it is very reasonable in price. Also, it is delivering huge profit margins to its daily using customers.

Some of its specifications are as follows- 

  • Power (in HP) – 30 
  • GVW (in KG) – 1615
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 2100
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 26
  • Price – Rs 4.41 – 5.47 Lakh*

6. Mahindra Supro Cargo Van 

The Mahindra Supro Cargo Van became popular because of its design. It has a fully closed design that comes with windows. This cargo van is usually used as a cash dispenser vehicle for atm, water/fast food supply vehicles, or used to transport valuable items such as gold or diamond. There are two designs available in this cargo van. One has an attached cargo area, and the second design has a separate cargo area from the van. 

Below we have mentioned its price and specifications- 

  • Power (in HP) – 26 
  • GVW (in KG) – 1880
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 1950
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 30
  • Price – Rs 5.29 – 5.65 Lakh*

7. Mahindra E-supro Cargo Van 

This is an extended version of the previous model. The major difference between these variants is GVW, power, and fuel type. This is also used for in-city transportation for delivering food, couriers, newspapers, etc. 

Here are some specifications of this variant by Mahindra & Mahindra- 

  • Power (in HP) – 33 
  • GVW (in KG) – 1920
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 1950
  • Price – Rs 8.45 – 8.75 Lakh*

8. Force Shaktiman 200 

This mini truck is designed and launched by commercial vehicle company Force Motors. It is very efficient in performing various in-city operations like home belongings, building materials, courier delivery, and many more. 

It has higher mileage than its extended version Force Shakti 400 minitruck. Also, it has an efficient working capacity and is used by many small business owners in India. 

To know more about its specifications, check below- 

  • Power (in HP) – 67
  • GVW (in KG) – 3475
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 2770
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 45
  • Price – Rs 7.00 – 7.60 Lakh*

9. Force Shaktiman 400 

Force Shaktiman 400 is an advanced light-duty truck variant of the previously defined model. It is more advance and powerful than the Force Shaktiman 200. This mini truck comes with an FM 2.6 CR common rail engine that produces massive torque for performing various applications. Also, it helps to perform long-duration tasks without any hindrance. 

For getting a better insight into this mini truck, read the below specifications-

  • Power (in HP) – 67
  • GVW (in KG) – 6100
  • Wheelbase (in MM) – 3100
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 70
  • Price – Rs 7.50 – 7.61 Lakh*

10. Lohia Humsafar Cargo 

This is a three-wheeler light-duty commercial vehicle designed by Lohia Manufacturing Company. It has a 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine and is also affordable. It is mainly used to transport light cargo on narrow roads. 

Some of its specifications are mentioned below along with prices-

  • Power (in HP) – 8
  • GVW (in KG) – 950
  • Wheelbase (in MM)- 1945
  • Fuel Tank (in Ltr.)– 5
  • Price – Rs 1.80 – 2.10 Lakh*

Why Do You Need Truck Insurance for Your Mini Trucks?

In India, you must at least have a third-party truck insurance policy for running any high-duty or light-duty vehicle. A truck insurance policy is a type of commercial vehicle insurance policy that covers all types of commercial trucks, including light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks. 

The discussed models in the above paragraphs can be insured by searching for the online truck insurance policy on the internet. To get comprehensive coverage for any kind of truck, you must buy an online truck insurance policy from the online commercial vehicle insurance category. 


In this article, we have discussed the most popular and top-selling mini trucks launched by various commercial vehicle companies in India. We hope this list will help you in making your purchase successful. Along with it, do not forget to buy a truck insurance policy for the same. 

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