5 Things to Consider Before Filing a Bike Insurance Claim

Insurance has become an inevitable part of our lives. Almost everyone owns a vehicle such as a car, bike, jeep, scooter etc. for commuting purposes.

Just as we buy life and health insurance for safety purposes, it is also necessary to get insurance for your vehicle. It will compensate for theft and damage resulting due to an accident or natural disasters.

The chances of your bike being stolen are higher. As per reports, the recovery rates of other road vehicles are higher as compared to that of a bike. Taking this into consideration, a bike insurance policy is a must for all the bike owners.

When Should You File a Bike Insurance Claim?

Whenever there is an Emergency or you find yourself Stuck under the following Circumstances, this is How you Need to Proceed-

1.When there is an Accident Resulting in Physical Injuries?

Immediately call your bike insurance provider in case there are accidental injuries or collision. Before filing the claim, do not forget to assess the total loss or damage as per your vehicle insurance policy. Usually, all the bike insurance policies provide collision and accidental cover.

2.If there are Damages Caused to Your Bike

If the damage is caused to another bike and you are proved innocent the insurer will take care of any legal or financial liabilities as part of third-party liability insurance.

If the damage is caused to your bike, the damage will be recompensed as part of a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Damages resulting due to man-made and natural calamities are covered under a comprehensive plan. It also includes third-party liability cover.

Factors to Consider Before Filing a Bike Insurance Claim

  • As long as you have bought insurance from a reputable insurance company and the damages and losses incurred are covered in your insurance policy, then chances of your claim being settled are higher.   
  • It is important for you to communicate timely and effectively to your bike insurance provider to ensure quick settlement of your claims.

Here are Certain things that you Need to be Aware of before Lodging a Bike Insurance Claim.

Appropriate Insurance: Getting the right bike insurance policy for you as an individual and for your bike is a top priority. Bike insurance is a specially designed insurance that states the specific kinds of coverage (general plus add-on benefits).

Remember if you decide to claim a bike insurance claim, make sure you are well aware of the inclusions and exclusions to turn the settlement into a successful affair. Keep in mind that the laws concerning such claims are different in different states. 

1. Informing the Police: In the event of an accident, the first and foremost thing that you should do is report the incidence to the police. It is mandatory to have a Police FIR report to initiate the claim process for accidental motor insurance. The police will carry out an inspection at the place of incidence, check the damage caused to the vehicle as a part of the procedure.

2. Try to Record the Incident on Your Phone: Video shoot the incident or take some live pictures of any accidental injuries or damage that is caused to your bike. Note the details of the other vehicle and name and contact number of the people involved.It will support your claim procedure and will be helpful for verification.

3. Documentation: In case you met with an accident and want to file a claim, make sure you have all the required information. It includes witnesses (their contact number and address for verification), some pictures of the accident spot (those taken at the time of the accident), and medical/hospital bills if medical treatment was taken.

4. Immediately Inform the Insurance Company: Inform your insurance provider about the incident. Try to notify your insurance provider as early as possible.If you share all the necessary details about the incident the claim will be processed more effectively. Further to this, you will need to provide the documents required to initiate the claim process.

(In this case, it includes - yours, the offending driver’s, or both) if you wish to file a successful bike insurance claim. Remember, all insurance companies have strict rules and regulations in terms of notification of claims, and they have the right to deny and reject if you disregard any of the mentioned requirements.

5.Read Your Policy Documents Carefully: It is recommended that you go through the insurance documents to have an idea about the benefits, coverage, and the limitations. If you have a prior understanding of what your policy has on offer, you will know the course of action that follows at the time of claim settlement. This will save you from any confusion at the time of filing a claim.

Dos’ of a Bike Insurance Claim

When there is an Accident -

  • Make sure that you maintain your calm
  • Alert the traffic with some warning signs
  • Move your bike out of traffic to a safer place
  • contact the police for minor accidents also
  • For roadside assistance, contact your motor insurer at their helpline number

When the Bike is Sent for Repair Work -

  • You can always drop the vehicle at the nearest network garage for repairs.
  • If your bike is immovable you can call the insurance provider for towing assistance and get your bike dropped to the garage.
  • The motor surveyor will examine the damaged vehicle and it will be decided if the bike should be sent for repair or not. Usually, the authorization is provided within a day or two.

When the Repair Work is done or the Claim Procedure is Completed -

  • When your bike is fixed, you will be informed by the garage
  • Either you can pick up your repaired bike or get it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Once it is done, you can enjoy driving your bike

 Some Tips That Should Help You -

  • Remember to assess the loss or damage and immediately inform the police
  • Do not delay in informing your insurance provider about the accident If you want a quick settlement of claims
  • Do not enter into an argument with the other driver, and leave the decision to the police
  • For an hassle-free process, you must follow all the policy terms and conditions

Bottom Line -

Keeping in mind the above points, it is not merely an option at hand to get your bike insured. But it has become a necessity to tackle the risks involved while driving on the roads. Bike insurance may cost you a little more than you’ve planned, but it will surely be at your rescue when an emergency strikes. Be wise; choose a bike insurance that offers you adequate coverage in a cost-effective manner. A bike insurance policy will help you ride safely, happily and peacefully.  

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