Holi 2020 : Protecting Your Two-wheeler and Celebrating the Festival of Colours

Faces masked with colours, drenched in water, splashing water, throwing water-filled balloons, bhang, raucous fun, music, dance and much more. Yes, the festival of colours Holi is about to knock.

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Source: SheThePeople

Holi is a revered festival celebrated with a joyous spirit and much enthusiasm. When we use colours onto something, it enhances the beauty and surely gives life to it. There is no doubt that the celebration of Holi seems like a celebration of life itself.

History of Splashing Colours

Holi holds a lineage, which can be found to several legends. The most eminent one is the story of the devil King Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlad, who was a follower and worshipper of Lord Vishnu.

King Hiranyakashyap tried to kill his son Prahlad as Prahald was not in accord with the wrongdoings of his father. While Prahlad was too young, King Hiranyakashpay conspired against him, made him sit on his sister’s lap, and tried burning both of them.

It is believed that King Hiranyakshyap’s sister Holika quickly immolated and no blaze could touch Prahlad. Since then, the festival of Holi is celebrated in the truest spirit of the triumph of good over the wrongful.

Besides, Holi is also attributed to the advent of Spring. Moreover, Lord Krishna is also equated with this festival as he used to tease the Gopis with water and dry colours. This is a practice, which is still widespread in many parts of India such as Mathura, Vrindavan, Varanasi to name a few with utmost joy.

Not Going Home This Holi 2020: Weekend Getaways

10 March 2020 Holi is to be celebrated, which is a Tuesday. Therefore, as of now if you do not have any plans of visiting home, why not head towards any scenic and fun place with the three-day Holi weekend.

If you are a working professional, you might understand the value of a long weekend. We have compiled a list of some destinations you may head towards and celebrate the festival of colours in a never-before manner.

Experience Incredible India by road. Gear the wheels of your two-wheeler, explore the unexplored, and celebrate the festival in a rejoicing way. In case, you do not know, the festival of Holi is celebrated in different ways all across India. Now, it depends upon you what kind of Holi festival celebration you would like to revel in.

Here you go with the weekend getaways of Holi 2020.

The Royal Holi

Pushkar is a city in the state of Rajasthan, which is famous for celebrating the most colourful Holi. Moreover, when it comes to royalty one cannot skip thinking about the City of Lakes Udaipur. On the eve of Holi that is 09 March 2020 experience the mandatory Holi ritual that is the Holika Dahan and also famously known as Choti Holi, which has been practised since time innumerable.

Source: Traveltriangle

The locals light up the bonfire and then the locals in the company of the Mewar Royal family chant in unity to ward off the devil spirits. Besides, the families also contribute logs for the bonfire.

The Cultural Holi

If you are somebody residing nearby West Bengal then a visit to Birbhum district is a must. Rabindranath Tagore, the noble laureate was inspired by the advent of spring and since then he decided to celebrate the festival with dry colours every year. Even if you do not wish to play Holi, witnessing the celebration should not be missed. The best highlight of the celebration is that even the foreigners participate in the celebrations. Besides, dhols are played and people dance to different hymns and songs. Moreover, Holi here is celebrated a day earlier than the given date when compared to the other parts of India. The Holi is celebrated with utmost fun and in a much-organized manner.

The Warrior Holi

If you wish to celebrate the festival of colours in a warrior style visit the Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. The Punjabis celebrate the festival with much charisma and style. A three-day exhibition is to be witnessed, which is popularly known as Hola Mohalla. In Hola Mohalla, the participants go against each other, which is ideally a mock battle of the famous martial arts, sword fights, wrestling, and turban tying.

The Traditional Holi

If you love and wish to celebrate the festival of Holi traditionally, you need to visit Mathura once in a lifetime, which is indeed worthwhile. The vibrancy of the culture and colours of Holi can easily be seen a week before the Holi. From the grand celebration at the Banke Bihari temple, throwing of colours, the processions and much more.

Source: Goeventz

The celebration in Mathura is splendour and the key highlight is when the priests of the temples make the famous Holi drink Bhaang. Throughout the day, you will be savoured with eatables and drinks like thandai, pakoras, gujhiya and vada. The gusto during the celebration remains unmatched throughout India.

So, ride on your two-wheeler, move towards any of the destinations as per your convenience, and enjoy Holi 2020 differently.

Cannot Help Holi Hai

If you are riding a two-wheeler, you exactly understand what you face amidst the celebration of colours.

While you ride the two-wheeler you need to be more attentive and cautious as chances are that somebody might simply splash or throw water/ balloons over you while you are crossing. Sometimes you might escape but most of the times you are unable to escape from such aerial threats. Moreover, apart from water eggs and muds are also thrown at the people crossing or on those who are open riders.

Besides, we know and understand that you love your two-wheeler and do not want any harm to be caused to the vehicle, yourself or the pavilion rider. There are good chances that you would simply increase the speed of the two-wheeler to escape.

Source: The Atlantic

Undoubtedly, your two-wheeler is important but more than that, the safety of you is more important. It is advisable to purchase two-wheeler insurance online as it will secure you from any financial expenses in case of any mishap/accident.

During the festival of Holi, the traffic rules are also violated. We often notice more than two people sitting on the two-wheeler, which is highly not appreciated. Moreover, if caught then your celebration would drastically end as you may end up paying penalty.

When you have a two-wheeler, you can easily hop around the city with your friends and celebrate the festival in a happening manner. Further, the colour of your two-wheeler may also be changed and appeared to be like a rainbow of colours.

Also, during the celebration of Holi, the roads do become slippery and there are chances that you or anyone riding the bike may skit or cause harm unintentionally to a third-person. For, situations like these a third party bike insurance comes at your rescues for any damage/ loss caused to the third-party property/person or the vehicle.

There is no doubt about the fact that riding the two-wheeler all drenched in water gives you a different and enticing feeling. However, when you see somebody throwing colours on your bike it hurts.

We do understand the pain. It is also possible that somebody will get away with your two-wheeler may be from the place where you had parked. To avoid stress and have peace of mind, it is better to buy a comprehensive bike insurance online.

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Celebrate But Satark Rahe Savdhaan Rahe

Holi is a celebration of applying colours, feasting, drenching people with pichkaris and merry-making. However, the aftermath of Holi could be disturbing if you are not careful or you did not pay attention while celebrating the festival.

Listed below are some tips to ensure that you celebrate the festival in all its grandeur ensuring the safety of you and the other people.

No Chemical Based Colours

Avoid using chemical-based colours, as they are harmful to your skin as well as your hairs. Instead, use organic or natural homemade colours. You may make natural colours at home like a paste of sandalwood and turmeric. Besides, it is advisable and a word of advice do not apply chemical-based colours to the small kids as it causes more damage to them when compared to the adults.

Maintain Hand Hygiene

Using colours is a common practice in Holi. These colours mostly contain chemicals, which are harmful to your health and may lead to digestive troubles and various other problems. Therefore, make sure that whenever you touch any eatables wash your hands before you consume the food. Likewise, cover the prepared delicacies with food lids.

Be Alert During Holika Dahan

Holi Dahan is a tradition that has been in practice for a long time. Besides, with the burning of Holika Dahan starts the festival of Holi. However, the fire burnt poses a threat and one should be precautious and attentive while the fire is burning. If you have a kid or you see kids around the fire you need to be extra careful with them. It is suggested do not wear anything, which can easily catch fire or is flammable.

No to Water Ballons

Riding any kind of two-wheeler or any other motor vehicle could prove to be dangerous as there is a good chance for the riders/ driver of meeting with accidents. Majorly, the reason behind such accidents is that the riders increase the speed of the two-wheeler to escape from the water-balloons, which is thrown at the riders. Therefore, it is better not to throw water at the riders for their safety.

Use Oil Over Skin And Hair

Before, you start playing Holi or move out of the house premise to play Holi apply either coconut or mustard oil on your skin and your hair. In case, you have longhairs do not leave it open, tie a bun or make a pony. The oil applied acts as a protective layer and refrains your skin from colour stains.

Source: G Adventures

Besides, its greasy texture helps in removing the colours in one good shower. A word of advice you can also use gram flour to scrub your face. Add drops of lemon and milk cream. It surely does help to remove the colours.

Not Everyone Gets a Holiday

Everyone may not get a holiday on the eve of Holi. If you see, anyone visiting the office or going somewhere try and avoid throwing water upon them as do not know the urgency of their visit. Parents should specifically make the kids understand in regards to the same. It is possible that some people might get offended and create a ruckus scene out of it.

Be Specific About Eating Habits

Festival is surely a time to eat to your heart’s content. However, that does not mean that you need to eat everything that is offered or over-eat. This is a time when adulterated food is easily available in the market. Consuming such, adulterated food may lead to health-related problems or food poisoning. So, make sure that you buy food products from a reliable store and try eating as much as at your home. Avoid eating food outside.

No to Drunk Driving

Holi is a time when people consume and drink Bhaang. It is also a time when people drink alcohol to celebrate the festival. It is recommended for one’s safety and that of others that do not ride a two-wheeler or drive any other motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any kind of substance abuse. In case, you have to travel make sure that you are not under the influence of any intoxication and if you are then booking a cab or have, a designated driver is safe and beneficial.

Animals Cannot Speak

Do not apply or throw colours on the animals be it your pet or any stray animals. Whether organic/ chemical-based colours or colourful water. It is to be noted that animals cannot speak and they do not have easy access to medical facilities.

05 Tips For an Eco-friendly Holi

This Holi 2020 why not celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way. Let us have a look at the 05 tips for celebrating the festival of colours in an enticing way.

Say No to Balloons and Pichkaris

The usage of plastic is bad for our environment and it thus, becomes important to reduce the usage. Every little thing counts. So why not this Holi 2020 stop using balloons during Holi.

Source: Tosshead

Besides, the people on the roads can also ride or walk freely without being in the fear of being hit by the balloon. You might throw balloons on people for fun but sometimes it may lead to some serious injury. Remember, the festival is meant for everyone to enjoy.

Dry Holi

Every year, we do not even realize that while playing Holi we waste so much of clean water. In many parts of the world, people do not have access to clean drinking water or even to complete their basic everyday tasks. This Holi 2020 try and play waterless or dry Holi. This is another simple yet important step towards playing an eco-friendly Holi. Besides, you will also be able to save water and actively contribute to the environment and spread the social message of saving water. Last year, people of Ahmedabad boycotted using pichkaris and went to play a dry Holi and set a good social example. Festivals are all about spreading love, care, and warmth.

Eco-Friendly Waste

Well, most of us think that using eco-friendly waste is not a part of our culture. But, when tracing back to history, you will understand cow-dung, coconut waste and much more were used by the ancestors to burn the bonfire. This Holi 2020 it is advisable to use such things for Holika Dahan and embark the celebration.

Play With Natural Colours

This Holi 2020 it is better to use eco-friendly colours, which are natural and home-made. Do not buy chemical-based colours as it is not good for your skin or the hairs. There is no doubt that these colours are affordable however, the repercussions for the same are not at all welcoming. In case, you think organic colours are expensive then it is better to use products that are easily available in every household such as turmeric, henna or sandalwood. Besides, you can mix these products and play Holi with them even. Using such combinations are safe and can be washed off easily.

Floral Holi

To promote eco-friendly Holi, try and play Holi with flowers. There are places in India, where Holi is played using flowers and men and women dress up in traditional attires and wear ornaments made up of flowers.

Source: Rgyan

This is also a sweet gesture to welcome the Spring in all its spirits.

Protecting Your Prized Possession

We know and completely understand how much you love your two-wheeler. And, any harm to your two-wheeler will affect you.

Let us consider some tips to take care of your beauty this Holi 2020.

  • To prevent your two-wheeler from being doused during Holi it is better not to take it out and if parked outside make sure that you cover it properly. Besides, use a plastic cover and not a fibre cover.
  • Take a cab to go anywhere specifically when you are in a drunk state. You surely would not want to meet with an accident and hurt yourself or any third-party. In such situations, two-wheeler insurance comes handy to safeguard you.
  • Before the onset of the festival, apply a coat of wax polish to your two-wheeler. Apply the wax polish upon all the metal parts of the two-wheeler. Use good quality wax polish and before you apply the wax coat, wash your two-wheeler thoroughly with shampoo and water.
  • Covet the painted parts with cling film as it will protect your two-wheeler from both dry or wet colours.
  • If you are still out riding your two-wheeler use a water-resistant seat cover or a towel on the seat.
  • Dry colours could settle on the chainset of the two-wheeler, which will decrease the fuel efficiency of your beauty. Therefore, it is better to clean your two-wheeler's chainset.
  • Last and not least, always wear a helmet no matter what the festival it is or what time is it. Do not risk your life.

Ride Safe! Ride Hard!

Khelo But Dhyaan Se

Holi accolades love, life, its vitality and surely its passion. Let Holi add colours to our mundane lives.

Besides, if you are riding on the roads be alert, attentive and ensure that you have two-wheeler insurance to shield you against any eventualities.

This Holi 2020 lets play and enjoy the festival responsibly and sensibly. Realize the power of being good and doing good.

*Happy Holi from Policybazaar!

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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