Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Second Hand Two Wheeler Insurance

The concept of used and second-hand two wheelers is common in our city? If you are also planning to buy a second-hand two-wheeler then you will agree to the fact that buying an expensive two-wheeler can disrupt your savings. You will not only pay a hefty amount to purchase a new vehicle but also have to pay an extra premium cost every year for your two-wheeler insurance. And if you are buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy then the cost will be certainly more. Especially, if you are planning to buy a superbike.

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If truth be told, if you also want to avoid spending so much on your bike insurance premium, then buying a second-hand two-wheeler is a wise decision. Almost all the insurance providers offer bike insurance online even for second-hand vehicles.

But before you purchase a used two-wheeler, you must know some of the basic facts about second-hand two-wheeler insurance in India.

Your bike insurance premium is not only based on your vehicle’s value, but there are other variables also. When it comes to second-hand bikes, motor insurance companies in India consider the following-

Driving License

As you already know, in all the cities of India, you cannot register or insure a second-hand two-wheeler unless you have a valid driving license and it’s RC.

Vehicle's History

In the case of second-hand two-wheelers, the insurance companies investigate if the vehicle has been restructured after a major accident. They also check if it has undergone any modifications and repairs. If it is found to have a major history of repairs, the cost of the premium will surely be high.

Availability of Spare Parts

All the two-wheeler insurance companies keep a list of popular bikes/two-wheelers, on the basis of the availability of their parts. So, if you are planning to buy a used vehicle that ranks high on popularity, the cost of the premium will be certainly low and vice versa. Easy availability of the parts for any repair and replacement work reduces the cost of the premium.

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Safety Score of the Vehicle

It is one of the critical factors on the basis of which two wheeler insurance companies provide insurance for used bikes. If you are thinking of purchasing a normal bike/standard bike, you will be happy to know that they have a higher safety score. Thus, their driving is also considered to be safe, which imposes a lesser risk of an accident or damage and reduces the possibility of you making a claim.

Owners of vehicles with good safety score are charged with lower premiums. Superbikes or sports bikes that have a very low safety score might even be refused coverage by some of the insurance companies.

The Probability of Theft

You will be surprised to know that new bikes are less likely to be stolen than older two-wheelers. Burglars find it easier to disassemble the parts of older bikes and the market value of these parts is also higher.

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Risk Factors

There are certain two-wheelers that impose a higher risk of accident due to their design, power and other statistics. And most insurance companies are reluctant to provide them insurance cover.

To settle your curiosity, we have a few examples to help you understand – Ducati Penagle is one of them because of its high-speed and power. Such bikes are harder to insure because of the risks imposed by their high power engines and fast accelerator. Most of the young drivers put themselves at a higher risk, as they get intimidated by the way such sports bikes were driven in the movie.

Other Important Tips

  • Online Insurance is Easy - As you must be seeing, most of the people are now buying bike insurance online. It saves time and effort in going to the insurer’s office. Moreover, you can easily compare the premium cost, policy benefits, required documents and claim process on the website of the insurance providers.
    So, if you are looking for a two-wheeler insurance provider, remember that you can easily do it from your laptop from the comfort of your couch. To register online, you just need to fill an online. Moreover, you can easily provide your documents by uploading their scanned copies.
  • Type of Insurance - It is economical to buy a used or a second-hand two-wheeler but it imposes more risks and troubles as compared to a new bike. If the vehicle that you have purchased is quite old and the cost of repair is not much, then have a third-party liability cover will suffice.
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But if you are buying a second-hand or used sports bike, which is just a couple of years old, then it is recommended to have a comprehensive motor insurance plan which includes agency repairs.

  • Additional Benefits - At the time of purchase, do not forget to check for additional benefits that are mentioned in the two-wheeler insurance quotation. For instance, check if the policy includes roadside assistance and emergency fuel service? Are there any inter-city benefits if you go for bike rides? Also, check if your policy provides any other additional coverage benefits?


You can easily compare two wheeler insurance online, and check for a list of insurance providers providing two-wheeler insurance cover in India. You can look at the policies in detail. Yes, you can save money if you buy a used two-wheeler, but it depends a lot on how much effort you put in finding an adequate 2-wheeler insurance plan for your second-hand bike.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 16 August 2021
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