10 Tips to Take Care of Your Bike Before Going On a Road Trip

Almost every bike enthusiast has a dream of going on a long road trip on their bikes. In India, bikers have many options available to go on a bike road trip but before planning to go on a bike road trip it is suggested to make sure that their bike is in a good state and able to go on a long run. To answer your question, here are 10 tips on how you can make sure that your bike is worthy of going on a long rod trip.

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10 Tips to Consider to Take Care of  Your Bike Before Going On a Road Trip

Road trips on a bike are always adventurous. For bikers, nothing beats the happiness to explore their favourite places on their two-wheel buddy. From lush green valleys to views of snow-clad mountain peaks, motorbike ride comes with irresistible adventure and thrill in the mountains. So, if you are also preparing for your first road trip, several questions might arise in your head. Don't worry! Below we have listed the top 10 tips for you on how to prepare and maintain your bike before going on a trip.

1. Know Your Bike First

Before you plan your first road trip on a bike, it is important to understand what your motorbike is all about. Riding daily in your locality is totally different from going on a long bike tour. Knowing the technical aspects of your bike is crucial for you as a rider. Moreover, if you are heading for a long trip, make sure that brakes work properly along with the acceleration and pick-up. Therefore, you must inspect your bike first  and then go on on a long rideas it will eliminate any upcoming issues that might come on the way.

2. Lubrication  

Do you lubricate your bike chain in a couple of months? Or do you wait until it is entirely dried out and start making the rusty noise? As a bike owner, you must know basic grooming skills, such as chain cleaning and lubrication. If not, then you should get it done with your mechanic before going on a long trip because you would not want your bike to start making noises during the road trip.

3. Check Tyre Pressure 

Checking the tyre pressure before going out is one of the key tips you should keep in mind. Keep tyres in shape before you hit the road. Driving on tyres with less or improper inflation pressure can be dangerous and can cause damage to the tyres or lead to any mishap while riding. Therefore, it is advised to check your bike manually for the recommended tyre pressure. Also, check the tyre condition whether it is good to go for a long ride or not. If not, change it immediately.

4. Check Your Brakes 

Bike trips are full of uncertainties. Get the bike components checked properly, like brakes, brake pads, and brake fluid to have a safe road trip. The brake pads are the most common culprits of poor performance. Over time, these pads wear down and might lead to brake failures causing road accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to check your brake components carefully to avoid any mishap during the journey. 

5. Battery and Electrics Check 

The battery is the prominent source of electrical energy in our vehicles. It is not just the energy level that you should keep up but also check the battery before you begin the trip. Check that your bike's battery is fully charged along with the tail lamps, headlight, and side blinker are in proper condition.  

6. Clean the Air Filter 

In our childhood, we have learned in our science book that oxygen is an essential component for combustion. The purpose of your bike's intake system is to supply air into its engine. However, some unwanted and harmful particles can hamper its performance and, sometimes in severe cases, stop the bike's engine from running at all.

Fortunately, a well-built air filter seizes these harmful dust particles and does not let them enter. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean this air filter for sound health and the higher performance of your machine. 

7. Maintain Your Drivetrain 

There are several parts of your bike that can be easily looked over while servicing. One of the major parts is the drivetrain. Smooth chain stretches and seamless shifting are signs of a healthy drivetrain. Whether you have a mountain bike, or sports bike, or both, conducting a check-up on the drivetrain is one of the most significant things to be done. So, before you go on a bike trip, make sure to check on the chain stretch, belt cracking, sprocket wear, and the oiling in the shaft housing.

8. Do Not Forget Bike Essentials

Safety should always be your foremost priority, whether you are going on a short trip or prepping for a long road trip. Carry all the bike essentials such as a helmet, riding gear, proper luggage system, install GPS, luggage cover, raincoat, and carry other essentials as per your needs. Keeping these things handy can help you in difficult situations if you get stuck somewhere in your journey.

9. Check Documents 

Most bike riders have a habit of keeping their two-wheeler’s documents underneath the pillion's seat. Before heading for a trip, you must check all the necessary documents like a registration certificate (RC), driving license (DL), third-party bike insurance, and PUC. Make sure to go through these documents carefully, so that you can ride freely without any worries.

10. Renew Third-party Insurance Policy

You might forget to renew your third-party bike insurance policy amidst the excitement of a bike trip with your friends. Therefore, before heading out, keep a track of the bike insurance renewal date and renew it on time. You can easily renew bike insurance online within minutes using a smartphone or laptop and a good internet connection.

How to Renew Bike Insurance Online?  

Third-party bike insurance is a type of two-wheeler insurance that provides financial protection to your bike against any damages caused by accidents, theft, or natural disasters. It also gives cover for the financial losses against any third-party liabilities. 

Now with digitalization, everything can be done online. Similarly, you can enjoy the renewal process for your bike insurance online. All you need is to visit the renewal page of your insurer's website. Enter your bike's registration number, contact number, & email address. Choose the plan you want to purchase and also add any add-on covers if you want to. After that pay, the reflected premium amount through any online payment mode and the insurer will send all the renewed policy details to your registered email address.

Final Thoughts 

Your bike might need a small check-up before you set off on a trip. Make sure to get your bike thoroughly checked by a mechanic. We also recommend you keep a set of all the essential spares to assist during tough situations on the road.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 January 2022
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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