What to Look for While Buying Bike Insurance Online

Bikes are one of the most preferred and convenient modes of transport used by people to commute. At one hand, it is a convincing and a convenient option and on the contrary, it surely brings in the risks associated with uncertainties.

Riding on a bike is exciting; however, it is unsafe as well. Therefore, it is essential to have a comprehensive bike insurance coverage. Besides, in India, a third-party bike insurance cover is a mandate.

With a plethora of options available in the market, buying bike insurance online has its benefits and covers one from any financial loss, which may incur in case of an accident/mishap.

Buying insurance is an investment and noteworthy. To buy bike insurance, which does not create a financial burden on your pocket, it is better to buy bike insurance online as you have the option to compare different policies with the appropriate coverage and then take the final call.

Is it Safe to Buy Insurance Online

You may ponder over the thought of buying bike insurance online. Anything to do with online transactions does make you think regarding the equivalent twice. However, buying bike insurance online is safe.

Be Careful- Before You Zero Down Bike Insurance Online

Buying bike insurance online gives you the advantage of comparing various plans. Nevertheless, before you zero down a bike insurance policy, take care of the following:

Appropriate Research

It is better to buy bike insurance online when you are convinced with your research in relevance to the policy you are intending to buy. Know carefully understand every feature offered within the plan. Most of the people do not give a thorough read to the terms and conditions of the policy. Do not hesitate in asking questions. In case, if you are unsure about anything, get in touch with the customer assistance and get the doubts clarified. Regardless of the policy, you zero down, make it a thumb note of reading the customer reviews and check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance provider.

Swindling Offers

With the advancement of technology, having its fair share of benefits these days swindling offers is a common problem, which is faced by the customers. The customers are easily tricked and unknowingly the customers end up giving their bank account details. Therefore, make sure that while buying bike insurance online, buy the policy from a renowned insurance provider, which has goodwill in the market of insurance, which makes it a mandate to have an eagle’s eye and not fall prey to the swindling offers. Besides, do not zero down a plan just because the premium rate quoted is less. Go for a plan, which suits and caters your need in every manner.

Obtain the Receiving

Be a smart customer, in case any payment is done whether at the time of buying bike insurance or while renewing the bike insurance asks for the receipt of payment and keep a record of the equivalent.

Perks of Buying Bike Insurance Online

Let us look below and understand some major benefits of buying bike insurance online as follows:

Ease of Buying

Buying bike insurance online is convenient and you can do it from your comfort zone while sitting at home or the office. All you need to do is provide basic personal details. Once you zero down on a specific plan, make the payment and you get a receipt for the same. After the insurance application is processed, everything related to the policy will be directly sent to your provided mail address.

Comparison of Features

When buying bike insurance online, the major perk it gives you is comparing the various insurance plans and then finalizing that one bike insurance policy that suits and meets your requirements. Besides, when you compare different insurance plans online, you also get to have a better understanding of the various inclusions and exclusions offered under the policy plan, which helps you in making a wise decision. Before you zero down a bike insurance policy, compare the premium rates offered in the plan thoroughly.


Buying bike insurance online lets you save money on the cost of processing, which means that you do not need to pay any kind of amount to a broker or any middleman. When buying an offline policy you may end up paying to the broker/middleman. Besides, there are chances that while buying bike insurance online you might be offered low premium rates.

Save Time

Buying bike insurance online will save time as you get to see different plans at one place. You can compare and likewise filter the options as per your insurance needs and buy bike insurance within a few clicks.

Ease of Filtration

Buying bike insurance online gives you an easy to filter the alternatives and see different plans at one place. If any options do not suit your need, you can easily rule out that specific option. Besides, it also helps in selecting a policy that suits your pocket, the sum assured, and so on.


Buying bike insurance online also lets the policyholder make any amendments in the policy document depending upon the needs. The policyholder needs to fill up an endorsement form, which is available on the website of the insurance company. Once the form is duly completed and submitted, the request is sanctioned.

Not Much of Paperwork

Buying bike insurance online lessens the paperwork and documentation. Besides, buying bike insurance online makes it convenient for the customers and the authorised personnel of a particular insurance company to deal with each other directly in case of any query or if anything is required.

Ease of Policy Renewal

Buying bike insurance online allows you to easily renew the policy and accordingly make the payments on time. It is sometimes possible that you will be out of station pre-occupied with work so, with an online alternative, you can easily renew the policy plan from anywhere in the world to avoid in any further interruptions. With a timely renewal of the policy, the policy will not lapse and you need not pay any penalty during renewal.

Over to You

Buying bike insurance online is one simple, reliable and secure process. Besides, every information related to the policy is easily available online, which will help you to make an informed decision.

No running up, no travelling to locations, no more standing in queues, no to hassles of getting into paperwork. Drop the idea of buying bike insurance with the conventional method. Just a few clicks and you get bike insurance online.

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